Cats can be smart and tricky as most felines are. But even though they might seem strong they can’t be at all times, especially when they are kittens. As long as the mama cat is there to take care of her babies everything is ok, but what happens with orphaned kittens? The story you are about to read is precisely about that: an orphaned kitten who managed to save herself from harm’s way. And she did in a very clever way!


20. Brave Kitten

If you are an animal lover, you will get your heart melted by this story. Animals are usually the victims of big cities, especially when they are babies. The story of this brave kitten and her 10-year-old saver will make you believe again in humanity.

19. Searching For A Place

One day, a cat mom was in labor, and she could not find a warm place to bring her kittens into the world. She had been searching for hours while the pain was intensifying when she finally spotted something that seemed like a good place. Unfortunately, it was not how it looked like…

18. Giving Birth

The place where the mother cat decided to give birth ended up being an abandoned house in Liverpool. After realizing one of her kittens is very sick, she decided to leave the place and find another one for her healthy kittens. The decision was not easy to make, and it did not turn out good for the sick baby…

17. One Tiny Kitten

The sick kitten was left behind agonizing in pain because she was the weakest of the litter. Instinct made her realize that if she does not ask for help soon, she will no longer be alive. Guess what she did!

16. The Kitten Had Another Idea

After recognizing the situation she is in, she decided to take the matter into her own paws and literally cry for help. The kitted started meowing as loud as she could. Apparently, that was one good idea… here’s why.

15. Not Ready To Give Up

The whole neighborhood was aware that a kitten somewhere is in trouble. You would not believe this, but her saver was a kid himself. Keep reading to see how brave he was and what he did – it’s unbelievable!

14. Help!

The kitten’s cries were heard by a 10-year-old boy who came to the rescue when he realized something is wrong with the petite feline. He gathered all his braveness and gave the call of help to one special organization.

13. Professional Help

Thanks to his fast thinking he was able to call RSPCA which came along with the firefighters from Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service aiming to save the kitten. The mission consisted of getting to the abandoned house, find the kitten and free it. However, the kitten could lose her strengths and stop meowing every minute. Could they find her?

12. The Kitten Was Found

The kitten knew someone was coming to get her out of that place, so she kept meowing stronger than ever. Luckily, the firefighters were guided by her voice and found the place where she was hiding. Task one and two of the mission were achieved, but could they get her out?

11. Loudest Meowing Kitten

According to the RSPCA Inspector, Helen Smith, they could see the kitten was crying for her life. Even though she was not bigger than two thumbs, the noise she was able to make brought her the savers. Let’s see how they completed the mission.

10. Waiting To Be Saved

The firefighters did their part of the job and took the door down. After that, it was time for the RSPCA inspectors to do their part, so they went in to look for the kitten. You would not believe how she was waiting for them.

9. Her Health Was Not So Great

The little angel was curled up in a corner mostly because of the pain and fear. After an inspector took the furry ball into her hands, she could see the bad state she was in. The kitten had an infection in her eye and was also very emaciated. After fastly analyzing her they came up with some conclusions…

8. One Bad Eye

The RSPCA said that the kitten had been crying for help for four days until she was found and that she was about four weeks old. The kitten was brought to the vet by the inspectors who were able to examine her eye more thoroughly and give a verdict…

7. Antibiotics Needed

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service

The kitten’s eye was infected because of a piece of chipboard that got inside of it. After getting it out, the kitten was given antibiotics and also a name. The RSPCA inspectors named the sweet black and white kitten Cleo. Then the most amazing thing happened!

6. Full Recovery

She will make a full recovery according to the vet. Helen Smith said this was one of the RSPCA’s good rescues with the best possible outcome. They could not have helped the kitten without the help of the fire service and the kindhearted 10-year-old boy who called them. What would have happened if it was not him?

5. Thank God!

Without his call, the kitten would have probably died because of the cold, starvation and dehydration that she would have needed to endure without him. However, that was not the case. Here’s what happened to Cleo after she was rescued…

4. Cleo

The black and white kitten with a strong voice, Cleo, made an appearance on Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service’s Facebook page where a week later her condition was updated. Let’s see how she does now.

3. Healthy Kitten

According to the post, Cleo is now doing better than ever. She is now a little chubbier, her fluffy hair is no longer dirty, and you can see how beautiful both her eyes are now. Thanks to her foster family she had an unlimited source of love and cuddles.

2. What A Purrfect Ending!

Thanks to her incredible survival instincts, Cleo was able to be a part of her saving. She made sure that her wish of living was being heard by the humans because she did not stop meowing until someone came to help. Cleo is now doing her best thanks to her little saver, the 10-year-old boy.

1. Meet Cleo’s Savers

RSPCA is the organization that helps kittens like Cleo find their homes. RSPCA stands for Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals which is an organization that makes sure animals are being taken care of and comes to help whenever one is suffering.