For most dogs, a forever home is something they dream about their whole lives. They are the ones who live on the streets and feed on whatever they find that day, struggle to find shelter and comfort. But things get even more difficult when the dogs live with a disability, like being deaf or blind. Staying alive becomes a challenge almost impossible to achieve. One particular dog, Stevie, faces these harsh conditions right now and counts on people’s kindness in order to live a happy life.

20. Young Pup

Meet Stevie, a beautiful two-year-old dog who lived a tough life until he was luckily found. His life was marked by traumatizing events, an unfair fate for such a sweet soul. You might expect him to be aggressive or anti-social, but Stevie is so different.

19. Tough Life

The two-year-old hound mix is blind and deaf. On top of that, he also had heartworm and suffers from anxiety. Poor thing has been through a lot. But what is the story that led him to become known?

18. Found And Taken

Stevie was living the stray life near the Texas-Mexico border when he was picked up by animal control officers. Unfortunately for the hound mix, they didn’t realize he was blind and placed him in a very crowded kennel.

17. Attacked

The stray dogs didn’t give Stevie a warm welcome, not at all. The poor thing was attacked in the crowded kennel, with no possibility of defending himself because of his disabilities. After the attack, he was left with a wounded leg.

16. Salvation

Life finally looked better for Stevie when an Austin-based rescue shelter found him and removed him from the kennel. The main goal was now to find him a foster home or, even better, a forever home. So, they started filming him and making his story known!

15. Nicole And Simone – The Wonder Ladies

Nicole and Simone are the heroines in Stevie’s story. The first time Nicole saw the video with him she was left broken hearted. The clip showed Stevie spinning around in circles and bumping into walls. Nicole works for Redemption Paws in Canada, founded by Simone. Despite the great distance, the two ladies had to help the young pup.

14. Meeting Stevie

Nicole and Simone managed to move Stevie to their shelter in Canada, hoping they could offer him a home. When Nicole met Stevie, she was absolutely surprised by his gentle and sweet personality.

13. A Great Personality

Meeting the sweet pup only confirmed Nicole’s feelings about the stray dog. After everything Stevie went through, he was still a very calm and gentle dog. He trusts humans even though most of them failed him.

12. Vet Check

But Nicole could tell Stevie was having health problems just by looking at him. So, she took him for a quick check. Stevie was in great pain caused by a terrible eye infection. The only solution was to remove his eyes since the infection was so advanced.

11. After Surgery

Fortunately, Stevie adapted very quickly to the new life. “He likes being around other people and dogs. We communicate via touch and he’s great on a leash”, Simone said. After the traumatizing experience, all he needed was a family to care for him.

10. The Next Step

But not many people are willing to adopt a stray dog, let alone one who has such disabilities. Most of the potential adopters consider hm a” novelty” or “something to pity”. The truth is, Stevie is just as lovable as the other dogs.

9. His Needs

“Stevie needs empathy and structure. Feeling sorry for him and not giving him boundaries not only makes it difficult for adopters, but it makes it difficult for Stevie to adjust to new surroundings”, Simone added. Stevie needs someone to understand him and treat him with patience and love.

8. Changing Homes

The Redemption Paws shelter has a successful past when it comes to finding adopters for blind and deaf dogs. However, Stevie’s energy mixed with his anxiety made a few adopters change their minds. Even though they had good intentions, they didn’t have the time or patience for Stevie’s original personality.

7. Held Back By The Past

This story kept repeating for months. “In the past, some people have talked a good talk, but won’t even keep him for 24 hours because he barks when he’s anxious. People seem to find him too much”, Simone said. The two-year-old pup was too much to handle for his foster families.

6. Staying Strong

However, Stevie was still on very good hands. He is seeing a vet regularly and works with a trainer in order to adapt to the new living conditions. Fortunately, Stevie is a quick learner and tries his best to overcome this obstacle.

5. Improvement

There is still one thing he has trouble with, his anxiety. Having anxiety and living the life he lived is totally understandable. Currently, he is battling with this issue with medication, long walks and Thundershirts.

4. A Better Life

Despite his efforts to improve himself, he still doesn’t like to be left alone. The busy streets overwhelm him and unknown sounds make him anxious. But Stevie proved to be an exceptionally strong pup and handles life like a pro.

3. A Sweet Personality

The special needs dog is not his past or his issues. Every dog we encounter has a different past and unique personalities. “Stevie is fun, silly, sweet and a little cheeky. He loves to play and be goofy… His favorite thing is to snuggle up on a soft bed or couch and cuddle with his foster parents”, Simone added.

2. What Adopters Need To Know

Stevie is not a victim of his circumstances or his sad past, he has so much more to offer. “Adopters like his story, but I think the reality of having a deaf and blind dog with a lot of energy and anxiety doesn’t really sink in, no matter how hard we prepare people. We don’t want Stevie to spend his life locked in a crate being ignored”, Simone explained.

1.Living A Normal Life

After everything that happened to him, Stevie learned to live a normal dog life and he is actually happy! He still needs a forever home and hopes with adopters are patient and loving enough. The Redemption Paws shelter still waits for the perfect adopters to come and take Stevie home.