There was a chaotic Friday evening when the waiter you’re about to meet was doing his job. The patio of the restaurant was full, but he was the only one in charge of it. While serving and being a busy bee, he was constantly being followed by a client’s eyes. After he left the note on the table, the waiter went to check it and immediately reached for his phone.


20. The Mysterious Client

Little did the man know at that point that this simple note would change his life forever. Let’s see how everything started…

19. The Feeling

Facebook/David Fabila

David Fabila, a 31-year-old waiter from Sacramento, California, was extremely busy handling the tables. A few months ago he was doing his shift at House of Oliver wine bare in Roseville. Besides the fact that the place was full and David had a lot on his plate, he had a feeling that something strange was going to happen.

18. The Arrival

House of Oliver is usually full on Friday evenings which is not easy for the staff. While David was taking over the patio of the restaurant, as asked, and that’s when the mysterious stranger arrived and occupied one of the tables.

17. The Busy Night

David was struggling to keep everything under control, but the bar was understaffed. In addition to that, David was already exhausted from his other job. However, he would have never thought that that summer evening would change his life.

16. Ignored

Facebook/Steffen Berr

Steffen Ben, the mystery person we were talking about, was a client on the patio in David’s section. As the waiter was so busy, Steffen was not even observed. However, he had a great impact on David’s night.

15. The Unique Experience

It is not easy to work in the service industry, but David Fabila knew he needs to take on another job to support his growing family. As being part of the service industry, David had quite some experiences with the clients, but not a single one was even close to this one.

14. The Ace Up The Sleeve

Servers know that even though their jobs are not easy, the tips are good. Clients do not understand that the tips are crucial for one’s survival. This is why Steffen Berr decided to sit in David’s section. He had something planned for the young waiter. Curious to see what he did?

13. The Waiting

As the night was evolving, it was getting harder and harder for David to keep up with all the tables. Running from a client to the other, David was not even sure of the orders, so he did not observe that he was followed. After finishing his meal, Steffen Berr was waiting to be approached by David.

12. The Check

David went after Steffen’s check while also serving other tables. After finishing with those, he went to collect the bill. Then the most incredible thing happened!

11. The Note

David realized that the stranger suddenly left, leaving him with the bill. The waiter thought that he left the exact amount of cash and that was why he left. However, when David opened the bill, he was shocked to see a surprise note.

10. The Surprise

Youtube/CBS Sacramento

Steffan had an expensive bill, but the tip he left was the same. $190 for the tip and $190 for the check. Along with that, he left the message “We’re young, but we’re worth serving.”

9. The Hunt

David was not sure that that amount of money was left on purpose, so he decided to look for the man. Who was him and what was the purpose of that message?

8. The Kind Gesture

Facebook/David Fabila

After tracking down the man, he met Steffen Berr, a 24-year-old college student at Sacramento State. When they met up David was so surprised and did not know how to thank him properly. David Fabila made the story public on Facebook thanking Steffen for his gesture. Here’s what the kind man said…

7. The Reward

Youtube / Steffen Berr

Berr knows exactly how it is like to work in such an industry, so he decided to reward David for his determination and great work. He knew his gesture would bring a smile on his face. And that’s not all!

6. Tip the Bill Challenge

CBS Sacramento

There is a Tip The Bill Challange going on where people leave the same tip as their bill offering their servants a 100% tip. However, Steffen was not aware of the challenge when he did it, but because he wanted to make sure that David knows his work is appreciated. Besides that, he needed to celebrate a success…

5. Finishing College

Steffen became a college graduate that day so he decided that the best way to celebrate his success would be to reward someone. He knew nothing about David but was glad to find out that he needed what he received.

4. Shocked

David was so grateful for Steffen’s gesture. However, we are wondering why tipping the bill has become so popular?

3. Where Comes The Popularity From?

The challenge we mentioned earlier was created so people would realize how hard it is to work in the service industry and that a 15 or 20 percent tip makes the difference in someone’s life. Most clients do not even know that the tip they leave is actually very important.

2. Tip Is Needed

Sometimes people think that just because their waiter or bartender has a salary, they do not really need to tip them anymore. Contrary to that, it is very important to take care of our servers and tip them because they are taking care of us too. It is not easy to do their job.

1. Awareness

After hearing this story and realizing what stays behind the service industry, many people became more aware of the fact that their actions in a restaurant or bar affects the staff. Being more careful with the table and leaving a generous tip did not hurt anyone. It only helps the servers survive or providing their families with what they need.