It was a dark and stormy night… and House Crazy Sarah’s kids were driving her, well, crazy.

So she locked herself in the computer room and began scouring the Internet for (un-copyrighted) spooky old abandoned house photos.

This is what she found…

image from: (author: Daniel Leininger)

[hover your cursor over the pictures to see where they are located]

image from:
image from: (author: Vmenkov)

image from:,_DC.jpg (author: AgnosticPreachersKid)
image from: (author: A. Balet)
image from:,_Gims%C3%B8y_Island,_Lofoten,_Norway.JPG (author: Vincent van Zeijst)
image from: (author: NVO)
image from: (author: James Bubeck)
image from:
image from: (author: Forest Wander)
image from:,_Virginia.jpg (author: Toby Alter
image from: (author: Dave Fergusson)
image from:,_Kansas (author: Irving Rusinow)


House Crazy Sarah was last seen cowering in a corner of her demonic, un-sellable old house.