Creative re-use of space at its best:

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This one-of-kind house is not only a former fire station in San Francisco, it is also home to the San Franciso Fire Engine Tours & Adventures!

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This beautiful home/business/historic fire station building sold in 2010 for $875,000, according to

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Originally built in 1896, this 4000 square foot building is now zoned single family residential.

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Firehouse 33 features wide-open loft-like spaces and tons of original elements.

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Ample room for the collector!

And no firehouse would be complete without a – –

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Of course!

The living space is on the upper floor:

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Firehouse 33 seems like it was a heck of deal for whomever bought it for $875,000 in the red-hot San Francisco real estate market. At 4,000 square feet (double the lot size!) in a historic district, that is a knock-out price!

It even has some outdoor space:

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It seems the housing market woes hit in San Fran fairly hard as well. And by the records posted on, this place was sold right in the depths of the Great Recession (2010).

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But what a great old building!


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House Update:

Our house is now on the market so it’s the big waiting game… real estate moves pretty slowly in Canon City, which is surprising because it is a lovely, temperate area of Colorado, and probably one of the most affordable.

Oh, I’d better stop right now or I will talk myself out of moving!

If you are curious, you can check out the listing here.

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