Bribery is always a smart move for animal owners who have resistant dogs. All dogs learn differently, but for training purposes, treats will help get the job done. When you use the right treats with a food-motivated dog, watch out: the learning process accelerates. A dog named Cabron took it to a new level, not only understanding how to get treats but also how to pay for them.

16. Food-Motivated Dogs

Image: Reddit

Dogs love to whine, howl, cry, bark, and make any other sound to get your attention at dinner time. Some people find it easier to resist these tactics than others. All dog owners find their pups irresistible, leading to an easy path for treats for the enterprising dog. However, some dogs have even more intelligence and can see a few steps ahead.

15. Master of Money

Image: Facebook

A dog who once lived on the streets of Mexico named Cabron became pretty adept at getting his treat of choice: the hot dog. But when his begging didn’t result in enough of the sausage tubes, the dog decided he needed to find out how the humans were getting all those hot dogs! Much to everyone’s surprise, he mastered the idea of money.

14. A Desire for Hot Dogs

Image: Facebook

Dogs obviously do not use money, but Cabron gave it a good shot. This smart dog decided he should mimic what people do to get food. A businessman named Sergio Vasquez witnessed Cabron’s efforts while he was on his delivery route. When he walked to the vendor’s window for a hot dog, Cabron wasted no time on his approach. But it was what the dog did next that made Vasquez whip out the video camera.

13. Pesos

Image: Facebook

As Vasquez holds a peso in one hand and a camera in the other, other people motion him to interact with the dog, who they are all familiar with. Cabron immediately snatches up the peso in his mouth and then strolls over to the hot dog stand. See, he totally understands modern capitalism: pesos pay for hot dogs.

12. One Hot Dog, Please!

Image: Facebook

Cabron then stands on his hind legs – just like any other hungry person – and puts both front paws on the counter. Then he drops the peso in front of the vendor. “That’ll be one delicious hot dog, please!” The amused vendor accepts the peso and sets about filling the order. Meanwhile, Cabron wags his tail knowing that he just ordered a hot dog.

11. Wagging His Tail

Image: Facebook

Cabron has obviously mastered the art of getting money and using it to buy hot dogs. As he patiently waits, he can’t help but wag his tail in excitement. A hot dog is prepared, without a bun, and then brought out for Cabron to enjoy. How cute is that! This dog is quite the little entrepreneur. Vasquez was floored by the dog’s efforts.

10. Special Delivery

Image: Facebook

A minute later, a hot dog without a bun is delivered to the hungry dog. This story has an extra happing ending since the hotdog vendor decided to adopt Cabron. He no longer roams the streets, but now he has access to hot dogs whenever he wants. And who knows what’s next – a lemonade stand?

9. Cabron the Man

Image: Facebook

Dogs are very observant about the world around them, but few have been so clever as Cabron. It’s not as if he learned these skills by going through a training class, he picked them up from people who gave him tips. One wonders how he would react if he were ever truly trained in a class.

8. Dog-Lover

Image: Gypsy Nomad

Vasquez describes himself as a dog lover and said that Cabron really stood out to him as a remarkable dog.  “I celebrate all dogs, but this one is something very special. It warmed my heart to see what he does. He does this to everyone who comes to the store.” It sounds like Vasquez considered adopting the dog himself! Almost everyone who has a dog can relate to his experience.

7. Moment of Ecstasy

Image: Christian Vieler

Dogs beg for treats in hilarious ways. The internet is filled with amusing videos and photographs of dogs who pulled out all the stops in their quest. Photographer Christian Vieler takes portraits of dogs at the moment right before a dog gets his paws – and jaws – on a treat. And the results are amazing.

6. Gimme That Treat!

Image: Christian Vieler

Vieler has been taking photos of dogs since 2012. “Every shoot I am looking for that specific moment when the dog is looking as cute or funny as they can be,” he said. “That cannot be seen without the power of freezing motion – dog’s faces with magnificent lineaments, telling us stories of panic, desire, and joy.”

5. Dogs Use Deception for Treats

Image: Cheezburger

Dogs are more sophisticated thinkers than they are often given credit for. A new study concluded that dogs are capable of deception in pursuit of their favorite treats. The study introduced dogs to two kinds of humans: one who was cooperative and would give them plenty of treats, and one who was more withholding who would not give the treats. Over the first day, dogs showed a clear preference for the cooperative person.

4. Upping the Ante

Image: Facebook

Then the study upped the ante: they were shown three boxes of treats. One box contained a sausage, one a dry biscuit and the other empty. Of course, dogs easily learned that one box had the most preferable sausage, while the empty box was the worst. It was here that dogs truly distinguished themselves: they would repeatedly select the cooperative human and take them to the sausage box.

3. Tactical Deception

Image: Victoria Sitwell Photograpy

Conservesely, when dogs were presented with the person who doesn’t give away treats easily, the dogs would more often lead that person to the empty box. Researchers concluded that the dogs knew that the withholding person was more stingy, and didn’t want to waste their shot at the sausage by leading them to their preferred treat. It’s as if they said, “Why should I tell that selfish person where the best treat [is] if it means that I will never get it?” the study’s authors concluded.

2. Switching Places in Line

Image: YouTube

This is probably not surprising to dog owners. The man in this video captured the moment when his dog switched places in line in order to get more treats. First, he is at the end of the line, waiting with his siblings as dad hands out the good stuff. However, he has been through the routine before and knows that this is just the first treat. So he improvises a plan.

1. Success!

Image: YouTube

After the dog gets his treat, he moves swiftly to the front of the line, in front of his siblings. Now he is first in line and can get another treat. It goes without saying that his next move was probably back to the end of the line, where he could successfully double-dip, snatching a few extra treats. Dogs do the funniest things in pursuit of food!