Looking to head over to Europe but are wondering what’s the best place to go to? While you can always head off to the beach or try out new adventure sports, there is a lot more to do. For instance, if you are an adventure lover, you might just want to go in for one of the many abandoned places in Europe. We will take a look at a few of them and how you could make the trip you have always wanted.

The Unconventional Euro Trip

If you knack for thrill, and a pumped adrenaline as summer is here, it’s a good time to visit the place know for it’s full-fledged Royalty, Europe. But not your every social media worthy picture like places. With the same repetitive list of Switzerland, London and so on. But to the places that have rarely been explored or in some cases, even touched or .

Here are some of the spooky places to look forward to on your Euro trip.

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine


This tunnel is situated in the small town Klevan, Ukraine. This two- mile long tunnel has quite a reputation amongst couples. It’s made out of trees that defy gravity and they slowly curl over the tree tracks thus lending out an optical illusion, thus also making up for a wonderful place to stroll. The stories are, that whenever a couple visits the tunnel, their wishes are granted.


St. Briavel’s Castle, England

St. Briavel’s Castle in Gloucestershire is what you would love to visit as a ghost hunter, as its known the world over for it’s haunted sightings. Historically, it was a Royal Hunting ground, then a court and then a prison.

Now, it has everything from a dungeon to prisons to a hall that you could spend hours in. Plus, it’s one spooky place that you are sure to remember for a long time.

SpreePark, Germany
Spreepark abandoned amusement park Berlin-6138

Located in The city of Berlin of Germany, this park turned out to be a visiting spot out of a tragedy. In 2002 when the owner moved all it’s six main attractions to Peru giving everyone the hope that they were gone for repair. But instead, the owner was trying to open a new park in Lima, to ecape his debts in Germany. Soon after, the rides in Germany went bankrupt but many of the rides stayed.

There’s a special spooky feeling when you walk around it’s main component, the abandoned Ferris wheel.

Reschensee, Italy

In the town of Italy called Glaun, there goes a very famous story about the submerged town. Back in 1939, a company announced plans to unify two lakes around this Italian-Austrian border. This backfired and flooded the entire town. All that remains now is the out of place Church bell emerging from the middle of nowhere.

Apart from these, you can see some other great sights as well, which can mean an entire trip that you won’t forget.


Which of these places are you trying to visit? Let us know below!