In these days it’s almost impossible not to come across an online scammer because they are pretty much everywhere. Nowadays, almost everything is happening on the Internet, in the virtual world, including our transactions. Some people fall into these kinds of traps made by scammers, some catch on quickly. But what happens when a scammer meets their match? Let’s find out!

20. The Troll

Tom Sheerin is the main character of this hilarious story. This guy is a nursing assistant at the Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust in Liverpool in England. One day he received a weird message on Facebook from someone called Michael Austin.

19. Austin, The Scammer

Michael Austin introduces himself as a Facebook representative who had to deliver “important information” regarding Sheerin’s account. In order to make the matter more credible, Austin said that the CEO of Facebook gave him this vital task.

18. The Fun Begins

Tom Sheerin realized quickly that the story was far-fetched and decided to troll his scammer a little bit. “Decided to have a little fun with someone trying to scam me on Facebook, kept him busy for about two hours”, Sheerin said on his Facebook post.

17. Big Prize

Austin thought that he found the perfect victim for his scam and immediately announced Tom he had been randomly selected to win $1.2 million. But wait, there’s more! To make sure the deal will be sealed quickly, the scammer also added a new Jeep as a prize. You just can’t say no to that.

16. Rules

What did Tom have to do in order to earn his well-deserved prize? Just to follow some simple “rules and regulations”. The scammer even went to such lengths that he sent Sheerin a picture of the money he was about to receive.

15. Not A Scam

The Scammer had to earn this victim’s full trust, so he couldn’t stop delivering convincing evidence. After sending the picture with the money, he assured Sheerin that the whole thing wasn’t a scam. He even had a letter from the CEO himself!

14. Get The Money

Well, okay. After reading his comments and seeing these hilarious pictures, Sheerin had to do something about it. And what is the most common thing to do in this kind of situation? Troll, of course! So, he started asking about the whole delivery process.

13. More Trolling

The scammer seemed like he didn’t pay enough attention to detail, so Sheerin had to ask for more clarifications. If the scammer wouldn’t have been so focused on his honorable goal, he would have probably realized he was being trolled.

12. Mixed Feelings

Asking the address for the prostitutes as well looks like a clear sign of unprofessionalism from Austin. Or even worse, maybe a conflict of interest would arise? Who is the winner after all, Austin? Make up your mind.

11. Back To Business

And now we’re back to the professional side of our scammer, making sure Sheerin is old enough to receive such a big prize. You can easily tell by the way he is talking that he thinks easy money is on his way.

10. Delivery?

The scammer thoroughly explained the delivery procedure to Sheerin. It all looked like he didn’t want his victim to contact FedEx personally. Our honorable Austin would have taken care of everything and Sheerin didn’t have to move one finger.

9. No FedEx, Please!

By the looks of it, Austin started panicking for a little bit. It looked like he was starting to lose control over the whole situation. So, he started to do what he does best, which is confuse Sheerin with his knowledge.

8. No More Winnings?

Sheerin really tries to convince his scammer that he really wants to earn this money. I mean, he is even willing to pay the delivery fee with his Tesco Clubcard! This is a really great sacrifice, but our Internet troll had to do it.

7. Many Grandmothers

And now Mr. Austin comes with the great price of £500 for the delivery fee. Of course, Sheerin accepts the offer. What is £500 compared to $1.2 million and a brand-new Jeep? But here’s the trick, he only had the money in fives because it’s his birthday money from all his grandmothers.

6. Acting

It was time to act now. After Sheerin accepted to pay £500, Austin sent him to the nearest Western Union. But before all that, Sheerin had to have some company on the way. So, he mentioned his buddy, Biff.

5. No Biff, Tom!

Now you made Mr. Austin angry, Tom. Don’t you want to win the prize? Well, in order to do that you have to keep everything a secret. Nobody has to know about you amazing, almost unbelievable luck.

4. Terminated Winnings

Instructions were unclear and Sheerin had to receive another threat from Mr. Scammer. By now, you would think that Austin realized that he is being 100% trolled, but no chance for that. He kept going.

3. The Currency

After Sheerin said he was ready to pay, Austin was generous enough to give him a second chance. But there was one problem, Sheerin didn’t have the sum in the right currency and he was kind of low on cash.

2. Call A Friend

The scammer refused this offer and had the nerve to suggest borrowing money from a friend. No harm in that, right? Except Sheering was already in debt and asked Austin to make the call for money.

1.The End

After two-three hours of discussing and debating, Mr. Scammer finally realized he was being trolled. Thanks to Sheerin, the Internet is now a safer place, with fewer scammers on the hunt for gullible victims.