Adam Hargreaves and his wife Leah have a beautiful daughter named Bobbie. Adam and Leah’s lives have been filled with joy ever since Bobbie came into this world. Adam loves his new role of being a dad and bringing a smile to Bobbie’s face has become his daily mission. This is why Adam was heartbroken when he found that his daughter has nightmares and she can’t fall asleep. Luckily, the father decided to do something about this and painted Bobby’s room full with her favorite Disney characters.

20. Adam and Bobbie

These two are Adam and Bobbie. As you can clearly see, they have lots of fun together and Adam loves spending precious time with his daughter.

19. Sleep Problems

Sadly, the little girl had problems falling asleep. She had nightmares and she would never want to go to sleep when bedtime came around. Adam and his wife were heartbroken about this.

18. Helping Out

Adam didn’t want his little girl to be terrified of falling asleep and he was determined to help her out. But how could he make the nightmares go away?

17. Favorite Toys

Adam’s first idea was to buy Bobbie lots of toys. He figured that the toys would make her feel comfortable and she would stop having nightmares. Do you think this worked?

16. Disney Toys

Bobby is a fan of Disney movie and Adam got her a Mickey Mouse toy. Bobbie loved the toy, but unfortunately, her nightmares didn’t go away.

15. Falling Asleep

Bobby still had problems falling asleep and Adam couldn’t take it anymore. This is when he came up with the brilliant idea to paint Bobby’s room and make it more colorful.

14. Painting The Room

While most parents would simply paint their children’s room blue or pink, Adam decided to take things to the next level. You will never believe what Adam does for his daughter.

13. Artist

What we didn’t tell you is that Adam is a really good painter. However, he abandoned the dream of becoming a painter a couple of years ago when he realized that he will not be able to make a living out of it.

12. The Tools

Adam went to the store and purchased all the colors that he could find. He talked with his wife and they both agreed to paint Disney characters all over Bobby’s room.

11. Recording Everything Clips

Adam got to painting as fast as he could. The great thing about this is that Adam recorded every step of the process because he wants to show it to Bobby once she grows up.

10. Surprise Clips

Another great thing that Adam did was the fact that he didn’t tell Bobby what was going on. He wanted the Disney paintings to be a surprise and he told her that he is simply repairing the wall. Do you think Bobby fell for this?

9. Clueless Clips

The little girl had no idea what her father was doing and she didn’t bother to follow him around. Leah, the wife, kept Bobby in the living room every time Adam painted so that the Bobby won’t spoil the surprise.

8. Masterpiece

The painting was done and as you can see in the picture featured above, it’s a masterpiece! Adam managed to bring in all of his daughter’s favorite Disney characters and the wall looked amazing.

7. The Reveal Clips

Adam called Bobby into the room so that the could reveal the painting to her. Check out the next picture to see how Bobby reacted to seeing the painted wall for the first time.

6. “Woah” Clips

The first thing that Bobby said after she saw the painted wall was “Woah”. We think it’s safe to say that Bobby likes what she is seeing.

5. Awesome Dad

Adam is an awesome dad and there’s no doubt about that. Most parents wouldn’t have gone through the trouble to paint the wall themselves because they could hire someone else to do it instead, but not Adam.

4. No More Nightmares

The little girl is not going to have any more nightmares now that she is surrounded by all her favorite Disney characters. Adam accomplished his mission.

3. Bright Colors

The bright colors and beautiful designs make Bobby’s room look special. The little girl loves it and Adam couldn’t be happier.

2. Good Night Sleep

After months of having to deal with nightmares, Bobby can finally have a good night sleep. Isn’t this amazing?

1. Super Dad

Adam did a great job with the painting and there’s no doubt about that. He is a super dad and Bobby is always going to have a smile on her face as long as he is around.