Getting Fired

Getting fired from a job always sucks, but for some people, it’s totally deserved. The food industry can be exhausting and testing, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be professional while you’re on the job. Reddit users shared the most unprofessional things they have witnessed and we have to say, most of them are quite shocking.

Let’s take a look at all the reasons these people got fired.


“Apparently a really sketchy dishwasher went out to smoke and came back in with a laptop he wanted to sell. He said his friend met him with it out back on his smoke break and he told the guy he’d ask around. The bartender bought it immediately because it was such a great deal. About an hour later, a guest who’d just finished eating came back in and told them her car had been broken into and her laptop was missing. She asked if we could check the security tapes of the parking lot. Yes, this idiot dishwasher went outside to smoke, broke into a car in the parking lot, sold the laptop to the bartender, and went about washing dishes all while this lady was inside eating dinner.”

Terrible Thing To Post

“A girl posted a Snapchat story of her taking money from the cash drawer behind a manager’s back. Like, she’d filmed the back of the manager, who was talking to another employee, then filmed herself lifting the bill, and filmed herself walking away with it.”

Getting Sloshed

“I work in catering and one of our typical tasks is butler passing: carrying around drinks or hors-d’oeuvres on trays and offering them to guests. This one new hire, let’s call her Tulip, was assigned to butler pass cosmopolitans, which is fancier and more expensive than your standard pass. A tray probably holds about eight of these, but at least six.

After a couple of trays, Tulip was noticeably sloshed. In case this isn’t clear, she was slamming the cosmos. She was stumbling around, unable to balance a tray.

So somebody pulled her off passing and Tulip walked off in a huff.

The manager, let’s call her Tracy, got wind of what was happening and when she came back to take control of the situation, Tulip was nowhere to be found. That is until she was spotted smoking with the guests on the balcony, which is a no-no in formal banquets. Tracy went out and told her to put it out and come inside, to which Tulip replied, ‘EFF YOU, TRACY, EFF YOU!’

Tulip finished her smoke, came inside and passed out on a sack of dirty linens.

Tracy asked a chef who needed to drive back to our headquarters if he could bring Tulip there and find a way to get her home safely. They roused Tulip and Tracy fired her.

The chef was driving one of our semi trucks back to HQ with Tulip in the passenger seat. She was flirting really heavily with him. She then pulled off her pants and underwear and began ‘stroking the clam’ right then and there. The chef ignored this the best he could and got her a cab home from HQ.

The next day, Tulip showed up for her shift, having blacked out during yesterday’s termination, and Tracy had to fire her all over again.”

Taking A Break

“It was my second day as kitchen manager at a restaurant. There was a table that wanted a drink made and the server in question couldn’t find the bartender. Thankfully, it was just one of the speciality drinks for our house, so I could make it out of our book. We still couldn’t find the bartender. Another drink order came in half an hour later. There was still no bartender. As I was trying to mix the drink, I realized I couldn’t find a specific bottle, so I went to get a new one and saw our bartender coming out of the bathroom with her jacket on.

I rolled my eyes, handed her the new bottle and let her finish making the drink for the customer. I, being naive and an optimist, just told her we’d need to talk later, intending to lecture her about taking long breaks.

One of our servers was the daughter of the owner and knew the password for the cameras. She checked them and saw the bartender take a bottle and go to the bathroom, where she apparently spent half an hour drinking.

She was obviously fired on the spot, but if you’re going to steal from a restaurant, why would you take it from the rail?”

Red Flags

“I work at a particular sandwich shop and my boss hired this one lady as a closer despite a few red flags during the interview. Her favorite thing to do after she finished her training was to tell customers we were out of bread so that she wouldn’t have to help them. She just said nobody had baked any that day.

The best part is that customers who witnessed this said that she didn’t bother to move the bread cabinet behind the line, so they could visibly see the bread right behind her.”

Not The Smartest Move

Truly Experiences

“A cook at my restaurant called in sick one day and the very next day (her scheduled day off), she came in for happy hour to get wasted. This was after a dedicated career of poor work, so when we begged the owner, ‘Can she PLEASE be fired now?’

He acquiesced.

We called her in to meet and when we let her go she said, ‘Crap, you called me in for this? I’ve been fired through a text before.’

Yeah, I bet you have.”

Worst Employee

“I worked at a grocery store. It was unionized. Union dues suck, but it’s not like they don’t do stuff for you. There were regular pay raises and a decent layer between you and management.

The neatest thing with unions is that it’s pretty hard to get fired.

You had to be stellar at uselessness to get canned.

So one week, we hired this new kid. He was very young, self-entitled, and he bragged a lot about nothing.

