Meeting cats or dogs without owners, left alone on the streets or at shelters, is such a bitter-sweet experience. What is the most surprising thing is how gentle and sweet they are. These pets just need love and affection, just like everyone else. Most people want to take them home and offer them those things, but not many afford it since they probably have other pets. But there are still many cases of people protecting and nurturing animals in need. Don’t believe me? Check out this story, you’ll be amazed.

20. Artie, The Ginger Kitten

Artie’s life didn’t start very well right from the beginning. His mother left him when he was just a little ball of fur. Things didn’t look very good for him until his luck changed. Fortunately, he was found right on time.

19. Found

The young kitten was saved by the people working at the Animal Care and Control Team in Philadelphia. His saviors were worried sick for the little boy since he was so young and weak. But that did not discourage them one bit!

18. Adorable Kitten

Little Artie was so weak at the moment he was found that he couldn’t even make a sound. The most noticeable thing about him was his purr. What is absolutely adorable is that he usually started purring when he was being held.

17. Alley Cagnazzi Cagnazzi

Alley Cagnazzi is the woman who changed Artie’s life for the better. She works at the shelter, where she occasionally takes cats into foster care. She has a successful past when it comes to finding forever homes for her kitties. And now was Artie’s turn!

16. Foster Care

The day Alley arrived at the shelter, she was looking for another cat to temporarily adopt. As she walked into the kitten nursery room, she noticed a ball of orange fur and fell in love in a second! Tiny Artie found his foster parent so quickly!

15. Young And Loving

Alley loved the little kitten right from the start. “He was so young when I first saw him. He didn’t know how to meow yet, but he made it clear that he loved to be loved. He would purr every time I put him in my hands”, Alley said.

14. Coming Home

When he was brought home, Alley noticed a few fleas on his little body. But don’t you worry, because Alley knew what she was doing! The fleas were removed with a nice, warm bath. Then, Alley dried up the little guy with a towel. Artie was already adjusting really well.

13. The Boyfriend

Alley shares her life with her boyfriend, who also fell in love with young Artie the moment he saw him. “Artie is a really special guy. He started purring the moment I put him in my hands at seven days old”, he said. Then The most incredible thing happened!

12. Time For Food

Now that Artie was all cleaned up, they needed to make sure he was properly fed by bottle. “It took him a few tries to get a hang of the bottle, but once he got it, he loved it”, Alley said. Having an increased appetite was a really good sign!

11. Big Personality

Despite his rough start at life, Artie’s personality is so amazing. The little guy is fearless when it comes to new experiences. He absolutely loves to play with other animals, even though they are considerably bigger than him. But the couple also had to overcome a few challenges…

10. A Lot Of Energy Cagnazzi

“He would run around and go crazy and then curl up on top of us and pass out”, Alley said. For such a tiny guy, Artie sure has a lot of energy stored inside. Naturally, this is a good indicator he is a healthy kitten.

9. Risk

Alley, on the other hand, was a little bit nervous about the whole thing, Artie was her first experience with bottle feeding. “Artie was my first bottle baby. I was so nervous as single bottle babies are always at super high risk of suddenly passing”, she said. Curious how she managed to keep the baby alive and well?

8. Dedication Cagnazzi

Despite her being nervous, it didn’t stop her from taking care of Artie. She showed tremendous dedication to the little guy’s wellbeing. In the first three weeks, Alley got up every two hours to feed Artie and keep him safe and warm.

7. Mother Instincts

“I slept in a separate bedroom and kept him in a soft crate next to my bed. I also had to bring him to work every day in order to feed him during the day. It was a lot of hard (and tiring) work, but it was so, so beyond worth it.”, Alley said.

6. More Cuteness

The moment Artie gathered his strengths and started walking, he would follow the couple around and climb up their arms to snuggle in their necks. “Artie was basically on top of us since he learned how to move around”, she said.

5. Snuggle And Play

Artie turned out to be a very loving kitty with a lot of energy, which is the perfect combination when it comes to pets. “He would run around with our cats, but always came back for a good, warm snuggle.”, Alley added.

4. Sleepy Kitty

Alley’s experience with Artie was one of the best. She would often find the little guy passed out on her boyfriend’s shoulder after play time. The little guy always made sure his foster parents were never alone.

3. Lullabies And Cuddles Cagnazzi

Artie’s foster mom was determined to offer him the best start a life she could offer. “One night I literally rocked him to sleep and sang him a lullaby. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen”, she said.

2. A New Beginning

Two months later, Artie became strong and ready for his new life with his forever family. The tiny boy has found his forever parents and moved in with them.

1.The Change Cagnazzi

Alley and her boyfriend are that kind of people who restore our faith in humanity. They took into their home a helpless and hopeless kitty, took care of him and made sure he didn’t live a life of abandonment as most strays do.