Brave men and women across the world fight to keep their countries safe and when their service is over, they go back to their families. Anytime when there is such a reunion, the crowd tears up and everyone is emotional. Seeing your loved ones after so many months and even years is what make these reunions filled with tears of joy.

Let’s see the heartwarming moment when a young marine came home to surprise his grandfather, who also was a marine. Prepare a lot of tissues because you’ll need them!

20. The Family Together Again

Christian Anderson had his ceremony graduation a few years ago, but his grandfather couldn’t attend it because he was ill at that time. Then, Christian had to begin his service and two years passed with his role model not seeing him dressed in uniform…

19. A Happy Birthday Indeed Rumble Viral

Wearing his blues, Christian went to surprise his grandfather on his birthday. The man had no idea that his day would get tons better. Wait until you see his gut-wrenching reaction at #11!

18. An Emotional Reunion

The emotional reunion of the active duty Marine with his grandfather, Jeffrey B Anderson Sr. who is a retired Marine has been filmed by the Christian’s mother and shared on YouTube. People around the world teared up as soon as they saw the veteran’s reaction…

17. Family History

Christian is part of a Marines and military family. On imgur, he wrote that his “grandfather served, my great-grandfather served in WWII, and my Great-Great-Grandfather served as well. My uncles served in the USMC and the Army as well.” And there’s more to his history!

16. A Brave Family Island Videos

The young Marine added that before he was born, his “mother planned on joining the Navy!” Ever since he was a kid, he has admired the bravery of his grandfather. He heard many stories of how a Marine’s life was…

15. Joining the Marine Corps Island Videos

When he was a child, his family told him stories about how the life of Marines was, and this was one of the reasons he joined the Marine Corps:

“My grandfather, Jeffrey B. Anderson Sr., is pictured and is the entire reason I joined the Marine Corps,” he explained.

14. A Happy Grandfather Viral

“He is the proudest man I know and was absolutely delighted when I told him I was thinking about joining,” he said on Imgur.

Christian wanted to show up on his grandfather’s birthday, and had no idea how he would react…

13. An Emotional Moment Viral

It’s difficult to explain how happy a person can be when they see their loved one coming back home. Prepare those tissues because the veteran’s reaction is very emotional! The man looked at his guests, but not to his left!

12. Getting Closer Viral

As if to get closer for a photograph, Christian inches towards his grandfather, sneaking up behind him. The veteran looks to his right, and around him, everyone starts to smile. He needs a second to process what was going on…

11. Two Years Passed Viral

Jeffrey Anderson Sr. hadn’t seen his grandson in almost two years and he never saw him in the uniform, which made this moment so special. It was also an important moment for Christian, who said:

“I always told him when I was little, I’d make him proud one day…”

10. The Perfect Gift

Christian recalled after the emotional moment that “seeing his smile when I showed up in my blues absolutely thrilled me. I couldn’t have asked for more.” We’re sure that it was exactly what Mr. Anderson Sr. thought.

9. A Surprise

Christian explained that he had been stationed overseas for two years and the best gift he could ever give to his grandfather was to show up for his birthday dressed in uniform. The reaction was heart-melting, as you can see!

8. The Unforgettable Gift

Mr. Anderson was told to get outside the house for an unforgettable gift, and he was delivered one! The two heroes hug for a while in a tear-filled moment that nobody will ever forget…

7. Tears Welling Up Viral

It’s difficult to keep a straight face when you see these men reunited. One can only wonder how proud the veteran is of his grandson all dressed in uniform and serving the country as he did once. This is what happens next.

6. Proud Veteran Viral

There’s nothing else in the world that makes a veteran proud than seeing his family continue their duty. Mr. Anderson Sr. is so overwhelmed that his knees buckle as he hugs his grandson.

5. Amazing Family

As you can see, the Andersons are an amazing family, carrying the duty of serving their country. The veteran received as a gift from his grandson the T-shirt that says “Proud Grandpa United States Marines.”

4. A Stoic Man Viral

A YouTube user by the name of bs2502 wrote about the powerful message this video sends:

“That is one tough gentleman standing there. Despite whatever medical condition he is fighting, go back and watch the video again and have a look at how straight and dignified that stoic man’s posture and stance is.”

3. The Proud Grandpa Viral

“The only thing that threw him a little off balance was seeing his grandson which melted him and his heart,” concluded bs2502, and he couldn’t be more right!

These two men deserve all the happiness in the world and our thanks for serving the country!

2. A Difficult Career

Serving in the military is hard for the soldiers and their family when it comes to leaving your loved ones and going far away to fight for what’s right. Knowing that you might see them for the last time is gut-wrenching…

1. Safety

No matter the sacrifices made, they make sure their actions is to guarantee the safety of their loved ones. Getting back home is an emotional moment when everything a soldier needs is to feel the hug of their family.

Always show your loved ones that you appreciate them when you have the chance!