Concrete Takeover

“I had a tenant pour concrete down the drains. There was no repair possible. It was literally more cost-effective to demolish, salvage what we could and rebuild. It even got into the septic system and we had to settle with the city for damaging their infrastructure. Biggest nightmare ever. We sued the former tenants, but when you’re suing a scumbag, best case scenario, you might get a 1990 Toyota Tercel.

Tenants are pretty decent as a whole, but if you have to evict, it’s worth it to just offer them a couple hundred dollars cash to move out while you’re there and can watch the whole process.”

Family Nightmare

“Not me but my dads tenant. To make the situation worst she was his niece, who he helped out so much over the years. She was even driving one of his cars. To start out he said no pets knowing she wasn’t the most responsible. So she gets a cat and goes on to ignore it not cleaning after it basically just feeding and letting it piss and crap all over the house. He was paying for utilities and she was still to lazy to take the trash out just letting it pile up in the house and garage. I could rant on and on, but to cut it short she quit paying rent when he demanded she clean up get rid of the cat. Ended up costing him a few thousand dollars to replace the carpet and have the house deep cleaned because it was so dirty.”

Flooding Disaster

“Dude came in with his family. The decided to overload the dishwasher until it broke. Then, we had a guy come into check it and he deduced that he needs to replace a part that they broke. It was only online so he told them to wait and not use the dishwasher. He gets a call later that night and the kitchen is flooded (they were hardwood floors) and he asks the wife why she used the dishwasher, to which she replied ‘how am I supposed to wash the dishes? With a hose?’ There was a deep sink two feet away from the dishwasher.”

Quick Exit

“My parent’s place, maybe 12 years ago: They rented out the house to what seemed like a nice family. Both parents, kids, stable job. They paid their rent on time and never caused any issues. After a year or so, my mom wanted to drop by to see how things were going. You need to give notice before an inspection, and we couldn’t get them on the phone, so we left a note on the door.

The next day, the guy shows up at our house and hands me a cheque for next month’s rent. He told me they were leaving, so long, good bye. Apparently they bought a new house in a much nicer neighborhood. My parents thought this was a little odd, so they went to see the rented house, thinking that there’s a lot of damage.

The place was empty and clean. The only sign that anything was wrong was that there were some weird 7″ wide circular burns on the carpet downstairs, some steel tubing left against the wall, and a teeny little weed sapling, forgotten in the corner.”

Worse Case Imaginable

“My brother rented out one of his three houses. It was a three story house with a small single unattached garage. Well, we heard through the grape vine that the police kicked in their door to arrest them over the weekend, but they weren’t home. After contacting the sheriff’s department, he learned that said tenants had skipped the state fleeing prosecution. My brother served eviction notice to the residence and posted it on the door for thirty days.

He gets a call one week later from the tenants. They were asking him to put their stuff in storage. He went over to the house to check it out, discovered they’d gutted the house. They called back and said they’d send him a money gram to pay for the storage. He asked about the twenty thousand dollars worth the damage. They argued back and forth and the tenants said fuck it. Keep the shit. Never heard from them again. He talked to the city and they told him that he needed to wait one more month before he could set their shit out on the curb.

Me and him go over there to clean it out. When I say they gutted it. I mean they literally gutted it. They’d knocked out interior walls on each floor except the top. They’d pulled all the copper wiring out of the walls to sell I guess. They had extension cords running up the stairs from the several outlets they’d wired into the breaker box. The ceiling fans were gone. I assume they sold them. The bathroom sink was gone. There copper water lines were gone.

Their furniture was O’sullivan brand particle board furniture and was all bubbled and from spilling drinks on them. The mattress were all stained, no frames, and no sheets. They just had a blanket thrown over them. The only think we found that was halfway interesting was an old television the third floor bedroom. When I picked it up to carry it out to the dumpster, it was super light and shouldn’t have been.

I tapped the screen and discovered they’d slipped a curved piece of plastic in where the screen was supposed to be and removed the guts. After removing the back, we found their pharmacy and about a hundred dollars in singles. I pocketed the money and discarded the drugs.

They even pulled down the kitchen cabinets that’d been newly installed before renting to them and according to one of the guys across the street who came to pick through the trash we set out, they’d sold the kitchen cabinets three months after moving in. Everyone on the block was told that they’d bought the house and was slowly remodeling. My brother was so pissed, he just put the house up for sale and sold it as is because he couldn’t afford to fix all the damage they’d done.”

