Sometimes you see something so amazing that you need to do a double-take because you can’t believe your eyes! Well, this is exactly what we are going to show you today… the story of a man suffering from cerebral palsy who despite all odds, got in a bike race against the best in the world. Get ready to be amazed because you will never meet someone more amazing than Kyle Pease and his brother Brent.

20. THE TOUGHEST FIGHT Walking with KPeasy

While most people get angry when they have to deal with every day issues such as having a bad day at work or losing your keys, Kyle Pease is fighting the toughest battle of his life right from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep.


Kyle Pease suffers from cerebral palsy and this makes his life a living hell. However, Kyle Pease never lets this get in way of having fun and achieving his dreams, as impossible as they might be!

18. WINNER Walking with KPeasy

If there is one word that can categorize Kyle Pease, then it must be a winner! Despite drawing a short straw in life and having to battle with cerebral palsy every single moment, Kyle never backs down from a challenge.

17. BROTHERLY LOVE Walking with KPeasy

Kyle Pease goes on amazing ironman races with his brother Brent. The two love to race together and Brent says that he would never want to compete without his brother, it just wouldn’t be the same.

16. MEET BRENT Walking with KPeasy

Brent is a strong athlete who loves nothing more than to test his skill against the best in the world. The cool thing about Brent though is not his competitive spirit, but the fact that he takes his brother Kyle with him on every race. The two are in this together.

15. STARTING A FOUNDATION Walking with KPeasy

Kyle and Brent have started their own foundation where they raise money by racing in all types of bike races. Not just that, but they also race on the water with kayaks. Keep reading to find out what is the purpose of their foundation.

14. HELPING OTHERS Walking with KPeasy

Kyle and Brent have started their foundation because they want to help other people who might suffer from cerebral palsy. Brent knows that he always has his brother back, but he also knows that there are people with cerebral palsy who don’t have a big brother to help them out.

13. NOT AFRAID TO GET WET Walking with KPeasy

As we can clearly see from the picture above, the two brothers are not afraid to get wet. They get in all types of races and use their popularity to raise money to help the ones in need. Isn’t this amazing?

12. DIFFICULT CHALLENGES Walking with KPeasy

As we are sure you can imagine, living with cerebral palsy can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, Brent is always there to motivate Kyle to take on every challenge with a big smile on his face and conquer any adversity.


The two brothers are fearless and there’s no doubt about that. Who else do you know that could get in a bike race against the best in the world while suffering from cerebral palsy?

10. STAYING IN SHAPE Walking with KPeasy

Even though it might seem like Brent does all the heavy lifting, this is not the case. Both brothers need to stay in shape so that they can finish their races and this is what makes Kyle’s story so incredible.

9. STRONG AND MOTIVATED Walking with KPeasy

Brent says that nothing keeps him more motivated than the thought of his brother wanting to win a race. He really is a good brother and we can be sure that Brent is always going to stay in shape so that he can help Kyle achieve his dreams.

8. SPORTS Walking with KPeasy

Kyle has loved sports since he was a little kid, but he couldn’t participate in them. This broke Brent’s heart and its one of the main reasons why he keeps racing to this day.

7. TEAMMATES Walking with KPeasy

When asked about how he feels about his brother suffering from cerebral palsy, Brent said that he doesn’t really think about that too much. He sees his brother as his teammate who helps him get through difficult races.


If there’s something we can be certain about, then it must be the fact that Bert and Kyle love each other. There aren’t that many brothers who have such a great relationship and this makes the two brothers special.

5. BIG FAMILY Walking with KPeasy

Kyle has a big family and they all support him and Brent. Their family is always at the finish line waiting for the two brothers so that they can cheer them up.

4. HOPING FOR A CURE Walking with KPeasy

Even though Kyle has achieved much more than any other person with cerebral palsy has ever done, he is not shy to say that he wishes that doctors would find a cure. He wants to be the one who pushes Brent for one time….

3. NEVER GIVE UP Walking with KPeasy

Kyle is an inspiration to us all and the fact that he never gives up shows us just how much the power of will matters. 

2. THE RIGHT THING Walking with KPeasy

What’s even more amazing about Kyle and Brent is the fact that they are using their popularity to do a good thing. They are raising money for other disabled people and this makes the challenge of racing for hundreds of miles worth it.

1. AWESOME STORY Walking with KPeasy

What did you think of this awesome story? Did you ever think that a man who suffers from cerebral palsy can get on a bike with his brother and compete against the best in the world?