Some people like to jog and push their bodies, but then there are endurance runners who take things to the next level. Ross Edgley is a British man who, just like endurance runners, likes to push his body to the max. He loves breaking records and nothing can stand in his way when he sets his mind on doing something. However, you will never believe what Ross Edgley’s biggest accomplishment is!

20. Ross Edgley

Ross Edgley has always liked sports, but he could never imagine himself making a living out of it. Although, Ross Edgley likes nothing more than a challenge.

19. Challenges

Ross Edgley is like no other man. Challenges drive him and once he sets his mind on completing them, there’s nothing can stand in his path to victory.

18. Inspiring Others

The super athlete says that he likes completing challenges because it gives him a chance to test his strength, endurance and power of will. Not just that, but he also gets to inspire other people.

17. Incredible Challenges

Now that we presented who Ross Edgley is let’s go over some of the incredible challenges that he crushed. Get ready to be amazed because you will never see someone else like Ross Edgley ever again.

16. Fit For A Reason

Ross Edgley likes to think that people should work and have a fit body for a reason, not just for glamour. Don’t believe us? Well, then make sure to check out the next picture and see for yourself.

15. Climbing Rope

During one of his difficult challenges, Ross Edgley climbed 29,029 feet of rope! This is the same length as the peak of Mountain Everest. Can you believe this?

14. Swimming

Ross Edgley also decided to swim 62 miles without stopping. The trick here is that Ross Edgley also had to carry a giant 100-pound log. Do you think he completed this challenge?

13. Dangerous Waters

As Ross Edgley got to mile 24, he had to stop the challenge. The waters were too dangerous and everyone advised him to get out. Ross Edgley is not the man to let this type of thing pass.

12. Unfinished Business

Even though it wasn’t his fault for having to get out of the water, he feels like he has some unfinished business. The man wanted to conquer the water and he came up with a rather…dangerous idea.

11. Too Dangerous

Ross Edgley came up with an idea that is so dangerous that no one wanted to oversee him while he was doing it. However, Ross Edgley knew someone that is willing to take a risk.

10. The Royal Navy

Ross Edgley’s dangerous idea was to swim for 48 hours straight without ever stepping foot on the ground and he went to the Royal Navy for supervision. Do you think Ross Edgley made it?

9. Challenge Completed

Ross Edgley crushed the challenge and he was able to swim for 48 hours straight. This is something incredible and one of the marines was amused that he jokingly suggested to Ross Edgley that he should swim around Great Britain.

8. A Simple Joke

Even though the marine made a simple joke. Ross Edgley took it seriously! He knew at that moment that swimming around Great Britain is what he needs to do next.

7. Calculations

Ross Edgley hired the right people to help him out and to calculate everything there is to know. Ross Edgley and his staff concluded that he should swim every six hours between the tides so that he doesn’t go against the current.

6. Getting To Work

Everyone thought that Ross Edgley is crazy for wanting to swim around Great Britan. Little did they know, Ross Edgley was not joking around and he got to work.

5. Hardest Challenge

Ross Edgley says that swimming around Great Britain is the hardest challenge of his life. However, he put it all on the line and there was no going back now.

4. Unexpected Problems

The super athlete had to deal with all types of problems such as jellyfish biting him, sleep deprivation and even losing weight due to starvation. Despite all odds, he did it! Check out the next picture to see Ross Edgley at the finish line.

3. Back To The Shore

It’s been a long time since Ross Edgley stepped foot on shore, but he made it! He finished the most difficult challenge in the world and no one can take that away from him.

2. Winner

Ross Edgley is the only man who holds the record for swimming around Great Britan and this makes him very happy. We have to give it to Ross Edgley because no one else would be brave and strong enough to do what he did.

1. Awesome Experience

Ross Edgley says that swimming for so long was one of the greatest experiences of his life. Not just that, but he is also proud of what he achieved.