A Pony?

“I got a call from my tenants saying there was a water leak, I arrived to find that the tap on back of the house was pulled off the wall and leaking water everywhere, I asked the tenant what happened and she told me that it was just like that when she went outside.

I turned the water off and while fixing the pipe I heard banging and saw the garden shed shaking like it was about to fall down.I went over and had a look to find a pony “hidden” in the shed, when I asked the tenant about it she told me ‘Well when I had it tied to the house water started coming out.’

I had to take the bond of the same tenant as when I went in for final inspection I found that the lounge room floor was covered in burns from a clothes iron, when she was told that she would lose her bond her excuse was ‘because you are kicking me out, I got stressed, and when I stress I drink and I wanted to get back at you for kicking me out’
So Classy…”

The Walking Dead

“My dad was a landlord who allowed his mother (who he wasn’t very close with, had a lot of husbands and abandoned him) to rent because she had nowhere to go. She had a wonderful way for words, and she managed to convince my father to let her own 2 of the houses in the apartment. Four years later, she filed a case claiming ownership of the entire apartment.

She won the case because my dad’s father (deceased) who owned the apartment was still legally married to her. A few months later our father managed to claim the apartment back because apparently, his mother was legally dead (which was twisted, she filed her name in as officially dead so that she could receive the death pension). Since she’s dead, ownership was given back to my father.”

A Dangerous Situation

“A new tenant who had just moved in complained that her garbage disposal was making a god-awful noise. Using his arm to prop himself against the wall over the sink, the handyman turned on the disposal. The noise the tenant described was present, but the handyman also felt a strong prickling along his arm; when he looked he saw a number of small nails sticking out of his arm. Apparently a disgruntled former tenant had poured some carpet nails into the disposal. If the handyman had been looking into the disposal when he switched it on…”

This Is Why You Get Insurance

“I own a few properties in Sydney. Tenants stopped paying rent almost right away (3 months). I had the locks changed on them. Went to the property 2 weeks later to find the places an absolute mess. Poo on most of the walls. Holes in all the walls. A whole toilet missing. Hot water system had a dead cat in it. Bath tub full of cat shit. Kitchen covered in dirty plates from the 3 months. Old KFC in the fridge. The carpet was completely munted. Cigarette butts EVERYWHERE.$16,000 later my investment property is back on track. I never did manage to recover my stove or toilet from the old tenants but the insurance covered most of it.”

Animal Control

“I’ve had two tenants. Tenant 1: Moved in with 1 cat. Evicted with 24 cats. The fleas were out of control in the house when he left. Thank goodness for fumigation.

Tenant 2: Lovely lady moved in and then she found a boyfriend. He had a couple birds. Lady died about a year later, boyfriend rented out parts of my teeny house to 11 other people and began breading budgies. He bragged to the neighbors that he had 54 parakeets. He was evicted. It took me three dumpsters to clean out his garbage. My house has been empty for a year. I plan on moving back in this May.”

Worst Roommates Ever

“We rented out a room in our house for a few years to varying people. Our first two renters were great, no problems at all. We got cocky. The next one interviewed well and seemed like a good guy. When he arrived with his stuff to move in he smelt. We were a bit concerned but he stayed primarily in his room and didn’t bother us. Then he got a girlfriend who turned out to be a screamer. No one is that good at sex to justify the level of moaning this girl produced. We were very glad when he moved out. It took two bottles of Febreze to get rid of the smell too.

Second girl also seemed fine and all was well for 6 months. Then we went overseas on holiday and she turned out house into a hotel for her relations we had never met (who she also let stay in our house while she was back home visiting her parents). My parents alerted us to what was going on as they live nearby and once we contacted her via text to see what was going on she announced she would move out.

We got home to a house that stunk of smoke as they had used the fireplace incorrectly, wax everywhere from candles they had burnt, a massive stain on our bedspread (that would not come out, had to be chucked away) and an empty bottle of lube under our bed. My husband still can’t talk about it without a vein bulging out of his neck. I can laugh now.”

