What would you do if you went to your local ATM to get $50 and instead the ATM gave you a bunch of $100 bills? Well, this is exactly what happened in Texas when a group of teenagers wanted to get some money for groceries and ended up getting thousands of dollars instead.

20. Getting Rich


19. Free Money


Unfortunately, no one is ever going to hand you a small fortune for no reason. On the other hand, a group of teenagers got lucky and stumbled upon a malfunctioning ATM during a Friday night.

18. Friday Night


It was Friday night and a bunch of teenagers were getting ready to go out in town. They needed money to pay their bill at the restaurant and they headed to the local ATM. You will never believe what happens next.

17. Malfunctioning ATM


For some unknown reason, the ATM would only hand out $100 bills instead of $10. The teenagers got scared at first because they thought the ATM is going to withdraw all the money in their account, but this wasn’t the case.

16. Account Balance


The teenagers figured out that if they ask for $50 at the ATM, the machine will give them ten $100 bills. There was something wrong with the machine and as you would expect, the teenagers filled their pockets and left.

15. Fun Night


If there’s something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that those teenagers had a fun night. They had more than enough money to spend on all the food that they could eat.

14. Awesome Surprise


The teenagers were still in shock by what just happened to them and they posted the story over social media. No one could believe them and some of their close friends decided to go and visit the ATM themselves.

13. Close Friends


The social media post went viral and a bunch of other teenagers went to the ATM. To their surprise, the ATM did, in fact, release only $100 bills. This was amazing and everyone withdrew as much cash as their accounts allowed.

12. Free Money


Even though some might say that the teenagers should’ve contacted the Bank of America and told someone about the malfunctioning ATM, you can’t really blame them for taking all the free money.

11. Line Of Cars


It didn’t take long for the news to spread out and a long line was standing in front of the ATM. Isn’t this crazy?

10. A Piece Of The Cake


Can you really blame these people for also wanting a piece of the cake? Who would ever say no to a bunch of free money that no one is going to miss. Talking about that, you will be shocked to find out what the Bank of America has to say about this.

9. Bank Of America


Someone contacted the Bank of America and told them about this issue. The bank sent an engineer to check and see what is causing the ATM to malfunction and what he saw inside made his jaw drop!

8. A Human Mistake


The reason why the ATM was giving out free $100 bills is because the person who worked at the store filled the ATM with $100 bills. The great thing about this is that the Bank of America announced that everyone who managed to withdraw money can keep them.

7. Viral Story


As we previously mentioned, the story of the ATM went viral. Everyone on Twitter started making fun of this mistake and some even said that it reminds them of the Monopoly card.

6. Making The News


The story even made the news! The Bank of America said that they fixed the problem and that it was all caused by an “incident”.

5. The Right Thing


We have to give praise to the bank for making the right decision and letting everyone keep their money. After all, it was the bank who made the mistake in the first place.

4. A Great Party


Considering how many teenagers and college students went to the malfunctioning ATM, we think that it’s safe to say that Texas was filled with great parties that night.

3. Free Groceries


Some people threw parties, while others got enough money to buy the groceries that they needed for the entire month.

2. Lucky


Let’s hope that we can get this lucky and have our own local ATM malfunction and give everyone around free $100 bills. Wouldn’t this be great?

1. Bank of America


Even though the Bank of America has lost thousands of dollars, the executives made the right call by not trying to get the money back. The people who withdrew the money just did what everyone else would’ve done.