Today we are going to show you a story about a single mother of five who fought against all odds to get her GED and become a lawyer. This story is so incredible that you will want to come back to it whenever you feel like you need some extra motivation to get through the day. Ieshia Champs is the protagonist of our story and what she went through before becoming a lawyer will shock you! With that said, let’s get into it.

20. Viral Picture

Ieshia Champs is a mother of five and she posted this picture (featured above) with the following caption “Ieshia Champs. Magna Cum Laude”. The picture went viral and everyone wanted to know more about the woman’s story.

19. Magna Cum Laude

Magna Cum Laude means that Ieshia Champs graduated at the top of her class. Can you believe this? A single mother managed to do get straight As on her exams and outshine everyone else.

18. Single Mom Champs

The craziest thing about Ieshia Champs’s story is trying to figure out how she managed to find time to study. Becoming a lawyer takes lots of time and practice and while this might not be a problem for an average student, Ieshia Champs had to take care of five children at the same time.

17. Incredible Story Champs

Despite being all alone and having to provide for five kids, Ieshia Champs never gave up on her dream of becoming a lawyer. But how did she end up all alone? Get ready to see the incredible events that took place in the woman’s life years before she even dreamed of becoming a lawyer.

16. Fire Takes Everything

It all started going downhill for Ieshia Champs back in 2009 when a fire burned her house down. The fire took everything that Ieshia and her husband had worked for all their life…

15. Her Mother Passes Away Champs

Ieshia Champs and her husband worked hard to get a new house, but something even worse than the fire happened, her mother had a stroke and she passed away. Ieshia’s life was crumbling in front of her eyes. Sadly, this is not where things end.

14. Cancer Champs

Ieshia Champs’s husband was fighting with cancer. As you can probably imagine, this was making life very difficult for Ieshia and she couldn’t understand why so many bad things are happening to her family.

13. Sad News

Sadly, the husband lost his fight with cancer and Ieshia Champs was left all alone. Well, not entirely alone. She still had her five children, but taking care of them all seemed impossible now that she didn’t have her mother and husband to help out.

12. Give Up

The woman’s life was a mess and she was ready to give it all up. She couldn’t fight any longer and she started thinking about suicide. Ieshia Champs was looking for an easy way out, but luckily, her children motivated her not to do it.

11. Driving Off The Bridge

Ieshia Champs was depressed and she wanted to end it all. She was determined to drive off a bridge, but as she was driving towards the bridge, she realized that she couldn’t leave her five children alone. She hit the brakes and turned back home.

10. Family Is Everything Champs

Even though her husband was not around anymore, Ieshia Champs still had five beautiful children that loved her. This is all that matter to her and she was willing to put it all on the line to provide them with a happy life.

9. Taking Care Of The Children Champs

Ieshia Champs still had dreams of going to college, but she had to put those dreams on the sidelines. She needed to work so that she could put food on the table. However, what her trusty church pastor had to say to her changed everything!

8. Everything Changes Champs

Ieshia Champs was talking to Bishop Richard Holman who is her spiritual guide and he advised her to try and make time to follow her dream of becoming a lawyer. The Bishop knew that this wasn’t an easy task, but he also knew that Ieshia Champs is strong enough to achieve whatever she sets her mind on.

7. Big Dreams Champs

Ieshia Champs figured that if she managed to achieve her dream, providing for her family would also become easier because she would make more money. This motivated her to study harder than anyone else.

6. Family And God Champs

Ieshia Champs went on to graduate from law school “Magna Cum Laude”. This is a great achievement and the woman says that she has her family and God to thank for. She says that without them, she would’ve never become a lawyer.

5. Hard Work

We have to note that Ieshia Champs should thank herself in the first place because if she didn’t put in the hard work, then her dream of becoming a lawyer would remain just a wild dream.

4. Motivation Champs

This story shows us just how powerful a mother’s love can be. The big family motivated Ieshia Champs and she achieved everything she ever dreamed about.

3. Great Example Champs

Ieshia Champs says that becoming a lawyer was not just about dreams and money. She also wanted to be a great example for her kids.

2. Family and Juvenile Law

Since Ieshia Champs has a big family, no one should be surprised to find out that she chose to practice family and juvenile law.

1. Good Motivation

This was an excellent story about a woman who despite all odds, achieved her dream. She didn’t let anything get in her way of success and you should do the same!