We all know that when you hear something weird under the hood as you drive, you must stop and check out what’s making that noise. But what do you do when you’re on the motorway, driving fast, and don’t even hear that sound? Let’s say you get a chance to stop and get out of the car, and when you get to check under the hood, you see that the car wasn’t the one making noises… or barking! Yes, it’s a bit weird… and so did a Chinese man thought after he took a stray pup on a terrifying journey for 250 miles!

20. An Accident


It happens to everyone, and we know it. You too might have accidentally hit an animal as you drove the car and felt sorry for that creature. But this man in China had no idea he would hit the animal which would then get stuck in the car’s bumper and “hitch” a ride for more than 200miles alive! Here’s how it all started…

19. Ready for a Road Trip


Mr. Zhang was in quite a situation. He was on a road trip, driving fast, and he was prepared for a very long journey. He had no idea that a dog would leap from some bushes right in front of his car. Mr. Zhang couldn’t avoid the pup – so he, unfortunately, hit it. Then, he assumed that at that speed, the poor dog would have been already dead.

18. He Didn’t Make It


The man thought that the dog either died or just got clipped and ran off into the bushes. Mr. Zhang was on a very busy highway and couldn’t stop in time to check out the pup. So, he kept driving for the next 200 miles. In his heart, he was grieving for the dog but hoped that the animal survived and ran off. Here’s what he thought…

17. No Body Behind


The fact that he didn’t see a body as he kept driving after the accident made him think that the dog probably walked away. He ‘was driving pretty quickly at the time so when I hit the dog, I thought it had either died or run away, so I didn’t get out of the car to check,’ said Mr. Zhang. But then, this happens!

16. Is That a Bark?


Later on, he heard weird noises. He found a place to pull over and as he went to look under the hood, he couldn’t believe that the dog was stuck to the grille. He said “I heard barking from under the car,” and to his shock, he was looking at a frightened pup that was staring right back at him. This pup’s journey was far from over. What did he do next?

15. The Dog Was Stuck


He was stuck inside the car bumper and already traveled 200 miles with the man that hit him. He was lucky to be alive, but would the man manage to get him out of the vehicle that almost killed him? Mr. Zhang had to make a decision… The dog was stuck in the car grille and had no way of getting out all by himself.

14. What Should He Do?


Mr. Zhang was afraid that the terrified dog would bite him or that by pulling the pup, he’d injure him more. So he made a painful choice. He left the dog there and carefully continued the journey with a stop to a vet. The man assumed that the best way to get the dog to the vet was to leave him there, stuck under the grille.

13. Going to the Clinic


Mr Zhang traveled back to his hometown Loudi and to a vet clinic to get some help. He said that he “didn’t dare to extricate it by myself,” so he got professional help. The worried man said that the pooch “escaped from great danger. This really moved me. This shows my fate with the dog.” Then, the best news was that the pooch only got away with some cuts and bruises…

12. The Pooch Was All Right!


Together with the vets, they got out the animal, and after 248 miles, the dog was finally free! But that’s not the end of the story! The vet cleared the dog, and Mr. Zhang realized that this was fate, a sign that he should adopt the dog. So what did he do right after the vet said the pooch was all right?

11. You’re Coming With Me – IN the Car!


The man took the pooch in a cage and went home. It might have been a weird experience for the both, but it came with a happy ending! The pup has a new home with the man that took him by accident on the most shocking road trip ever… – The dog’s shock was bigger than his wounds! And that’s not all!

10. The Local News


This story made it to the local news and got viral. People from all over the world were both angered that the man didn’t stop as soon as he hit the dog, but they were also happy that the man adopted the pooch. The thankful owner had a puppy at the end of the day. What should we learn from this story?

9. Watch Out!


This experience shows how important is to watch out for any incoming animals on your road trip. It’s not always possible to stop and see if you can assist the injured animal, as long as it’s safe to pull over. Nonetheless, this puppy had a happy ending, just like the coyote on the next road trip adventure at #6.

8. Getting in Trouble


There are similar accidents all over the world. Some of the animals survive, while others don’t stand a chance. Millions of dog get hit by cars every year, and most of them suffer severe injuries or just die… Only a few dogs get as lucky as this pup…

7. Adopting the Pup


The man might have redeemed himself by adopting the pup, but he will surely be more careful in the future and probably get his furry friend to sit inside the car instead of hitching a ride in the front bumper!

As for wild animals, why do they want to cross the streets?

6. Roadkills


There are several reasons why wild animals want to cross the roads. They look for food, new territory, new mates, but unfortunately, things don’t go as planned when they encounter cars. Here’s a wild animal that got lucky this time…

5. Hitching a Very Long Ride


Can you believe that a coyote hitched a ride for 600 miles and got away with it? Well… he did need some help to do that, but it’s surely something a brother and a sister will never forget. Daniel and Tevyn East were in for a long trip and had no idea that they’d have company!

4. A Dark Road


Night came, and Daniel and Tevyn suddenly heard a noise as if the hit a coyote. The brother said they “thought the story was over.” Little did they know that it was only the beginning! The two even stopped for fuel twice and drove for 600 miles. Eight hours later, they saw fur on the bumper…

3. It Moved!


Looking at the fur, Tevyn said that the “assumption was it was part of the coyote – didn’t register it was the whole animal.” And then the woman didn’t just see that the entire coyote was behind the bumper, but it was also alive! Here’s what she said…

Tevyn realized that the coyote was not only whole but was also alive! She said that ‘It flinched. It was a huge surprise – he freaked out!’

2. Calling Animal Control


“It flinched. It was a huge surprise – he freaked out!” said Tevyn. The two called animal control to help them take out the coyote, who they named “Tricky.” The good news was that not only the coyote was alive, but he got away with just some scrapes on a paw! Here he is in the next photo.

1. Watch Out For Animals!


Hitting an animal while you drive is heartbreaking. These animals deserve to be alive, and if we were more careful, we could avoid the accidents. Fortunately, these two animals got their happy ending story.