Everyone knows that Fort Knox is one of the world’s best guarded places and that no one who doesn’t have the proper authorization can get in. Fort Knox is swarming with soldiers at all times and to top it all off, there are machine guns and sentry boxes at every corner. No one can ever step foot inside without being spotted, but why is Fort Knox so well guarded? Well, this is what we are going to show you today.

20. Precious Gold


There are lots of movies and books written about Fort Knox and the one thing that all of them have in common is that they all mention that Fort Knox is filled with gold bars to the brim! Could this be true?

19. Interesting Location


The fact that Fort Knox is so well guarded has made this location very interesting. Many people have tried snooping around in hopes of finding out what’s going inside, but the US army never let anyone get too close.

18. The Secret


With that being said, today we want to reveal to everyone the secret behind Fort Knox and the real reason why the US government is investing so much money in order to protect Fort Knox.

17. End Of The Civil War


Fort Knox was used throughout the Civil War, but after the war ended, Fort Knox didn’t have a purpose anymore. Therefore, the US government decided to use Fort Knox as training grounds for military exercises.

16. Henry Knox


A fun fact about Fort Knox is that the place is named after Henry Knox. In addition, Fort Knox used to be small at first, but the US government bought 40.000 of the surrounding acres. Why would they do this?

15. Steel Door


The US government didn’t just buy all the surrounding land, but it also built a massive 20-ton steel door. Something strange is going on there and there’s no doubt about that.

14. Army Training Facility


While everyone believed that Fort Knox is just a simple army training facility, this was not the case and the next picture will reveal the truth.

13. Order 6102


The real purpose of Fort Knox was revealed back in 1993 when US President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced Order 6102. You won’t believe what this order means.

12. The Great Depression


The US President was trying to find a way to get the country of the economic depression and Order 6102 was going to be the solution. Order 6012 made it illegal for US citizens to hoard gold and forced them to sell it to the US.

11. Selling Gold


Everyone had to sell their gold according to Order 6102 for a fixed price of $20.67. People who kept hoarding their gold could face a $10,000 fine or a ten-year long prison sentence.

10. Billions Of Dollars


After Order 6102 was introduced, Fort Knox had stored twelve billion dollars worth of gold. This is when the US government decided that they need to improve Fort Knox’s security.

9. Target Marker


Now that Fort Knox had so much gold, a massive target was put on its back and the US government didn’t want to take any chances. This is when Fort Knox was transformed into one of the world’s most safe places.

8. Sentry Boxes


Thousands of soldiers would patrol Fort Knox, but not just that. Sentry boxes filled with machine guns were placed in every corner of Fort Knox and no one stood a chance to get in anymore.

7. Big Threat


Since Fort Knox had so much gold, it should come as no surprise that the US government believed that someone might want to rob it. Luckily, the thousands of soldiers with machine guns roaming around have discouraged all thieves.

6. Gold Keeps Piling Up


Gold kept piling up in Fort Knox along the years and there are so many gold bars stored in the safe that we are sure you will never guess how much they weigh! Give it a try…

5. 9,882 Tons Of Gold


Fort Knox now has 9,882 tons of gold! Can you believe this? The 9,882 tons of gold are worth an estimated 310 billion. However, there is something was stored in Fort Knox that most people don’t know about.

4. Morphine and Opium


What many people don’t know about Fort Knox is that the US government also stored morphine and opium inside. This happened during the Cold War and you will be shocked to find out why.

3. Nuclear Attack


The US government was getting ready for a nuclear attack from Russia and that’s why it needed to store morphine and opium. Isn’t this crazy?

2. Top-Level Security


If there’s something that we all can agree about, then it has to be the fact that no one is ever going to step foot inside Fort Knox without the proper authorization.

1. Gold Bars


Did you ever think that 9,882 tons of gold are hidden inside Fort Knox? No wonder the place is so well guarded.