Today we have a heartbreaking story to show you about a man who lost his wife at a young age. To make things even worse, the couple seven kids together and husband had to figure out a way to take care of them after their mother passed away. Providing for seven kids is a challenge and luckily, the husband received a little help from an anonymous donor.

20. Widower Alameel Nelson

The man in this picture is Dakota Nelson and he became a widower earlier this year. Sadly, his wife passed away and he needed to figure out a way to take care of his seven children.

19. Dakota and Ream Alameel Nelson

Dakota and Dream have been together for more than 17 years and unfortunately, the woman suffered from a heart attack. The woman fell to the ground and the only ones around her were her children.

18. Tragic Story Alameel Nelson

Dakota heard his three-year-old kid screaming and he rushed to the garage where his wife fell. The man was shocked. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing! The love of his life was lying motionless on the floor.

17. Shocking Experience

Dakota was in disbelief. His wife was lying down on the ground and he didn’t know what to do. Check out the next picture to see what Dakota has to say about finding his wife like that.

16. Dakota Speaks Out

“It is hard to accurately describe in words what it is like to have found my beautiful wife, whom I have fallen in love with and grown closer to in our 17 years of marriage on the floor, eyes open and unresponsive with our three-year-old standing over her,” said Dakota.

15. Ambulance Is Coming

Dakota called 911 as fast as he could and the ambulance arrived in a couple of minutes. The medics performed CPR and they were able to bring Ream back, but it was too late.

14. Brain Damage

Sadly, the heart attack and the fall caused Ream to get brain damage. She was in a coma and it didn’t look like she was going to make a full recovery.

13. Ream Passes Away

After spending a couple of months in the hospital, Ream passed away on September 23 this year. This didn’t just break Dakota’s heart, but also everyone who Ream was sad.

12. The Community

The community came together to help Dakota. They knew that the man couldn’t take care of seven children all on his own and they wanted to raise some money for his family.

11. Helping Out

The community set up a Go Fund Me page where everyone can donate and help out. Even though money is not going to bring Ream back to her children, every penny still counts.

10. The Kids Are Sad

As you would expect, the kids were sad. They didn’t understand why their mother was gone and nothing could bring a smile to their face. This was breaking Dakota’s heart even more.

9. Secret Santa Idaho News

Christmas was coming around and an anonymous donor who works with the East Idaho News station decided to lend a helping hand to Dakota and his children. You will never believe how much money the secret Santa donates.

8. Moving Story Idaho News

The secret Santa likes to keep his identity anonymous. However, what we do know about him is that he donates lots of money to people who are going through difficult times, just like Dakota.

7. Christmas Idaho News

Christmas is just around the corner and the secret Santa wanted to make sure that Dakota and his kids have a smile on their faces. Check out the next picture to see how Dakota reacts to the camera crew.

6. Clueless Idaho News

Dakota was clueless. He didn’t know what was going on, but he told his story anyways. The reporter was moved to tears and told Dakota that he has a big present for him.

5. The Present Idaho News

The reporter handed Dakota’s kids a small box and told them to look inside. You won’t believe what the kids find!

4. Groceries Money Idaho News

The box contains cards that are worth more than $2,000 in groceries shopping cards that can be used at Walmart and other shops. Isn’t this amazing?

3. Big Check Idaho News

The reporter also handed Dakota a check. Dakota didn’t know what to think of this. However, he started crying when he saw the sum that the secret Santa donated to him.

2. Moved To Tears Idaho News

The check and the groceries cards amount to a total of $10,000. Dakota couldn’t hold his tears in anymore and he thanked the anonymous donor for his help.

1. Happy Christmas Idaho News

Even though money is not going to make the kids stop missing their mother, they do help Dakota offer the kids a happy Christmas filled with gifts and presents.