Love is the best feeling of them all, and when it is shared, the only thing you want to do is be with your partner for the rest of your life. But life is unpredictable, and Winston Howes knows it very well. In his youth, he found the perfect woman, but years later after marrying her, Winston suffered an unimaginable heartbreak. Nonetheless, he didn’t give up on his love and began a years-long project to honor his wife’s memory. This is Winston’s love story, and we think it should be the plot for an amazing movie!

20.The Two Lovebirds

It was the late 1950s when the two Brits, Winston and Janet Howes, met and fell in love with each other. Even though not everyone believes in love at first sight, this was what the two lovebirds felt. They dated for a few years…

19. Just Married

A few years passed and Winston and Janet got married in Stroud (Gloucestershire, England). The market town made for the perfect wedding location as it was welcoming and charming. Everything was perfect as the two vowed to love each other until death did them part.

18. A Life Together

The newlyweds started their lives in a town called Wickwar, where they bought a farm. There, Janet was caring for their home, and Winston cultivated the land. Both were happier than ever and never got tired of each other as time passed.

17. One Single Regret

As years passed, the only regret the two had was that they didn’t have children or grandchildren to share their farm and love. Nonetheless, the two were devoted to each other and loved their life, even though they were alone…


16. A Terrible Moment

Although they were only a small family, they cherished the time and moments they had until then. But one day, the world would become a darker place… It was during a night in 1995 when Janet had to be rushed to the hospital.

15. Health Problems

Unfortunately, Janet was diagnosed with heart failure, a condition that, if detected early, it can be managed. Winston prayed that his wife would get better. Instead, he received terrible news…

14. All Alone

Janet couldn’t make it, so Winston was now alone, broken-hearted. His wife died at only 50 years old, leaving him all alone in that big house on their farm. When everything looked like it was against him, Winston had the power to turn his grief into something productive!

13. An Old Man

The old man was feeling more than alone in that house, so he had to do something. Farming the land didn’t help, so he came up with an idea that would keep him busy. Winston went to a garden center and started shopping for shovels, seeds, flowers, fertilizer, and gloves.

12. The Inspired Project

Thinking of his wife, Winston’s project was ambitious. He was looking to transform and shape a meadow on his property. And this meadow would years later be discovered by Andy Collett who was flying his hot air balloon over the farmer’s land…

11. A Stunning View

It was 2012 when Andy, who is a licensed pilot and can also fly a hot air balloon, flew over the Gloucestershire fields. He was not expecting to see this next incredible view right on Winston’s land. It was the meadow, but shaped like this…

10. A Green Heart

“I have my own balloon and am quite a regular flyer – but this was the most amazing sight I have ever seen from the sky,” Collett recalled. He was looking at a heart-shaped meadow with a clearing that was perfectly green! And that’s not all!

9. Hidden Away

Just like true love can be seen in someone’s heart, this message honored Winston’s late wife – even though nobody knew about it. “It was perfectly hidden away from view – you would not know it was there,” explained Andy.

8. Planted a Forest

The grieving widower planted this small forest, leaving the empty field in the middle – shaped like a heart. It was the perfect way to honor Janet and sit on a bench to remember their time together.

Andy’s never seen such a sight before, and he wondered how it got there…

7. A Love Story

Andy imagined there should have been a love story behind this fantastic forest. Winston had the answer:

“I came up with the idea of creating a heart in the clearing of the field after Janet died. I planted several thousand oak trees.”

6. The Beginning…

At first, Winston built a hedge and planted large oak trees on the edge to shape the heart. There is also a bench in the meadow, where he can sit during the seasons and watch the daffodils bloom or the leaves falling.

5. A Place To Meditate

“I sometimes go down there, just to sit and think about things,” explains Winston. And the seemingly empty field is never really empty. During the spring, daffodils bloom! But that’s not everything…

4. A Lasting Tribute

Winston explained that the point of the heart is the direction in which Janet’s childhood town is – Wotton Hill. One thing is true, added the farmer: “It is a lovely and lasting tribute to Janet which will be here for years.”

3. Your Loved Ones

The heart-shaped forest and the story behind it reached people over the world as it was shared on social media. People that lost a loved one said that they would love to have such a place to visit and think of the ones they lost…

2. Hard Work

People admired Winston for his hard work, and one comment made us fight back a few tears: “What a unique and beautiful tribute for Janet to look down on.”

Planting the 6,000 oak trees with the help of his friends, family, and neighbors, Winston made sure that Janet will forever be remembered.

1. Forever in His Heart

Janet’s memory will forever be in Winston’s heart, and he can spend his remaining days in her heart – a beautiful place with flowers and trees. A few years before Andy flew over the field, Winston did it too, and he knows how beautiful it is from above!