Getting in your car and driving for hours on end is a great way to relax. To make things even better, you can get on a beautiful road that takes you over the mountains or by the seaside. However, there are also some roads that you should do your best to avoid! These roads are extremely dangerous and nearly everyone who gets on them has a bad experience. With that said, here are the world’s top 20 most dangerous roads.

20. Old Youngas Road

We are going to start our list with the Old Youngas Road because it’s nicknamed as “The Death Road”. Lots of people fall off the 40-mile road every year and most of them don’t make it out alive.

19. Cathedral Ridge

Cathedral Ridge is located in Pakistan and it takes people to China. The road used to be considered so amazing that it was dubbed as the Eight Wonder of the world. However, the road has terrible conditions and it’s not rare for trucks to fall and crash at the base of the mountain.

18. Trans-Siberian Highway

Even though this road is called the Trans-Siberian Highway, it doesn’t look at all like a highway should. This is one of the world’s dangerous roads and the fact that it’s not paved means that only big 4×4 vehicles can go over it.

17. Sichuan

The Sichuan road is used by people to go from Tibet to China. The scary thing about this road is that there are many rock avalanches which trample all vehicles in their way. On the other hand, the road is also known for its incredible views.

16. BR 319

Brazil has a bad reputation for not investing money in its roads and the picture featured above is the perfect example. Do you think a normal family car could ever make it on this mud road?

15. Highway 1

Highway 1 is located in Mexico and even though the road might be paved, it doesn’t have any railings or guard rails. Therefore, many people who drive late at night swerve off the road into the desert and crash.

14. Stelvio Pass Road

This road can be found in Italy and it stretches for 2.7 km. What makes this road dangerous is the fact that it goes over the Italian Alps and the short corners can cause big problems to inexperienced drivers.

13. Pan American Highway

This highway is located in the famous Atacama Desert and while the road might look nice, people are advised to avoid it. There are many FARC rebels who prey on this road and people who drive on the Pan American Highway often end up getting captured for ransom.

12. James Dalton Highway

Driving on snow might be fun in the city, but we can’t say the same thing about mountains. This highway is located in Alaska and it stretches for 414 miles, thus making it a challenging drive for heavy trucks that slip on the snow.

11. Siberian Road

This is the Siberian Road to Yakutsk, Russia and as you can clearly, lots of accidents take place here. The road is known as the “Road of Bones” among locals because of how many people lose their lives driving here.

10. Atlantic Road

Even though the Atlantic Road from Norway might look amazing, there is a big bridge that goes over the ocean. The problem with this bridge is that the ocean’s waves hit it at full power and thus, some cars can get knocked off.

9. Guoliang Tunnel Road

This road looks incredible! People who get on it need to drive through tunnels that have been dug into mountains and while this might sound like a fun adventure, this is not the case. This road is known as the “Road that tolerates no mistakes” because of how many people fall off the mountain.

8. Jacob’s Ladder

This road is located in Australia and what makes it dangerous is the fact that it’s all zig-zag. The road goes 1,570 meters above the sea level and drivers need to be really careful on it.

7. Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline

The Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline can be found in Japan and as you can see from this aerial shot, drivers need to be on their A-Game if they want to survive all the zig-zagging.

6. Zig Road

Since we are talking about zig-zag roads, we need to mention the famous Zig Road. This road features 24 zig-zags and its located in the Guizhou Province, China. You won’t believe what’s coming next on our list.

5.  Arica to Iquique Road

This road can be found in Chile and the problem with it is that it’s really flat, which makes drivers feel safe and they speed up. Unfortunately, the road is not secure at all and most drivers end up crashing.

4. Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road

Greeks love to drive on this road because of the amazing views that they get to see. However, the road is really dangerous and it’s filled with giant potholes.

3. Zoji Pass

Zoji Pass is located in India and it’s so high up the mountain that the wind can even move cars when its blowing really hard. To make things even worse, this is a dirt road.

2. Kabul – Jalalabad Express

If you ever get to travel to Afghanistan, then you should do your best to avoid the Kabul – Jalalabad Express. Everyone who lives next to the road says that at least one driver crashes his car every week.

1. Salar De Uyuni

Doesn’t this road from Bolivia look incredible? Well, the problem with it is that it doesn’t have any landmarks and drivers are going to get lost if they don’t have GPS.