Videos of puppies are legendarily adorable. But many animals have babies called pups. When a seal pup surprised a scuba diver with a kiss, he was taken aback by the animal’s simple declaration of love. Once the Internet saw a video of the encounter, it reacted with total amazement.

13. The Coast of Argentina

Image: YouTube

Just off the coast of Argentina is a city in the province of Chubut, Patagonia. It is known as Puerto Madryn, and it is an amazing area to observe sea life. The city is known as the Mecca of Argentinean scuba because of the spectacularly clear crystal waters and the variety of fish and mammals, including seals and sea lions.

12. Southern White Whales

Image: YouTube

However, the top attraction in the area is the Southern White Whale, which spends the winter in the area. Like other right whales, the Southern White Whale is readily distinguished from others by the callosities on its head, a broad back without a dorsal fin, and a long arching mouth that begins above the eye. Its skin is very dark grey or black, occasionally with some white patches on the belly.

11. Diving and Snorkeling

Image: Argentina Expedicion

Visitors to the area can see whales right from the shore. They also find it delightful to walk to the beach and take a look at penguins and elephant seals. More adventurous people take to the sea itself for diving experiences. That’s what the diver in this now-famous video was enjoying doing on that day.

10. Seals

Image: WinteronSea

Seals are sweet and adorable, but science lovers also know that seals are not always docile. In fact, they can be very aggressive when they are on land. If they are forced to defend themselves and their territory, seals can really scrap. Yet when you encounter them in the water, where they are most comfortable, they tend to be playful and nice.

9. Snorkeling Adventure

Image: Del Nomad Eco Hotel

The diver was just out for a casual snorkel when he went out that day but he got more than he bargained for. You can watch as he swims in place, stunned, when a seal pup swims right over to him. You wonder what was going through his head at the time, other than complete fascination at seeing such an animal up close!

8. Not Afraid

Image: Express

The seal pup appeared not to be scared of the man or his snorkel. You can see how he swims over to the man to swim and play. Then the most exciting thing ever happens; it’s something that made the entire Internet rejoice at such an adorable display. So what did the pup do to elicit such a reaction?

7. Kisses

Image: YouTube

Watch carefully as the seal swims up and kisses the diver right on the mouth. When the guy doesn’t know how to react, the pup simply nibbles on his goggles. And just in case we missed the pup’s jovial personality, he head butts the camera and then rolls over to the other divers. They also get some attention.

6. Excitement

Image: Unilad

The seals are very excited by the presence of human swimmers in their midst. They swim back and forth, giving out hugs, and looking utterly enchanted with their surroundings and this encounter. Who wouldn’t want to have this experience? But hat kinds of seals are these?

5. Elephant Seals

Image: Aurora Expedition

Elephant seals thrive in frigid conditions because the waters are rich in the fish, squid, and other marine foods. Southern elephants are the largest of all seals. Male seals can grow to over 20 feet long and weigh up to 8,800 pounds. The females are less than twice the size of males. They get their name from their unusual trunk like snouts, not their size.

4. The Snout

Image: National Parks Service

The enlarged snouts are not found on females. The males however, use their trunks to make many kinds of noises. They can bellow like a drum so they are heard miles away. They also grunt, snort and call to each other, and they can distinguish seals by their vocal tones. Males try to call each other off by yelling that certain females are off limits.

3. The Valdes Peninsula


The Valdes Peninsula, in Argentine Patagonia, happens to be the best place in the world to se the Elephant Seal. It is home to the only continental reproductive Southern Elephant Seal colony in the world. There are about 700,000 seals in the world. Around 20,000 reach the Valdes Peninsula each year between August and March to mate, give birth and molt.

2. Miles Below

Image: Nature

Elephant seals are incredible divers who can dive more than a mile below the water’s surface. Marine biologists tracked a northern female elephant seal back in 2012 to see how deep she went. At a depth of 5788 feet, the seal held her breath. Elephant seals can hold their breath and remain under the after for up to two hours straight.

1. Pups


Elephant seal pups gain weight at an amazing rate. Mother elephant seals start with milk that is about 12 percent fat. In contrast, cow milk is just 3.5 percent fat. But within just two weeks of birth, the fat content in the milk rises to 50 percent, giving it the consistency of pudding. The pups can go from 75 pounds to 300 pounds in just 30 days.