This was just a normal day for the Russian farmer who was taking care of some chores around his property. As the farmer was feeding his livestock, he came across something unusual. The man found a bunch of kittens, but there was something special about them…

20. Finding The Kittens

This is one of the kittens that the farmer found on his property. While this kitten might be cute and all, there is something special about it! Make sure to check out the following pictures and see what’s so special about these kittens.

19. Normal Kitten

The Russian farmer believed that these kittens were left there by a stray cat but little did he know, the little fellas weren’t regular kittens! You won’t believe what the farmer actually stumbled upon.

18. Palla’s Cats

The kittens were actually Palla’s cats which is a rare breed of wild cats. This species is also known as manuls and they are native to Central Asia. How did they make it to Russia though?

17. Wild Cats

The difference between normal cats and manuls is their size and build. Manuls are stockier and have short legs. Although, that’s not the only thing special about them…

16. Thick Fur

These wild cats are built for harsh climates and their fur is thicker which makes them look quite funny. However, they are still wild cats at nature and the farmer was weary of taking them in.

15. Ferocious Behavior

The Russian farmer was afraid that the manuls might hurt his livestock once they get older so he called the Daursky Nature Reserve. Luckily, the rescuers had just the right idea about what to do with them.

14. Rescuing the Kittens

Even though the kittens were wild cats, the rescuers knew that they needed a mom in order to survive. This is when they came up with this brilliant idea! You won’t believe what they did.

13. Surrogate Mom

The rescuers took the wild kittens to the reserve and gave them to the two domestic cats that were residents at that facility. How do you think the cats reacted to these little kittens?

12. Cutest Kittens Ever

Considering that these manuls are the cutest kittens ever, no one should be surprised that the surrogate mothers fell in love with them instantly. The next pictures will make your heart melt!

11. How Much Cuter Can They Get?

Aren’t they just the most adorable things ever? To make things even better, the kittens loved being around their surrogate mother!

10. Growing Up

As time went on, the little manuls were growing up. While this might be hard to believe, they look even cuter when they’re all grown up. Make sure to check out the upcoming pictures and find out what happened to them next!

9. All Grown Up

Now that the manuls were all grown up, the rescuers knew that they needed to release them in the wild. These are wild cats after all…

8. Ready To Hunt

After making sure that the manuls are ready to hunt, the rescuers started preparing them for the wilderness. The next picture will make you go “awww”!

7. Radio Signal Necklace

The rescuers made sure to equip the wild cats with radio signal necklaces so that they could find them if they ever get in trouble. How do you think the manuls did in the wilderness? Did they manage to survive on their own?

6. Surviving In The Wild

Despite their ferocity, the manuls had a little bit of trouble surviving in the wild and they came back to the rescue center. Luckily, the rescuers didn’t mind that and took them in again.

5. Releasing Them Again

The rescuers waited for the winter season to end and released the manuls in the wild once again. However, this time they didn’t come back and managed to survive on their own. If you loved these pictures, then you are surely going to love what’s coming next!

4. Relaxing

What is a wild cat to do on a hot sunny day other than to relax while sitting in a tree? The next wild cat is even more hilarious than this one!

3. Angry Face

Is this manul trying to show us his angry face? Or is it just goofing around? This is hard to tell.

2. Scared Kittens

Even though they might be wild cats, these kittens are not that ferocious, You can be sure that they will let you pet them and not bite!


Isn’t this wild cat hilarious? This manul probably got scared by the camera flash and made this hilarious surprised face. Nonetheless, these wild cats are goofy and we can be sure that having them around will make for quite the show.