You will start missing your kids if they are gone for a weekend, but what would you if you they are gone for 44 years? Sadly, this is exactly what a woman from Thailand named Lani had to experience. She lost all contact with her daughters when they were two and three years old and she hasn’t seen them ever since. Luckily, the woman found a Facebook picture of the girls and recognized them even though they are grown women now. The reunion is going to blow you away!

20. Missing Kids 9

These little girls are Jeannie and Starla. Sadly they have been separated from their mother at a young age and they haven’t seen her since. Fortunately, they will finally get the reunion that they have always dreamed about. Let’s see how this all started.

19. US Officer

This story starts when Lani, meets a US Office and gets married to him. The newlyweds had two children and they named them Jeannie and Starla.

18. Back To Thailand

Unfortunately, Lani never got used to living America and she wanted to move back to Thailand. This is when her husband filed for divorce. What happens next will shock you!

17. The Divorce

Lani never got to learn English and she didn’t understand the terms of the divorce. She just signed the papers and found out later that she can’t take the kids away with her. This broke her heart…

16. Time Flies 9

44 years have passed since Lani left the US and hadn’t seen her daughters. Jeannie and Starla are all grown up now and Lani was afraid that they forgot about her.

15. Good Intentions 9

The girls never forgot their mother and, in fact, they have been searching for her. They also know that their father had good intentions by keeping them in the US because he wanted to provide them with a good life filled with opportunities.

14. Two Sides To The Story

The girls also say that even though they give their father justice, they know that there are always two sides to the story. Their mother might have a different opinion about what actually happened.

13. Facebook Pictures 9

Lani remarried in Thailand and she asked her husband who knew English to help her find her daughters. The man kept looking through Facebook pictures until he saw the one above. Could it be Jeannie?

12. Here’s Starla 9

It didn’t take long for Lani’s second husband to realize that he is looking at pictures of Jeannie and Starla. The man showed the Facebook account to Lani and the woman was brought to tears.

11. Getting In Touch 9

Lani got in touch with her daughters who are now all grown up and they planned to meet each other. Without giving it any second thought, Lani booked a flight to the US.

10. Coming Back

Lani was coming back to the US to see her long-lost daughters and she couldn’t be happier about it. Check out the next picture to see what the daughters have to say about this.

9. Exciting Moment 9

Lani’s daughter said that they couldn’t believe that their mother was coming to see them. This is what they’ve always wanted ever since they were little kids!

8. Old Pictures 9

Lani’s daughters also said that the picture featured above is the only picture they had of her. They were afraid that they might not recognize their mother in the airport and this was breaking their hearts.

7. Family Reunion 9

Jeannie and Starla have always wanted to meet their mother. Their dream was coming true and they couldn’t believe it. Waiting in the airport for Lani to arrive was so emotional that the women broke down in tears.

6. Strong Emotions 9

Jeannie and Starla’s hands were shaking from emotions. Although, who can blame them? They have been waiting 44 years for this moment to happen.

5. Tears Of Joy 9

One of Lani’s daughters started crying while the other was wiping her tears away. These are tears of joy. Make sure to check out the next picture to see how Jeannie and Starla react to seeing their mother for the first time.

4. It’s Her! 9

Jeannie and Starla were able to recognize her mother instantly! They had no doubts that the woman who was running towards them was their mother and what happened next will bring a smile on your face.

3. Big Hug 9

Lani ran towards her long-lost daughters and grabbed them tight in her arms. She isn’t going to let go anytime soon. She needs to make up for the 44 years they spent separated.

2. Dreams Come True 9

If there’s something that we can learn from this story, then it must be the fact that dreams do come true. Jeannie and Starla got to experience the family reunion that they always dreamed about.

1. Happy Mother 9

This should come as no surprise, but Lani was brought to tears after she saw her beautiful daughters. She was the happiest mother in the world on that day.