Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder. Not many people can say about cities, and their huge buildings make for an extraordinary skyline, but you will see the next 20 photos and realize that they are quite impressive. Even if you are more of a nature lover, you cannot say that these skylines are not eye-catching and proof that the human engineered skylines are so different, showing part of the people’s culture as well.

We chose the most famous skylines across the planet, and we bet they will take your breath away!

20. Macau, SAR, China

Yes, the communist country has a city like this which is basically a Las Vegas. Macau is filled with big and bright buildings, complete with a 47-story Grand Lisboa hotel – that giant building that towers over the Pearl River. Other names like MGM, Sands, and Wynn are also part of Macau.

And this is not the only amazing skyline in China – here’s another one at #17!

19. Los Angeles, CA

You cannot overlook this splendid skyline, complete with the San Gabriel Mountains as a magnificent backdrop to the clustered huge buildings like the 1,018ft US Bank Tower. Apparently, the 50 miles commute to work ends up with too little people looking at the skyline – when you can actually see it through the smog. Now let’s go to Las Vegas!

18. Las Vegas, NV

If you want to see an Eifel Tower, a Statue of liberty, the New York City, a pyramid and a hot air balloon, then you need to go to Las Vegas! That’s where the best skyline in the world is, and at night, it’s all neon-lit! Isn’t it a colorful and creative cityscape?

17. Shenzhen, China

China’s filled with people, and it has cities with a population that reaches 10 million, and we’ve never heard about those cities! Just like Shenzhen, which was a riverside town, and then it turned into the most notable economic player that has billions of residents and 23 buildings that are more than 650 feet high! We’re not done with China yet – here’s another city at #10!

16. New York, NY

You’ve seen it a lot in photos – New York’s skylines are recognizable from the very first second you lay your eyes one. You see a giant blob of towers, many of them old and gray. What makes New York special are the bridges over the Hudson and East Rivers. In contrast, a more beautiful skyline can be seen in the next photo.

15. Toronto, Ontario, Canada Ransom

The classic of skylines comes with a blue sky and a few towers, domes and skyscrapers. Built on the shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto is the largest Canadian city. It is also home to the first stadium with a retractable-roof in North American pro sports. The 1815ft CN Tower also makes for a breathtaking element of this skyline.

14. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul might not have large skylines and broadcast towers or impressive landmarks or even LED orbs, but the cityscape comes with the Gangnam (not the dance craze), which was the central business district in Seoul. The next city has an iconic statue that steals the show – can you guess which one it is?

13. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The iconic Christ the Redeemer statue that can be found on top of Corcovado Mountain looks towards Rio de Janeiro, apparently stealing the show. Combine this view with mountains, water, and a city of 6.4 million people, and you got one of the most beautiful images in the world. Now let’s check out a European city…

12. Frankfurt, Germany

Europeans are not into displaying wealth, like Americans, Asians, or Middle Eastern people. Which is why Frankfurt am Main, the largest financial center in Europe, is the only one with an impressive skyline. It has an intimidating glass tower skyline too!

11. Sydney, Australia

Skyscrapers, the landmark Sydney Opera House, and the blue sky and water male Sydney an impressive skyline. With the long arc of the Sydney Harbour Bridge completing it, this city makes for the most photogenic skyline in the world. All you have to do is not get there on a rainy day!

10. Hong Kong, SAR, China

Hong Kongs was built at the base of a mountain, on Victoria Harbour. It was once a British territory. Now it spans only 50,000 acres and is the most populated city on the planet. It has a 118-story building – the International Commerce Center and many buildings that go well over 500 ft!

We’d want to say that this is the last Chinese city that makes it to the top 20 best skylines in the world, but we’d lie. We promise there is only one left – it’s at #1!

9. Tokyo, Japan

Why aren’t there mega-towers in Tokyo as there are in other Asian cities? One word: earthquakes! However, they did build the 2,080ft Tokyo Skytree, which is a broadcasting tower, and the second tallest building in the world. The backdrop of Mt. Fuji also makes an intriguing skyline.

8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Talking about intriguing, Dubai has the tallest building in the world, rising towards the sky. Burj Khalifa has 163 floors and is half a mile tall, towering over buildings that rise over hundreds of feet into the air.

The next city has lower buildings, but a charismatic skyline…

7. Chicago, IL

Chicago’s buildings resemble its people: friendly, best looking and humble. It has humble aesthetics and still makes for an impressive image. The 108-story Willis tower completes the skyline and doesn’t go overboard like New York. The deep blue waters also help with the “looks.”

6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The architect in of Kuala Lumpur had the best idea ever: let’s build the tallest twin buildings in the world and make them look like rockets – Petronas Twin Towers. The skyline was immediately thrust into the top 20, making the city recognizable around the world. Without them, the buildings wouldn’t have had any impact in photographs.

5. Seattle, WA Ignatius

Maybe you’ve seen too much of the Space Needle until now, but this isn’t the only thing about Seattle – and we’re not talking about the NFL Playoffs. It’s the diversity of the buildings on the hill close to Puget Sound, and with the background showing Mount Rainier.

4. Singapore

A beautiful skyline completed with the lights and the $5.7 billion Marina Bay Sands – the most expensive building in the world, Singapore has amazing aesthetics! And an illuminated Ferris wheel, and you’ve got yourself one the best skylines in the world.

3. Vancouver, BC, Canada

The vertical and dense downtown from Vancouver was used a lot of times whenever movie directors wanted to replicate the New York cityscape – and that’s because an untrained eye wouldn’t see a difference. What makes Vancouver so beautiful is the landmark Lookout Tower and the beautiful mountain in the background.

2. San Francisco, CA Ren

The San Francisco skyline is a sight you don’t get to witness so much, but when you finally see it between the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, you’ll understand why it has the most impressive landscape in the USA. Moreover, the entire office towers among the TransAmerica pyramid make for of the most beautiful skylines in the world.

1. Shanghai, China

Last but not least, the LED-studded China Pearl building and other futuristic office towers, the 101-story Shanghai World Financial Center and the 24 million people it hosts, this is the largest city in China. It looks like a futuristic city!