Every time you go out for a nice meal everything happens mostly the same, you eat then pay for your food and leave. But this isn’t precisely what happened to this soldier. Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon got an interesting reaction when he saw two strangers walk into Taco Bell. They were not looking like buyers or possible clients who made him think that in case of emergency, he can use his training to take care of the situation.

20. Just A Normal Evening


As the man was getting ready to pay at the counter, he saw the two strangers getting closer. Who were they and why were they acting so suspicious? Let’s find out!


19. Getting There


That evening Lt. Col. Robert Risdon decided to stop at Taco Bell for a meal, while on his way home before Senior Bowl. He made a guest appearance there, but what was more important to him was the hanger he could feel. With that being said, he pulled into the Taco Bell of Greenville, Alabama and entered the fast food restaurant. But what happened there was definitely not part of Robert’s plans for the night.

18. Unexpected


As an Army Ranger, Risdon knows how to use hardship when needed, and he is ready to defend his country no matter where, when, or from whom. However, he also has a kind heart and a desire to be helpful. The actions he took that night in the Taco Bell were soon to become viral and you’ll soon find out the incredible reason why.

17. The Suspense


The two silhouettes were coming closer and closer to him. Risdon was frozen and tense keeping his muscles ready for anything that could have happened. The cashiers and another patron in the Taco Bell where looking at them while continuing to make a beeline for Risdon. While it was raining cats and dogs outside, everyone was completely silent in the fast food restaurant.

16. The Analysis


Risdon began to analyze the intruders. He could see that their clothes were worn and there was rainwater dropping of their windbreakers. After taking a better look of the larger figure, he realized that he was shaking, having his hands in his pockets. This was when the army guy realized what the shadows were.

15. The Video


When the video of the incident in the Greenville, Alabama Taco Bell went viral, Lt. Col. Robert Risdon was asked for his opinion. He knew how it was like to be cold, hungry and to feel like you do not belong anywhere. This is what he had to endure being in the Army. This event remembered him of one specific moment he experienced in Saudi Arabia. But who were those people from the restaurant???

14. Getting Closer

youtube.com/Jason Gibson

Risdon was looking at the two figures both not being too far away from him at this point. As they were getting closer and closer to him, his hands started to tremble. The event was so tense that for both Risdon and the figures it felt like centuries were coming by before being able to approach him. The silence disappeared when the larger of the two asked a question. Then is when Risdon realized that the two people were not in that Taco Bell to eat.

13. The Question

youtube.com/Jason Gibson

He asked Risdon if he had any cash on him. Unfortunately, the army guy did not have any as he never carries cash thanks to the convenience of the credit cards. That was one smart choice that Risdon made not to have any cash with him.

12. Risdon’s Reaction

youtube.com/Jason Gibson

More than 1.8 million people saw the video on social media, and more than 39,900 shared it. It showed the reaction Risdon had when the boys approached him. A man captured the images, and he was lucky to do it. Who is him and what was he doing there?

11. The Video


The person who took that video of the situation was Jason Gibson. He had never thought that he would be a witness to such an incident in a Taco Bell and that he would also be able to take a video of it and record it. Without second thoughts, when Gibson saw what was happening, he took his phone and pressed record.

10. Risdon Knew What To Do

youtube.com/Jason Gibson

Risdon, instead of answering their question, he asked them something back. The boys were so ashamed they did not know how to hide or how to leave. What they were asked had thrown them off guard. What did Risdon ask?

9. The Question


Risdon asked the boys if they could eat ten tacos. Before answering his question, the boys mentioned that they were selling candy from door to door to raise money for their church. When Risdon heard that he was touched and admired their tenacity. Risdon wanted to know something more from the boys so he did THIS!

8. The Next Dilemma

youtube.com/Jason Gibson

Risdon asked the boys if they were hungry. They were so ashamed they did not want to answer “yes” so they just said that they had not eaten. That was enough for Risdon to hear, so he escorted them to the counter and let them decide what to eat.

7. The Smiles

youtube.com/Jason Gibson

Continuing the conversation with the boys, Risdon learned that they were aged 13 and 9. They were so grateful to receive the food from him. They showed their appreciation by smiling, and this is all Risdon needed to see before leaving.

6. The Heartwarming Moment


Jason Gibson was a witness to another sweet moment between the army guy and the two boys. Wanting to express his gratitude, the younger boy tried to salute Risdon, but he was clumsy. As he saw how shy he was, Ridson decided to teach the boy the proper salute.

5. The Dad


Lt. Col. Robert Risdon is a daddy to two children himself. That was the opportunity that taught him patience. Even though he was interrupted from his dinner, he did not get mad. What did he do instead?

4. The Kind Gesture


Instead of getting mad for being disturbed, Ridson did not think twice before helping the two boys get some food. Being a hungry and soaking wet kid is a very vulnerable position, and Ridson knew that. What is he considered?

3. The American Hero


As many people saw the viral video, they had named Ridson an American Hero for being so good to the boys.

2. Is He Famous?


Well, his has gotten some instant celebrity. According to him, it is a little embarrassing to be praised for such a normal gesture. He is a kind person due to what he was taught when he was little. Here’s what he said about it.

1. The childhood


Growing up in a great society, Ridson had people around that showed him that life is not only about taking care of yourself. You need to take care of the other people who need to be helped. Many people had forgotten that there are human beings who are not doing so good in life. This video was proof to those people that they need to offer a hand from time to time to someone who needs it.

Even though Ridson could not do too much for the boys, the smiles from their faces were enough to show him that he did the right thing.