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Yes, it’s true. I’m saying goodbye to my blog, this time for good.

After over 4 years, 500 posts, and nearly 2 million unique views, it is finally time for me to call it quits.

The good news is that this website – House Crazy – will live on because I am selling it to new owners.

The buyers promised that they would keep it much the same and continue to add great content.

So you still will be able to get your ‘house fix’ on House Crazy – it just won’t be written by your dear friend House Crazy Sarah.

So what’s next for me?

I am moving onto other writing projects which have been sorely neglected over these past few years while I focused on my blog.

I will truly miss all my dedicated fans and enthusiastic fellow house crazies. I have met some phenomenal people through my website and I’m very grateful for that.

Someone asked me what my all-time favorite post was on the site….. I have many special posts I enjoyed creating, but the one that keeps coming to the top of my mind is: Melissa’s Little Sunburst House. That post embodies what we all loved about this blog: the sheer joy of a home of one’s own.

So with that bitter-sweet nugget, I bid you adieu.

Keep it real friends!

Sarah Felix Burns


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