I am making the journey to Mexico next week, so I thought I would prepare myself by featuring the wonderfully imaginative work of Mexican architect, Javier Senosiain.

image from: shearyadi.com

Javier Senosiain has been creating ingenious works of art (buildings and houses) since the 1980’s.

His work is playful, organic, funky and fun. Javier was born in Mexico and that is where he created most of his masterpieces.

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I had a hard time determining if this post should be posted in the “Architectural Homes” category, or the “Artistic Homes” category. So I decided to go with both.

image from: designbuzz.com

Javier Senosiain  is currently a professor of architecture at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

image from: architeturmuymexicana.blogspot.com

I expected him to look like some version of a Mexican hippy, but he actually looks quite… professorial.

As you can see, many of Javier’s creations are shaped like animals or other forms found in nature.

image from: shearyadi.com

No straight angles in a Javier home!

image from: homeforfuture.co
image from: odditycentral.com
image from: Bookofjoe.com

Javier’s own house in Mexico City is shaped like a shark:

image from: mexicoart.org

He lives here with his wife and children. They apparently outgrew the original 1-bedroom design so he had to build an addition.

image from: volcania.wordpress.com

Much of Javier’s work is serpetine or amphibious in nature…

image from: apartmenttherapy.com

…and/or colorful!

image from: steampunkopera.wordpress.com
image from: milleniondesign.com
image from: archithings.net

I don’t know that I could actually sleep in a Javier home…

image from: apartmenttherapy.com

There’s just so much to stimulate the senses!

image from: yourmoney.wall-street.ro


For more information on the designs of Javier Senosiain, see these links below:





***And yes, HEAD’S UP – I will be on vacation in Mexico for one week from May 13-21. And I am FORBIDDEN by my family from house-hunting or posting on my blog for that whole week!!!