Crazy Lady

“She freaked, absolutely freaked, when I asked her to repair a hole in the wall and a door pulled off the hinges. Lied about the damage being pre-existing in spite of a signed condition inspection form, and threatened me with¬†real¬†damage if I even tried to evict her. Repeatedly came to my house to deliver verbal abuse at the top of her lungs.

Around that time, she stopped cleaning and taking out the garbage, but continued to pay rent — non-payment of rent is about the only easy grounds for eviction in BC. I figured that out, but she illegally refused me access to the house to inspect, and as I was trying to get the paperwork together to evict on that basis, disappeared in the middle of the night. The cleanup bill was $2000, and about another $1000 to repair the damage. Her damage deposit covered $500 of it. It is illegal to discriminate against welfare tenants in BC.”

This Guy Is On Something, And Something Strong

“When we were moving out of a previous apartment (house style apartment, separate entrances, but with a house type layout) , our landlord told us during the walk-through inspection that the tenant who lived below us had absolutely destroyed the place.

When the crew went in to inspect and clean, they found piles of feces and vomit all over the apt. Molding food everywhere. He had let off bug bombs at a point that made the apt stink. Plus he smoked cigs and pot indoors. She said after they cleaned the place, she had to give them all the week off because every single one of them got violently ill from whatever was in his apartment.

For a little side story on this guy….it was not unusual for us to come home at night and he would be smoking pot while standing on the roof of his jeep. Also…he once asked to come into our apartment (before we knew the extent of his crazy), to use our phone.

He had been driving while high on god knows what and his car broke down, he walked home, and realized he didn’t have a key inside and needed to call his dad to come help him. While standing in our living room he suddenly dropped down on all fours, panicking, trying to kill the “bugs” that were running all over our wood floors. He wasn’t welcome after that.”

Doo Doo Doomsday


“My brother had a family as a tenant in one of his houses. It was a recently renovated old Victorian. Great area right on a river. Massive yard. The perfect place to raise a family. The family seemed super cool. And my brother is such a good fellow he really likes to help people out. And this family seemed like interesting and trustworthy people. He even gave them a bit of a deal on rent.

The mother takes in kids from abused homes. I guess she would foster troubled youths. Got a bit of something something from the government for her troubles. But she was passionate about helping these kids. Most in their early to mid teens. I remember there was a trans girl and a couple hard done street kids mixed in with her own kids, one which was a new born. Despite a few of them being from broken homes they were friendly. All in all there were maybe a total of 6 or 7 in the household. Helped with yard upkeep and loved their newly adopted family.

They lived there for over a year. And my brother would regularly give them things. He got a new bbq one year and just gave them his older one which was only a year old. Would sometimes get music or movie tickets through work and he’d give them to his tenants. Just being a helpful guy and checking in on his tenants every handful of months.

My brother comes on hard times and due to whatever problems he found himself in he was forced to sell one of his two properties. He gave them the legally required three months notice plus an extra month just because he felt so bad and even went out of his way to share the names of some other landlords he trusted.

The family says they understand. No harm no foul. Then after moving out my brother goes into the property to find the upstairs bathroom flooded and seeping to the lower floor. Trash is scattered everywhere. Holes in the wall. Graffiti scribbled across the walls in giant sharpies saying ‘screw you whiteboy’ and things of that nature. Kitchen cabinets were pulled from the wall and smashed. It was like a bomb went off. Complete and utter destruction of his recently renovated property. But the worst was yet to come.

For the past few months that this family lived there, the mother of this group of destruction decided to throw her newborns excrement filled diapers in the basement. Shit filled diaper bombs were piled high and spread and smeared at the bottom of the stairway and along the walls. No courtesy bag. No tight burrito spirals. Just loosey goosey butt to stairwell poopie diapers. It was like a doo doo doomsday down there.

All in all, I think it all costed him around 70g and another four months to get the property ready for sale. He had take loans from parents and grandma and generally just hated himself for a while. He spoke to a lawyer from what I recall but was told for some reason insurance or landlord law related that he’d spend another arm and a leg going after someone who doesn’t have much money to begin with. Needless to say she didn’t get her damage deposit back.”

Who Are You?

“Tenant had all but $25 of her rent paid for by government assistance every month. Chasing that $25 was a nightmare. The day her eviction notice came due. I drove up to the house and on the front porch stood a girl, maybe 13? I asked the next door neighbor who she was and they said she sometimes stayed there. The power was off, the water was off. But this kid apparently stayed there? A dog was inside the house. The tenants were long gone.

