Do you believe in ghosts? There are many people who do and according to all of them, there is a famous hotel in America where you can feel the strange presence of unknown entities. This haunted hotel is located in Colorado and it is known as the Stanley Hotel. With that being said, today we are going to show you the story of America’s most haunted hotel and reveal the secrets that helped the hotel get famous.

20. Stanley Hotel

This is the terrifying Stanely Hotel that everyone is talking about. The hotel is located in the mountains and its origins story will send shivers down your spine!

19. Famous Movie

The Stanley Hotel is believed to be haunted by lots of ghosts that show up at midnight and scare visitors away. The interesting thing about this hotel is that a famous movie has been made about it.

18. Freelan Oscar Stanley

Before we get into it, we need to present how the hotel came to be. It all started when Freelan Oscar Stanley, a wealthy man, was on his deathbed. The doctors advised him to head over to Colorado because the mountain air is going to make him feel better.

17. Georgian Mansion Hotel

Freelan Oscar Stanley arrived in the mountains of Colorado and he decided that he was going to build a massive 48-room mansion where he could live in. The mansion is the Stanley Hotel.

16. Rich People

The hotel was built and it became a hotspot for rich people. Everyone who wanted to show off that they have money made sure to book a room at the hotel. What these wealthy people didn’t know was that the hotel is haunted.

15. Strange Noises Hotel

Everyone who spent a night in the Stanley Hotel said that all types of strange noises can be heard late at night. The spookiness of the hotel made it even more popular!

14. Famous Writer Hotel

The Stanley Hotel reached the status of popular touristic attraction only after a famous writer spent a night here and lived one of the most terrifying experiences of his life. Keep reading to find out who is this famous writer.

13. Stephen King

The famous writer is none other than Stephen King who is renowned throughout the world for his horror novels. You better check out the next picture to see what happened to the writer while he slept at the Stanley Hotel.

12. Terrifying Nightmare

Stephen King had a terrifying nightmare that inspired him to write a book called “The Shinning”. You probably heard about this title before because this book turned into a horror movie.

11. The Shinning

Stephen King dreamed that someone was chasing his kids through the hotel and the nightmare was so powerful that he couldn’t distinguish it from reality. Now, this sounds really scary!

10. Popular Movie

The book was a hit and it was also made into a movie where Jack Nicholson stars in. As you probably know by now, the movie ended becoming a hit and now everyone wanted to book a room at the hotel.

9. Tragic Accident

The stories about ghosts and spirits might make the hotel seem like a fantasy, but something terrible did happen here. A leak filled a room with gas and sadly, the head housekeeper stepped inside with a candle in her hand.

8. The Head Housekeeper

Rumor has it that the spirit of the head housekeeper is still roaming around the hotel. To make things even scarier, this happened in the room that Stephen King slept in. Isn’t this crazy?

7. Little Girl

The scariest thing about the Stanley Hotel is the story of the little girl. People say that there is a little girl who is running through the hotel and there even is some “proof” of this.

6. Ghost Girl

This photo was snapped by a tourist who says that the little girl who sits in front of the wall was never there. Spooky, right? This is isn’t the only photo of the ghost though…

5. Second Photo

This second photo shows that something strange is really happening inside the Stanley Hotel. Don’t believe us? Just take a closer look at the stairs on the left.

4. Scary Place

Even though you might think that a scary place such as this might send tourists away, this is not the case. Lots of people want to spend a couple of nights in the hotel in hopes of seeing a ghost and booking a room here is nearly impossible.

3. Clever Marketing

What’s great about the Stanley Hotel is the fact that the staff is embracing the ghost stories and they use some clever marketing in order to attract tourists.

2. The Shining Items

The hotel is filled with items that can be seen in “The Shining”. This gives tourists what they wanted and the hotel gets to keep its reputation of being haunted.

1. Bad Reputation

Who would’ve thought that a hotel with a bad reputation such as this one will become a top touristic attraction? Nonetheless, would you ever spend a night here?