He rarely arrived on time. He took overly long breaks, always asked to leave early, and complained about lack of money and union fees.

He got fired. I was there for a year and I have never seen anyone actually get fired.

As it turns out, he would ask for tips. He would argue with the elderly over the quarters that were inserted into the carts.

He wanted those quarters and they were his, dang it!

He also somehow bagged groceries badly. Turns out that heavy cans of soup and whatnot didn’t do good things on top of bread, eggs, and various other crushables.

I don’t believe he made it a full three weeks, part-time, before he was let go.

To this day, he is a testament to idiots everywhere.

The last straw was when he put eggs in the cart first, then dropped a bag of heavy cans over it.

The customer got home, saw what happened, and came back furious. She had dented cans and a bag full of yolk surprise. He also argued with her over her quarter used to get the cart. He may have also insulted management/the job when confronted.”

Gang Member Line Cook

“We had a line cook who was an ex-gang member, had lots of gang tattoos, spent weekends in the police tank. You know, your normal, crappy line cook stuff.

One day, he sauntered into work with a backpack, reeking of pot and Jack, not in uniform, and under the influence of probably like four different illegal substances.

This was also the first time he came in with a backpack, I should note. He worked the line for 10 minutes, messing up, like, four orders, then went and took a 10-minute break. I went out and found him sitting out back in full daylight, and in FULL VIEW OF THE PARKING LOT, smoking a crack pipe.

I walked over to him to tell him off and tell him to pack his crap up and leave for the day. Then I noticed the two 15-year-olds sitting next to him, waiting their turn.

He freaked out, begged me to not call the cops and to let him finish his shift.

First, he broke the rules, and I had to let him go. Second off, dealing out of the restaurant to MINORS is obviously immoral and illegal as heck. Third, this had been his last warning, as he had come in a few times completely off his rocker.

He started crying, begging me to not fire him. I told him I would bring his bag out to him and then he had to go. I went inside then came back out to give him his bag, only to find him getting arrested Someone saw everything in the parking lot and called the cops.

He looked at me with puppy eyes and shook his head as hard as he could, basically begging me without words to not give the cops the bag. I just handed the bag to the cops, said it was his, then turned to him and said, ‘You reap what you sow.

Hope everything works out eventually.’

This was about two years ago. I’ve heard he got out recently and has turned his life around.”

Drive Thru Worker


“Before the proliferation of debit cards, a shift manager at the fast food joint I worked at schemed her way into a massive pay increase.

She was smart, but not smart enough. She worked the drive-thru window as the cashier/order-taker.

She had memorized the totals for the most popular combos. She would call out for the orders manually to the kitchen, which was staffed mostly by high school kids who just wanted to get through the shift.

They’d make whatever she called for.

When the customer would arrive at the window with cash, she’d make change in the same way that a waiter/waitress would, but would do it out of the customer’s view (usually between the register and the wall, or she’d leave the till propped open and make change out of there.)

She’d pocket the $3-$7 for the order, the register would balance because it never entered the system, and she’d walk with an extra $50+ each shift.

Eventually, management caught her (I think it was a customer who said something was suspicious).

She wasn’t prosecuted since this was before the proliferation of interior cameras in the work areas and they didn’t have any concrete proof of more than one incident.

So if your fast food job seems overly Big Brother today, this is what caused it to happen.”

Disturbing Behavior

“My family owned a restaurant. One night the general manager sent all of the staff home early inexplicably. My parents thought they should look at the security videos to see why he might have sent all the staff home early.

They discovered that, as soon as all the employees left, he pleasured himself all over the food prep surfaces.

Later, at another restaurant I was working at, one of the managers was a lesbian and there were repeated incidents of vandalism to the outside door with anti-gay slurs and hate speech.

The GM moved a security camera to see if they could catch whoever was doing it. It turned out to be that same lesbian manager writing fake hate speech to get attention. It was especially messed up because the owners of the restaurant had taken care of her.

Like, they’d paid $15,000, cash, for a medical procedure she had needed just because they were really nice people.”

Nice Try Lady

“A new employee had just finished training for part-time work. She received her schedule and immediately accused our store manager of lying to her. She claimed she was promised full time.

When our store manager informed her that she was not and that we didn’t hire full time for this position, she looked him in the eye and said, ‘You need to clock out so we can go outside and talk about this.’

She then started rolling up her sleeves.

My manager was less than impressed. He told her to leave and that we’d call the cops if she returned.”

Tardy To The Party

“One guy was late 23 TIMES IN A TWO MONTH PERIOD. He hadn’t even been there a full three months. Instead of firing him, management suspended him for a week. This idiot called corporate and told them that he’d been treated unfairly.