The house was crawling with roaches, (Have you ever opened a cabinet and you the roaches are living inside the hinges of the cabinet? There was dog feces everywhere. They left mountains of clothes, mattresses, you name it.. We stopped by this place on a routine basis and so did the City who funded them. They passed inspections. As we were cleaning out their mess, 2 large gentleman showed up and asked why we were moving their things out. They lived there. I said, well I own the house, who are you guys? Oh we rent rooms here. OH I SEE!

They stole and sold all the appliances, busted holes in the walls. Ruined everything in the house, every inch of carpet was soaked with piss and shit, cracked floor tiles busted toilets, broken vanities. $7000 of repairs. We went to file a vandalism insurance claim.

They said it was “normal wear and tear” Yet someone shoots a firework through one of my rental house windows, I tell the window company that a firework did it and I expected to pay for it and they honored the 100% satisfaction guarantee. You may ask why we would do all of this still.. $7000 in write offs, lack or rent etc. Just made for a lot of tax write offs and we still were in the black for the year.”

Oh It’s MY Fault?

“Tenants lived upstairs for 3 months, didn’t pay the third month’s rent, called in (as me) to cut off my utilities, reported me to Children’s Division for child abuse… moved out leaving 18 bags of garbage & reported me to the fire department for the garbage hazard.”

A Facade

“Rented to a tenant that seemed to have his stuff together. Well dressed, articulate, owned his own business, and great credit. That facade didn’t last too long. 2 months in, multiple noise complaints and police had to show up for various domestic assaults. We evicted him, and he left quietly, but not before he decided to spray bodily fluids on all of the walls.”

At Least Theirs A Happy Ending…

“Not a landlord but the tenants before us paid 2 weeks rent in the 9 months they were there. They’d smashed 4 windows, put holes in several walls, and only had 1 light bulb working in the whole house (they had a 4 year old child too). There was dog urine and rat droppings in every room, and not just a little, literal heaps.

We helped the landlord clean up (we know him and we got reduced rent) and found a syringe also. We started out quite angry while cleaning up all their mess, but it ended up being quite a sad thing to witness. The poor child.The landlord never gave his previous tenants access to a large shed on the property because it had a lot of valuable things inside.

A week before the tenants were evicted they went to rehab and their dogs went to a family member. Their ‘friends’ found out about this and decided to rob the house and break in to the shed, stealing a good portion of the valuable contents such as engines, a go kart, ride on lawnmowers. The police were called and have since caught the people who did it. We’ve got the house looking really good now, my family and I have turned it in to a loving home.”

Growing Operation

“We are not talking about growing weed out of one or two planters, where you water it every once in a while like house plants. The people who rent houses for this kind of stuff are growing for commercial purposes. To get the best weed it require a humid and hot environment. So they will be punching holes everywhere for vents and stuff, bypassing electric meters and tapping into the grid directly, and keeping the humidity level constant.

Your electrical system will get messed up, there will be holes, the house will stay perpetually warm and humid. Mold will grow and the whole operation will cause unbelievable amount of damage. Modern homes are not designed to be indoor farms. Fixing it requires a lot of money, and even then the stigma will remain with the house.”

No More Mr. Nice Guy

“My father was a landlord. He rented to mainly lower income and hard luck people. He went to collect rent that was way overdue one night and the tenants were really drunk and beat him up, hit him in the head with a 2 by 4 with a nail in it. He lost his eye.”

An Easy Way To Ruin Everything

“My last landlord told me about a tenant that painted his motorcycle with a rattle can, in the apartment. Tiny little black dots of paint over every last surface in the apartment. The carpet was the worst part.”

The Cartel

“Let’s see… I’ve had part of the Mexican drug cartel living in a unit. The feds showed up one day and busted down the door. Apparently they had been watching these guys for months. I had a squatter lock himself in a unit and do all sorts of drugs. Had to have the cops come and forcibly remove him. (I could hear the crack of their night stick hitting him from the parking lot.)

I had a white supremacist threaten to stab me me because I was walking around at noon. (I lived above him.) We kicked him out and he moved in with his mom who lived in another unit. They sold pills from the apartment and pulled a gun on another tenant for knocking on their door. There are probably more but that’s enough for now.”

