There’s a strong bond between twins and no one can deny that. The unconditional love between twins is something amazing and it can be seen right from the first moment that they are born. In fact, your heart will melt after you see how a pair of baby twins calm each other down moments after being born. Make sure to stick around for #15 because you will be amazed by how cute these baby twins are.

20. Powerful Bond

As we previously mentioned, there is a powerful bond between twins and nothing can break it. Twins love each other so much that they are willing to put their own lives on the line in order to help the other.

19. Dane And Lysa

When Dane and Lysa Lynman got pregnant with twins they had no idea what was expecting them. They already had two daughters, but they were not prepared for twins.

18. Something AmazingĀ

Today we are going to show you something that is downright amazing. The way these twins react to seeing each other after being born will bring tears to your eyes!

17. Twin Babies

Dane and Lysa already had two daughters and they were expecting a pair of twins. They knew that their lives were going to change, but they had no idea just how much they will fall in love with the twins.

16. The Big Moment

Dane got the brilliant idea to film the birth of his two sons. He wanted the entire world to see his beautiful babies, but he wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen when he turned on the camera.

15. They Are Crying

These are the adorable twins that Lysa gave birth to. They started crying as soon as they were given birth. However, this is a good sign because it shows that their lungs are working and that they are healthy.

14. Wouldn’t Stop Crying

Dane started getting a little bit worried when he noticed that his babies wouldn’t stop crying. Something was wrong and the nurse tried to calm them down, but this didn’t work.

13. Bringing Them Closer

After the nurse noticed that she couldn’t get the twins to stop crying, she decided to something rather interesting…she brought them close to each other. Do you think this worked?

12. Everything Goes Quiet

Dane was brought to tears after he saw that his twins stopped crying when they were placed close to each other. Can you believe this?

11. The Power Of Love

Everyone was amazed to see just how strong the power of love is. Even though the twins have been in this world for less than a couple of seconds, the bond between them was already unbreakable.

10. Cute Baby Boy

Dane and Lysa took the twins home and they couldn’t be happier. Their baby twins were adorable and seeing them brought Dane and Lysa to tears.

9. Happy Family

As you can see in the picture featured above, the twins got a warm welcome from their older sisters Corrine and Amelia. Isn’t this amazing?

8. Photoshoot

Just like any mother would do, Lysa made sure to get a photoshoot of her beautiful twins as soon as they got home. She wanted to capture this moment because it was one of the best things that ever happened to her and Dane.

7. Big Family

Can you imagine how fun this big family is going to have? These kids will never have to worry about finding someone to play with because there’s four of them!

6. Sunny Days

Dane and Lysa made sure to take out their adorable kids to park during sunny days. They love spending time with their children and their life couldn’t be any better.

5. Adorable Smile

Isn’t this baby smile just the most adorable thing that you have ever seen? You really need to check out what’s coming next.

4. Big Smiles

Dane and Lysa have never been happier! The twins fill their life with joy and they couldn’t ask for anything else.

3. Hard Work

If there’s something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that Dane and Lysa are always going to be tired. Taking care of four kids is hard work, but it’s also rewarding.

2. Having Fun

Dane says that even though taking care of four babies can prove to be quite challenging, he always makes sure to have fun with his children. He wants to be a good dad for them and he is doing a great job at that.

1. True Love

What did you think of the way the twin babies calmed each other? If that isn’t true love, then we don’t know what is…