High school is a great time for most teenagers because they get to have fun and make new friendships that will last for a lifetime. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all teenagers. Some of them struggle to find a sense of purpose and don’t feel like they belong. This is the story of Andrew Kirby who has been sitting alone every time during lunch. Fortunately, everything changed for the better when a group of nice people decided to invite him to their table.

20. Andrew Kirby


This young man is Andrew Kirby. He has been struggling to make friends in his high school for a long time. Although, this doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with Andrew, just that he has yet to find the right people.

19. Scary Place


What do you see in this picture? Is it a simple lunch cafeteria? Well, this is not what Andrew sees. Andrew sees something scary because he always eats alone without anyone to make a joke with or to simply keep him company.

18. Always Alone


Just imagine how sad it would make you feel to always sit alone during lunch time while others are having the time of their lives. This caused Andrew to have social anxiety which made it even more challenging for him to find new friends.

17. He Is Brave

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As we all know, teenagers can be mean and Andrew is a bit afraid so that they won’t make fun of him. Despite that, Andrew keeps trying to make new friends because he is brave. Not just that, but he is sick and tired of always feeling alone.

16. Social Anxiety


Social anxiety is a serious problem and everyone who has suffered from it will confirm this. This makes it even more impressive that despite suffering from social anxiety, Andrew has been trying to make new friends.

15. Good Enough


Even though Andrew is currently sitting alone, things are about to change for him. He is going to find a group of friendly people that are going to welcome him as one of their own.

14. New Friends

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Andrew’s mother says that she is aware his son is having troubles making new friends and she often texts him asking him if he is eating alone during lunchtime. Sadly, the answer is always “yes”.

13. Praying

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The mother was feeling desperate that her son is alone all the time and she started praying to God for help and something amazing happened. Keep reading to find out how Andrew’s life changes.

12. Everything Changes


As his mother was getting more desperate, something incredible happened. A group of teenagers noticed that Andrew was alone and they decided to invite him to their table. Can you believe this? Is God answering his mother’s prayers?

11. Council Members

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The teenagers that invited Andrew over to their table are council members. The kid in this picture said that he saw Andrew eating alone and that, without giving it any second thought, he decided to ask Andrew to join him and his friends.

10. Good Deeds

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This small act of kindness has changed Andrew’s life! Andrew is no longer alone during lunchtime and he has a bunch of good friends that he can talk to and have fun.

9. Good Friends

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It didn’t take long for Andrew to form a strong friendship with the new people he has met. This is everything that he has ever wished for. Isn’t it great how things just work themselves out like this sometimes?

8. No Longer Alone

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Andrew was no longer alone and the cafeteria was not a scary place anymore. We think it’s safe to say that his mother’s prayers have been answered.

7. He Feels Like He Belongs

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Andrew says that the greatest thing about making new friends is that he feels like he belongs somewhere. He is no longer the lonely kid eating alone and friends now surround him.

6. Smiling Face

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The mother says that she has never seen Andrew smile so often. He always comes home with a smile on his face after school and this makes her happy.

5. Having Fun


The great thing about Andrew’s new friends is that they invite him to all types of different activities and he gets to have fun with them. Not just that, but Andrew now has friends that he can go to the movies with.

4. Watching Movies


Just like most teenagers, Andrew loves watching movies and now he has a good bunch of friends to keep him company in the cinema.

3. High School Experiences

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High school is supposed to be the best time of our lives and no kid should have to go through this experience all alone. We’re happy for Andrew that he finally managed to find a group of friends that make him feel like he belongs.

2. New Experiences

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Andrew says that he is excited whenever his phone starts ringing because he knows that his friends are calling him. Not just that, but Andrew also loves all the new experiences that having a bunch of good friends brings.

1. Happy Ending

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Even though Andrew’s story was heartbreaking at first, especially since most of us can relate with him, he is now surrounded by great people. Andrew is never going to eat lunch alone and this makes him happy.