So the store manager and his department manager had to have a meeting with him. He showed up 15 minutes late to the meeting. When he finally showed up, they just fired him.”

Problems After Problems

“She was the kind of customer who always had a problem with her order. Her profile was huge with all the free stuff we’ve given her. A couple hours after ordering the main meal, she’ll order just the brownie (which barely makes the delivery minimum) EVERY TIME.

Then she applied for a job with us. Bossman said to treat her like she’s any other applicant and she would go through the process with the benefit of the doubt. I told him my bias was warranted in this case but he shrugged it off.

So she applied and that same day made an order. Again, there’s a problem. Bossman took the phone and I jumped on another line to listen in. She couldn’t really recall her order, didn’t know what she had and was acting crazy.

Then she said, ‘Sorry, I just smoked a huge bowl.’

Bossman and I looked at each other, facepalmed in unison, then handled the problem. Then he said, ‘I’m not hiring her.’ I never would’ve never guessed.”


“I was a shift leader at Subway style restaurant and one kid on my shift thought it would be a great idea to get a lighter and the can of nonstick cooking spray and proceed to do what 16-year-old boys do and made a huge fireball in full view of customers.”

Passed Out

“I once had a bartender on my staff blackout behind the bar by 7 pm. I got the call from my chef, who said, ‘Hey man, I think [bartender] is wasted, dude. I think you need to get over here.’ I got in just as the dinner rush was starting to see a wildly under-prepared bar because he was too hammered to set up and prep, and he was apparently so wasted they had to send him home before I even got there.

Cameras showed him literally falling over, unable to figure out how to exit the building when he’d finally been told to leave.

It sucks because he’s an old friend of mine and I really hope he gets the help he needs. But man, talk about how to get super fired.”

Nice Reply

“I work in a small food plant. Our busy season is during the summer, so we hire a lot of part-timers. We had 2 newcomers, who were a couple, apply and get the job together. Midsummer rolled around. It was a very nice day out, so we are working at full capacity.

This usually meant that a lot of our workers were doing overtime to keep up with our demand. These two called in together and said they were not coming in, they’d need to take a sick day. This was a half hour before our shift started, by the way.

The supervisor that answered the phone was like, ‘Is there any way to change your minds? We are working full out and really need you in.’

Their response was, ‘It’s a nice day, we are going to the beach.’

They were fired the next day.”

Slapping His Salami

“My sister owned a restaurant. It had security cameras mounted outside the delivery door on the back side of the building. I worked for her doing the books and inventory. Around 7:30/8:00 am, the prep crew comes in to prep for lunch, as well as me, a chef and a waitress.

I’m sitting in the basement office, computering away when all of a sudden, the waitress comes flying in with one of the chefs with a horrified look on her face. She said she was out on the patio and heard a noise, so she looked around the wall and found one of the prep cooks ‘slapping his salami’ in the corner by the delivery door.

We quickly flipped on the security camera and sure enough, this poor kid is in the corner behind the restaurant absolutely beating himself like a drum. We all laugh hysterically and wait for him to finish.

When he came back in, he washed his hands and then was asked to come to the office. Guess who got fired for spanking it at work? Poor kid. He was mortified and started crying. It was quite embarrassing for all of us.”

Dumb Idea

“A server at a restaurant I worked at had a table that he claimed was super difficult and obnoxious. So he pocketed one of the credit cards from the split checks. I don’t really understand how he thought they weren’t going to notice and he claimed he wasn’t going to use it, but he got fired that shift.

Why even bother?”

Close Call

“I’m the director of brewing operations. I hired a dude who claimed to have three years of professional brewing experience on his resume. About two months in, I was training him to run our brewhouse. As part of the process, boiling water is cycled through the system to sterilize/clean it.

This guy almost opened two different valves doing this, both aimed directly at his crotch. This would have resulted in him getting literally 300+ gallons of boiling water poured onto his family jewels.

I tried to have a talk with him later that day about why he did that/how to make sure he didn’t do it again. This dude slammed his fists on the table, yelled, ‘That’s a lie! You told me wrong!’ at the start of the conversation.

He was fired the next morning.”

Caught On Camera

“This guy grabbed a coworker’s butt and it was caught on camera. He had been harassing her for a while but he was sneaky and made sure not to do it in front of people who would do something. So it was difficult to get hard proof, but I knew it was happening.

The boss was also conflicted because he was friends with the guy’s dad. But as soon as I had the video evidence, he was instantly gone and I never felt so satisfied with a termination in my life.”