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This house is for real. There is no photo shopping taking place – I promise. The house really is built on a teeny tiny island only a few feet bigger than the house. No yard to speak of. Just one tree and water lapping at your front door.

As someone who formerly owned a house in a flood zone, just looking at this house gives me great anxiety.

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It is said to be the smallest inhabited island in the world. The island is indeed technically considered an island because it has one tree.

Located on the St. Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands area, Just Room Enough was built by the Sizeland family in the 1950s as a weekend getaway.

Unfortunately for the Sizelands, their hideaway became an instant tourist attraction and has been so ever since.

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As anyone who has ever lived near a body of water knows, water levels go up and down from year to year, season to season. So this house begs the question: do they have to bail it out each spring? Do they have flood insurance? How would that foundation NOT be eroded away by now???

At Just Room Enough, you can almost literally reach out and touch a shipping freighter…

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No word on plumbing and sewer solutions at Just Room Enough. I’m guessing they utilize a porta-potty but I’m just assuming.

Look at the bright side: yard-work would be minimal.

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