Dumpster Lady

“I had a woman move out. I gave her an extra 2 days to get her shit out. After doing the move out inspection I charged her around for various things. One of those was ‘rubbish removal $50’ she completely filled a community dumpster and had tons of trash laying outside the dumpster. She flips shit and I tell her if she takes the 3 giant couches out of the dumpster and disposes of them somewhere that isn’t my problem i’ll take the fee off. She writes a 4 page statement about how I told her I’m going to remove the fee if she handles her shit.

Page one 1 normal writing page 2 normal writing, page 3 takes about the cost in huge jumbo crayon script page 4 normal writing then she asks me to sign it. Well this isn’t suspicious is it?! I number the pages and write my own short statement on the last page that yeah if she disposes of her own furniture I won’t charge her $50. She sees me number the pages and loses her mind. Apparently her master plan was foiled… It is also illegal to discriminate against welfare tenants in WI and it creates the most abusive borderline cavepeople out there.”


“I’m not a landlord, but helped my mom manage apartments for a few years. First two weeks she owned them, a tenant pissed some guys off and got stabbed nine times, then the door was knocked down by police. That was a fun mess.

Another tenant was working on quitting drinking, but gave in one day and got absolutely piss drunk. These are 100 year old houses, so the doors had leaded glass in them. She tried to kick through the glass door. It broke, came down, and sliced open her femoral artery. Almost died in the 3 minutes it took for the ambulance to get there. That was a MASSIVE puddle of blood.”


“I worked as a handyman for this property firm in my town and basically every day there were little odd tasks to take care of. Sometimes it was changing the light bulbs in apartments (they were high ceilings since the building was built in the late 1920s) to more beefy things like replacing a water heater with a tankless system.

But one thing takes the cake and I will never be able to forget. We got a call to do an inspection for this strange black blob that appeared in one of our tenant’s ceilings and my coworker cuts an inspection hole and realizes its black mold. Uh oh. Well, I had a vacation planned to go with family to Santa Cruz and when I came back, my buddy told me a hoarder upstairs had caused the problem.

She had one of those old fashioned single door fridges with a freezer compartment which had turned into a gigantic block of ice that pushed open the freezer door and then caused the fridge door not to shut properly. So this fridge is chugging trying to keep up with making ice at back while in front it’s melting hitting the warm summer air.

It dripped down onto the lino and then ran into the studio where it mingled with all manners of garbage before just soaking down. This lady had gotten in trouble once already for hoarding and the landlord just allowed her to stay in another renovated apartment. But this place we had to gut out. Luckily, the two of us didn’t have to remove everything, we left that to a hazmat crew.

Her toilet was completely stopped up and full of spiders, we figured something was amiss when she was continually taking out cat litter even though her cat died a year ago. She was using a cat box as a bathroom. If she wasn’t doing that, she wore adult diapers and when she soiled one, she’d take it off and toss it into the corner by the radiator.

There was so much garbage everywhere, but it was only two years of accumulation. It was about 18 inches deep and you could clear a space out and stand in it and I’d be looking at my buddy’s belly button. So garbage out, but meant we had to rip out the floorboards, carpeting, walls, old cabinets (how she managed to never get bitten by the hundreds of black widows, I’ll never know). The worst was having to clean the ceiling.

We had noticed there were an awful lot of fruit flies around my friend’s apartment in the building even when he didn’t have fruit. The woman’s ceiling was black with fruit fly egg casings and scrubbing didn’t get rid of it. You’d have to stand on a ladder, look up, spray bleach and try to scrub. It wouldn’t come out so we just painted over everything. It took about 12 coats just to get it plain white again.

After we finished, it was rented out to a nice woman who kept a clean home, but the original tenant who reported the mold left and the landlord stuck the hoarder lady in the apartment. I could understand he was trying to avoid a disability lawsuit, but this was her third strike already. It cost about $8000 to rehab the apartment. On top of that, we had to put together new furniture for her as well. After that, I handed in my notice and went back to school full time.”

Broken Promises

“I had a friend move in with the wife and I, as she needed a place to stay. Had the walls painted and brand new laminate flooring put in. She was short on cash, so we cut a deal where she’d pay reduced rent in exchange for housecleaning. We also let her bring her (ugly, drowned rat of a) dog. In the year she was with us she had:

  • let her dog, who had separation anxiety issues, piss and shit everywhere in the house, and conveniently was never available to clean up after it.

