Calvin Klein is one of the world’s most famous designers and everyone who follows the latest fashion trends knows about him. However, what many people don’t know about Calvin Klein is that his life wasn’t always glamorous. The man had to build his career from the ground up. Not just that, but Calvin Klein also went through a terrific experience when his young daughter got on a bus to go to school, but sadly, she never made it to class that day.

20. Famous Designer

Ask anyone about who are the fashion designers that they know and Calvin Klein is going to be one of the first names that pop up in their minds. This is how famous Calvin Klein is right now, but things weren’t always like this.

19. Losing Marci

Calvin Klein had to struggle to make it in the fashion industry and when he finally started getting some recognition, his daughter was kidnaped! With that said, today we are going to show you the tragic story of when Calvin Klein’s daughter was abducted and almost never made it home.

18. Successful Career

The now-famous designer was 35-years-old and no one knew his name. Even though he was working as hard as he could, he couldn’t get a break and there wasn’t any clothing company that wanted to work with him.

17. New Clothing Line

Things started getting better for Calvin Klein when he partnered with Barry Schwartz and launched their own line of clothing. This is when fashion enthusiasts noticed how good Calvin Klein really is and they demanded more clothes.

16. Popular Designer

Calvin Klein was now a famous fashion designer and his life couldn’t get any better. Unfortunately, Calvin Klein was not living in paradise and he still had to deal with some setbacks…

15. The Divorce

Despite becoming famous and making money, things were not perfect in Calvin Klein’s life. His wife decided that she wants to divorce him, but that’s not all. The wife wanted to take something important from Calvin Klein’s life…

14. Taking Marci Away

The wife argued that Calvin Klein is living a crazy life that is not suitable for a child and she took Marci away. This broke Calvin Klein’s heart, but little did he know, Marci would now need his help more than ever.

13. Going To School

The tragic story started on February 3, 1978 when Marci hopped on a bus to go to her school. The school was only a couple of blocks away, but Marci never made it to class.

12. The Bus

Even though Marci was only 11-years-old, she already knew how to take the bus alone and how to get to school without needing any assistance. Her mother was proud of Marci because she managed to take care of herself, but leaving her alone on a bus was never a good idea.

11. The School

Marci went to Dalton School on East 89th Street which is close to her home. Unfortunately, the little girl was convinced by a familiar face to get out at the first bus stop. You won’t believe who is the stranger that did this.

10. Paule Ransay Lewis

The stranger that convinced Marci to get off the bouse is Paule Ransay Lewis. This woman was a caretaker for Marci when she was little and therefore, the young girl trusted her. Check out the next picture to see what lies Paule told Marci in order to get her off the bus.

9. Lies

Paule told Marci that her father, Calvin Klein, is sick and that he needs to see her. Marci got worried when she heard this and she wanted to go to her father and make sure that he was okay.

8. Bad Plans

Unfortunately for Marci, as soon as she got out the bus, Paule forced her into a taxi. Not just that, but Paule gagged, tied up and blindfolded Marci. This was a kidnapping and Marci needed to find a way out.

7. The Hiding Spot

Paule and her partner took the young girl to a hiding spot and they started planning how to get money from Calvin Klein. Without giving it too much thought, Paule called Calvin Klein and told him what’s going on. You will never believe how the famous designer reacted to this phone call.

6. The Phone Call

Calvin Klein was in shock when he heard that his daughter has been kidnapped. Paule asked for $100,000 in order to let Marci go. The famous designer agreed and promised that he will deliver the money. Although, this is not the only thing that Calvin Klein did.

5. Calling The Police

Seconds after the phone call with the kidnapper was finished, Calvin Klein called the police and told them what’s going on. Good thing he did because the police was about to help him track the kidnappers.

4. Pan Am Building

The kidnappers told Calvin Klein to deliver the $100,000 in front of the Pan Am Building. Calvin Klein agreed, but what he didn’t tell them is that the cash is marked with an invisible spray that will help the police track them down.

3. Marci Is Safe

Calvin Klein delivered the money and he found Marci in one of the rooms at the Pan Am building. Although, our story is not over because the police still needed to find Paule and her partner in crime.

2. Catching The Kidnappers

Fortunately, the kidnappers were not that clever and they used the marked money. The NYPD was able to locate them and catch them. The interesting thing about this is that Pauile tried to spin off the story as if Calvin Klein asked them to kidnap Marci so that the media would talk about his name and his clothes sell better. Do you think this is true?

1. Going To Prison

The NYPD tested Paule with a lie detected and they found out that she was making all this up. Not just that, but the NYPD sent Paule and her partner to jail for 25 years. Isn’t it great when stories like this have a happy ending?