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To say that I am a huge fan of John Denver is an understatement. My friends have nick-named my 2003 mountaintop wedding “the John Denver affair”.

My son is named after John Denver (Noe Denver).

I just love the guy. And his music… don’t even get me started!

One of my favorite John Denver Colorado songs is Starwood In Aspen (second only to the official Colorado state song: Rocky Mountain High).

Here’s a quick description of how the song came to be:

He and his first wife Annie – the love of his life – bought some land at Starwood in Aspen. The Denvers moved to Starwood at Christmas 1970, at which time the area had been developed only minimally. They built a five bedroom eco-friendly house and a guest house on the 7.6 acre plot. This mushy, sentimental composition is John Denver’s coming home song.


After his tragic death in a plane crash in October 1997, fans wanted to convert the Starwood property into a museum, but it was put on the market and sold for $3.68 million.

Now I’ve been to the John Denver shrine at the town park in Aspen, Colorado and it was powerful (I think I might have even cried).

But to actually have a chance to go inside John Denver’s HOUSE would have been the culmination of my life-long dream.

But alas, as stated above, his former home is now privately owned. You can read more on that here.

So when I saw this old place for sale on Starwood Drive – it was like John Denver smiling down on me!

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Knowing that this home is near the Denver’s former estate in the Starwood area of Aspen, (on Starwood Drive no less!) is enough to get my knees shaking.

Look at this place:

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Call me crazy (housecrazy), but I LOVE that this place seems to be stuck in a 1980’s time warp!

According to the listing description:

Top-of-the-world ? truly!  Views from Starwood are always amazing, but these are truly awesome!   Magnificent decks overlooking the full spectrum of all our mountains.  3.8 acres. An older home needs some updating.  Master bedroom is private with elegant master bath.  Home lives well for large family and guests.  Great for entertaining.

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There is something about this kitchen that I just adore – I don’t think I would change a thing! It is just so nostalgic! (I was born in the ’70’s and was a child of the ’80’s – can you tell?)

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Blue-tiled countertops get me every time!

Here is one of the 6 spacious bedrooms:

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Love the cock-eyed skylight!

You just CANNOT beat these views:

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This is why I love Colorado!

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If only I had 6.4 million U.S. dollars (asking price).

See the complete listing here.

In memory of John…

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(If you got the idea that I was listening to John Denver’s music during the entire time I was writing this post… you would be correct.)