  • slacked off on housecleaning and failed to pay the difference on her rent, even after getting a full-time job

  • ruined various parts of the laminate in her room with dog pee and soda cups, requiring a complete tear-out of the floor to replace the damaged pieces

  • borrowed and lost/broke various dishes of ours, leaving us with a number of now incomplete sets

  • habitually leave the lights or television on when she went out shopping or to work

  • had the gall to accuse us of accusing her of taking/losing our stuff when all we did was politely ask

  • denied the damage to the flooring in her room because the living room floor ‘has the same marks’

  • left various possessions with us because <insert lame excuse here>”

Just Leave Already

“My dad was a landlord, but he owned a place in Vancouver and we lived about 3 hours away. A couple weren’t paying their rent, so my dad gave them the 10day eviction, and when we went back to Vancouver we were expecting them out (this was over a month later). Nope, they were still there and were obvious crack heads who threatened to call the police on us because we were entering ‘their home’. Had to have a court hearing and everything just to get them to leave.”

A “Nice” Family

“It is exactly what is sounds like. I leased an apartment to a nice family in a suburban neighborhood. The house caught fire (apparently from a candle) and firemen put out the fire. Police had to investigate, and they pulled out a tonne of dildos and cameras from the half-burnt down apartment. They would not have cared, except there were several reports from neighbors saying the place may be a brothel. The cops found out it was a porn studio and the man and woman faced 6 months probation. Apparently the man and woman ‘rented’ children to pose as their kids when they met me.”

Numerous Nightmares

“Worst apartment was the animal hoarder lady. Had over a dozen animals. Their dogs got out one day and tried to bite me. I got them back into their yard to find out the filth they lived in. They went to the bathroom inside and outside the house. Cat and dog pee and poo everywhere. Had to tear apart the whole unit to get it rent-able again. Other tenants include the stripper and her boyfriend who’d fight outside naked, the one with such a dirty house that roaches were everywhere, and the immigrants who threw shit on the walls and wrote on them.”


“My dad owns a lot of lower-income houses. Growing up, I was often his help in cleaning up after a tenant moved out. Most of them were pretty gross, but not in a way that makes you question humanity. Just generally dirtier than I would like to live. But one stands out.

Summer in Indiana, not the hottest place, but generally in the low-90’s and high humidity. We go to clean up a house and the house is as dirty as every other house. Except for the smell. After just a few minutes we left to get stupid paper masks in a futile effort to make it tolerable. We end up working for two full days cleaning up the house. Because of the smell, we immediately open all windows and doors and leave them open the whole time we’re there. We have the house basically cleaned out…but the smell is still there. It’s clearly unlivable and my dad is ready to call in a professional. We go to lock up because we had given up…and one of us finds the hole.

The hole was about 4′ off the ground and just looked like 10″x10″ hole in the drywall directly behind the front door. A little more inspection reveals that it’s full of kitty litter. We realize that the wall from stud-to-stud, about 4 feet deep is full of kitty litter behind the drywall and the drywall was replaced. We think that they just poked a hole initially a few inches off the ground and filled with kitty litter. When it was sufficiently used, they “fixed” the hole and made another one a little higher on the wall. The next stud-space over was entirely filled about 4 feet high and completely closed up. That was a pretty bad experience. But also very innovative.”

Puzzle Pieces

“This is no where near the worst thing that happened but definitely the farthest out left field. One property I rented out at a discounted rate to a family for 3 years and when they moved out after the first year their cousin moved in and never told me, rent checks everything came from the same name, bank etc.

Until I got a complaint and had to show up one day and find a different person living in the house. So I called the pervious tenant and they thought that their cousin could continue paying the discounted rent $800 from $1350 and I told them this wasn’t going to happen and they have to leave or I will make things nasty. (they were being very disrespectful about the whole situation thats where the treat came from)

Anyways, they left and I came back a few days later to take a walk though the house and get it rented back out and the guy that left removed every piece of trim from the house and left it laying in the middle of the living room, I kid you not, there was a massive stack of trim from every floorboard window door etc. in the middle of the living room. It was a 3 day jigsaw puzzle figuring out where to put all the trim back…”