A man starts tearing up when his out of town daughter shows up at the front door with a bag of Maggiano’s takeout food. While this might seem like the man was really hungry, this is not the case. Going to Maggiano’s to eat is a family tradition and you will never believe what delivering the food to the man’s house actually meant.

20. Knock, Knock

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This story starts when Darryl Cohen hears a knock on his door. Who could it be? The man opens up the door and sees his daughter Chanel holding a bag of Maggiano’s food and this brings him to tears.

19. Maggiano’s Food


While it might seem like the man loves the food from Maggiano’s, this is not what’s actually going. The fact that Chanel is delivering food to his house means something really amazing.

18. Keeping In Touch


Even though the Cohen family are tight, it’s hard for Darryl to keep in touch with his daughter because she is out of town. However, the man knows that his daughter is happy because she now has a family of her own.

17. Chanel and Grant

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The reason why Chanel moved out of her hometown is because she married Grant and they now have a family of their own to take care of. However, their family was just about to get bigger!

16. Proud Dad


Darryl says that he couldn’t be prouder of his daughter. She is living a successful life and she has given him two beautiful grandsons.

15. Biggest Surprise Ever

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Are you ready to find out why Darryl was moved to tears after he saw the Maggiano’s takeout food? If yes, then you better check out the next two pictures.

14. Family Tradition


What we didn’t tell you is that every time Chanel and Grant announced their family that they are going to have a baby, they did it over dinner at Maggiano’s.

13. Baby Girl


Chanel was pregnant once again and this time it was with a baby girl. She wanted to get the whole family together over at Maggiano’s for dinner, but the busy schedule made it impossible for the Cohen family to gather in one place.

12. Amazing Surprise


Chanel didn’t want to tell her parents that she is pregnant over the phone and she came up with a brilliant idea instead. She wanted to surprise her parents face to face.

11. Brilliant Idea


Chanel’s brilliant idea was to order some food from Maggiano’s and then to deliver it herself to her parent’s house. You will never believe what Darryl says when he first opens the door.

10. What’s Going On?

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Darryl couldn’t believe that his daughter was at his door and he asked her what’s going on. With a big smile on her face, Chanel said: “Did someone order Maggiano’s?”

9. Big Hug

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Darryl realized what’s going on and he rushed and gave his daughter a big hug. He was going to be a grandfather once again!

8. Where’s Mom?

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Chanel started asking about her mom who rushed to the front door after she heard the noise. She couldn’t believe it either! Chanel was going to have another baby.

7. Happiness

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This is what happiness looks like! Darryl couldn’t believe what was going on, but he was happier than ever to know that he is going to be the grandfather to a beautiful baby girl.

6. Powerful Moment

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Isn’t the way that Chanel revealed to her parents that she is pregnant again amazing? Her idea to deliver Maggiano’s to her parent’s house is brilliant and there’s no doubt about that.

5. Happy Grandparents

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Darryl and his wife were still in shock! They needed a couple of minutes to start feeling normal once again. This is the biggest surprise they could ever ask for.

4. Fun Times Ahead

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If there’s something that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that Chanel’s dad and mom will be great grandparents to her kids. 

3. New Family Member


The baby girl was born later that year and Chanel’s two boys loved having a new sister. Isn’t this just amazing?

2. Baby Girl


What did you think that the bag of Maggiano’s takeout food meant at first? No one guessed that it’s a baby announcement.

1. Awesome Moment


Chanel made the right decision by deciding to follow the family tradition of announcing her pregnancy while having eating Maggiano’s food. This brought happiness to her parents and it made the announcement so much greater.