image from: (by: Ledbetter Architect)

Ever have a really bad day when you just want to go…. design something?

That was actually the impetus behind this creative home addition.

The caption directly below this photo on Flickr reads:

We lost a giant sugar maple that sat right in the middle of this photograph, and salved our wounds by re-knitting (re-landscaping) the house into the land.

image from: (by: Ledbetter, Architect)

I’ve always been a big believer that there’s no better way to work out life’s little follies than to design and build a non-sensical addition to a traditional house. This person just had cojones and the technical know-how to actually pull it off.

image from: (by: Ledbetter, Architect)

Known on Flickr as: “Ledbetter, Architect” this fellow [or gal… or couple?] posted a whole crop of photos of his/her creation which is named: Blue Winged House.

image from: (by: Ledbetter, Architect)

The house’s name is derived from those blue wingy-looking things jutting out for (seemingly) no reason at all.

image from: (by: Ledbetter, Architect)

Normally my Irish comes out and I cuss and swear (or scream at my kids) when something goes wrong. But this is a MUCH more productive way to deal with adversity – don’t you think?

image from: (by: Ledbetter, Architect)

To view the full collection of Ledbetter Architect’s photos, plans, and elevation drawings, see the Blue Winged House flickr page.


What about you? Ever design anything wildly creative out of angst?