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Wisconsin has some weird houses – like the rock-in-the-house-house and the house-on-the-rock-house. And of course Wisconsin has a few boarded-up graffiti-covered abodes that have seen better days.

But an abandoned mushroom house?

Yep – they have one of those too.

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This sad relic is known as the Door County Mushroom House. It was once an enthralling earth-bermed hobbit house, but these days it only entertains vandals and the occasional obsessive house-peeper like myself.

The Mushroom House is located near Fish Creek outside of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin on private property.

Local legend purports that the mushroom house was built by an artist/architect and used as a summer home. The homeowner either went bankrupt or died (no one is really sure) but his wife apparently hated the place so much that she just up and left. That’s the story anyway.

It is all boarded up now, as you can see.

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I did some digging around but could not find a single photo of this whimsical house in its heyday.

In fact, website after website had little to no information about the house, and no one knew who the owners were. Nobody is even sure when it was built.

But House Crazy Sarah has her ways of finding things out. (It’s called county assessor records my friends – free and open to the public!)

Here’s what I found:

The owners on record are John & Jean xxxxxxx [it is a matter of public record but I don’t want to publish their last name here]

A septic system was installed on the property on 09/19/1978 – that is a pretty good indication of how old the house is.

The residential tax assessment value is $174,100.00 and the taxes for this year were $1,767.44 with zero balance due. Taxes are paid in full!

So technically, this place is NOT abandoned. And the original owners are alive and well.

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But a mythical abandoned mushroom house boarded up in the Wisconsin woods is almost more appealing than a shiny new mushroom house, don’t you think?




A reader sent me this message:

The owner of the “Mushroom House,” or “The Domes” as he and the rest of the family referred to it, has sadly passed away. I have been given permission by the estate holder to give out his e-mail address for any interested buyers of this eclectic structure. James Awe is the contact. His e-mail is jamesawe@prodigy.netThe family are very motivated sellers. As far as I know the property will be sold “as is.” The sale of the previous owner’s cottage on the lake in Sturgeon Bay will also be for sale. The cottage was built before proximity laws were enacted, so it is believed to be the closest private structure to the lake in Sturgeon Bay.



The listing agent for this property sent me the following email:



There is now a listing on Zillow with many interior photos!

Check it out: