Parents with special needs children have to learn how to go through tough times with a smile on their face. Rich Houck and his wife Jen have four boys that bring joy into their lives. One of the boys is called Jacob and he has special needs. However, Rich doesn’t let this get in the way of having fun as you will soon find out. This dad is quite the prankster!

20. Prankster Dad Prodin

This picture of Rich and his son Jacob went viral. The dad got inside the store and started acting like a mannequin. This made Jacob and everyone around laugh their asses off!

19. Sunday Afternoon Prodin

This all started on a regular Sunday afternoon when Rich and Jen wanted to take their beloved son to the mall. Even though Jacob might have special needs, Rich and Jane treat him like all of their other children.

18. Where Is Dad? Prodin

Jacob notices that his dad is gone and he asks his mother where he is. Jen has no idea and she simply shrugs her shoulders. Check out the next picture to see where Rich ran.

17. Nicole Prodin Prodin

The woman who shared this story on social media is Nicole Prodin and she said that Rich approached her with a rather unusual proposition that made her laugh.

16. Surprise! Prodin

Nicole Prodin says that Rich came to her store and asked her for permission to get inside the glass showroom. He wanted to act like a mannequin so that he could make his special needs son laugh.

15. Familiar Face Prodin

Nicole obviously accepted the proposition and she let Rich get behind the glass. It didn’t take long for Jacob to realize that the mannequin in the store looks just like his dad.

14. It’s Dad! Prodin

The boy gets closer to the glass and Rich bends down and yells “Surprise!”. Rich accomplished his mission because his son was laughing. The next picture is even more hilarious.

13. Fun Times Prodin

Jacob was so amused by his father’s prank that he started jumping. However, Rich was not finished with his prank because what he did next amazed everyone!

12. Posing Prodin

Rich started posing just like models do. Everyone who passed by the store was laughing hysterically, including Rich’s wife Jen.

11. Embarrassed Son Prodin

Just like all normal teenagers, Jacob was feeling embarrassed by his dad. Jacob raised his hands in the air and asked his father “What are you doing?”.

10. Back To Mom Prodin

Jacob had enough and he went back to his mother. Jen was laughing and recording everything because she couldn’t believe what her husband was doing.

9. Get Dad! Prodin

Jen looks at Jacob and she tells him to go and get dad. The boy listens to his mother and heads back to the store glass once again and what does he find? It’s his father in another modeling position.

8. Behind The Glass Prodin

Rich tells Jacob to come behind the glass so that he can pose for the public too. Without any hesitation, Jacob rushes to his loving father.

7. Taking Pictures Prodin

The two were posing together and Jen was taking pictures. Rich sure knows how to make a boring afternoon fun, don’t you think so?

6. Special Moment Prodin

This is a special moment that shows us how much it matters to have a positive mental attitude. Despite having to deal with health problems, Rich still manages to make Jacob happy.

5. Awesome Father Prodin

Rich is an awesome father and there’s no doubt about that. We should all take an example from him and try to make the best out of tough situations.

4. True Love Prodin

If there’s something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that Rich loves his son Jacob very much and that he is willing to do everything in order to make his life a little better.

3. Getting In Trouble Prodin

Let’s hope that Nicole didn’t get in any trouble for letting Rich and Jacob behind the glass. Even if she does, it was all worth it!

2. The Mall

Did you ever think that someone can have so much fun at the mall? Rich is real a prankster!

1. Great Moments Prodin

The unconditional love parents have for their children is something powerful and what Rich did in order to make his special needs son laugh is the perfect example of that.