There are some people who befriend each other in preschool and they stay together for all their lives. This is what true friendship is all about. However, today we have something even more special to show you. Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel were sweethearts in preschool and they loved nothing more than to play with each other.

However, their parents sent them to different schools and they didn’t see each other in more than a decade. Luckily, the two never forgot about their pre-school “romance” and they went on a date to see if they still had any chemistry.

20. Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel

These adorable kids are Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel. The first time they met each other was on the playground and they liked hanging out together.

19. Having Fun

Matt and Laura enjoyed spending time on the playground and having fun. Even though they were really young, a strong bond was developing between them and no one could deny that.

18. Sweethearts

It didn’t take long for the two kids to become sweethearts. Matt always tried to impress her and Laura giggled at every joke he made. Keep reading to see how Matt impressed Laura.

17. The Lion King

The two sweethearts loved watching The Lion King together and Matt memorated the lines of the movie so that he can recite them to Laura. Matt even told everyone that he loves Laura and that he is going to marry her! Isn’t this adorable?

16. Kindergarten

A couple of years passed and the two kids were moved to kindergarten. Sadly, their parents sent them to different kindergartens and they were no longer together.

15. Far Away

Matt and Laura were now far away from each other. This was breaking their little hearts, but there was nothing that they could do about it. The next picture will show you how they look in high school.

14. High School

Matt and Laura didn’t see each other for more than a decade and they were no in high school. However, they never forgot about the fun times they had together.

13. The Phone Number Grodsky

Our story starts when Laura borrows a phone from her best friend and she noticed a familiar name in the contacts list. She saw Matt Grodsky and she instantly remembered how much they liked each other when they were little.

12. Childhood Memories

Laura told her best friend about the fun times that she had with Matt when she was younger. The best friend was amazed and she decided to set Laura and Matt on a date. How do you think the date went?

11. Romantic Date Grodsky

Matt and Laura’s first date was a success! The chemistry between them was still there and they lots to talk about since they haven’t been together for a long time. The next picture is too adorable to skip!

10. Prom Night Grodsky

Matt and Laura became an official couple after their first date and they went to each other’s prom nights. Isn’t it amazing how faith has brought them together once again?

9. Different Colleges Grodsky

High school was now over and the couple needed to go to college. Unfortunately, Matt and Laura picked colleges from different cities. However, they decided to give long distance dating a try.

8. Long Distance Relationship Grodsky

Even though making a long distance relationship work is not an easy task, Matt and Laura loved each other very much and they were willing to at least give it a try. Do you think the two managed to stay together despite being separated?

7. Graduation Party Grodsky

Three years passed and the couple graduated from college. Their relationship was stronger than ever and Matt planned a big surprise for Laura. You really need to see what’s coming next.

6. Big Surprise

Matt invited Laura over for a picnic and told her that he has a big surprise for her. Laura had no idea what Matt planned, but she was excited to find out. Let’s see where he takes her next.

5. Back To Pre School

Matt took Laura to the preschool where they first met. This is where their relationship started and Laura was brought to tears. She couldn’t believe how sweet Matt was being. What he does next will make your jaw drop!

4. The Proposal Grodsky

As Matt and Laura were talking about the good old times, Matt got down on one knee and proposed to her. Can you believe this? Matt lived up to the promise that he made back in preschool . Do you think she said yes? 

3. Laura Said Yes! Grodsky

This might come as no surprise since the couple proved that they loved each other very much, but Laura said yes! After spending three years apart from each other because they had to graduate from college, Matt wanted to make sure that Laura never leaves again.

2. The Wedding

Everyone was happy to hear that Matt and Laura are getting married. They have been together for so long that it seemed like they were already husband and wife.

1. Happiest Moment

Laura said that she couldn’t believe that Matt proposed to her, but she also said that saying yes to Matt’s proposal was the happiest moment of her life.