Even though flying with an airplane has been proven to be the safest way to travel the world, people are still afraid to get on planes. Although, who can blame them? If something does go wrong on a plane, there is nowhere that you can go and this is why flying is so terrifying to most people. However, what a woman named Kristen Wiley experienced while the airplane was still on the tarmac will send shivers down your spine!

20. Long Line


Don’t you hate the long lines that you have to sit through whenever you board a plane? This is the most annoying thing about choosing to fly instead of driving somewhere…

19. Security Check Up


As if waiting in line for half an hour is not enough, passengers still have to go and get checked up by the TSA. On the bright side of things, the TSA does this in order to make sure that all flights are safe.

18. Boarding The Plane


After you wait in the long lines and get your baggage checked up, you finally get to board the plane. This is where things start getting better, right? Well, this wasn’t the case for Kristen Wiley.

17. Meet Kristen Wiley

facebook.com/Kristen Wiley

The woman in this picture is Kristen Wiley and what happened to her one day while flying with Alaska Airlines will shock you! Make sure to stick around for the next pictures to find out why Kristen’s plane wouldn’t move.

16. She Is Anxious

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Kristen was anxious to get home to her three kids and her husband. Unfortunately, the plane would not take off. Something strange was going on and Kristen could feel it in her gut…

15. Flying Off


For some unknown reason, the plane would not fly off. Kristen was already buckled in and she was ready for the liftoff, but this wasn’t happening. The worst thing about this is that the crew didn’t tell the passengers why the plane is still sitting on the tarmac.

14. What’s Going On?

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At first, Kristen was not scared. She realized that the pilots might be checking the engines before they leave, but after half an hour, Kristen started getting worried. Will she ever arrive home?

13. Safe Flights


The reason why Kristen chose Alaska Airline is that this company is known for safe flights. Kristen wanted to get home as fast as she could, but the plane would just not move. This is when Kristen heard a scream!!

12. Someone Is Screaming


An elderly lady started screaming and everyone was terrified. Kristen started asking herself what’s going on. She was determined to find out the truth and she pressed the button to get a flight attendant to come to her seat.

11. Going Home

facebook.com/Kristen Wiley

Kristen was having scary thoughts after she heard the scream. She started thinking about her family and this nearly brought her to tears. Luckily, the flight attendant arrived and told her what’s going on.

10. Elderly Lady


The flight attendant told Kristen that there is an elderly lady on the plane who suffers from dementia. The woman is scared and the crew is trying to get her to calm down. What do you think Kristen had to say about this?

9. Safe Hands


Kristen was calmed after she learned what’s going on. She knew that she was in safe hands and she stopped worrying about not getting home.

8. Helpful Crew


The flight crew started talking to the elderly woman in order to calm her down. The woman was feeling safe now that the flight attendants were with her and she stopped yelling. What happens next is so amazing that Kristen had to take a picture of it.

7. Calming Down

facebook.com/Kristen Wiley

Kristen took this picture which shows us one of the flight attendants trying to calm down the elderly lady. Kristen was amazed to see how helpful the attendants were and she decided to make a Facebook post about it.

6. The Facebook Post


Kristen was still amazed by the way the flight attendants handled the situation and she made a Facebook post about it. You will never believe what Kristen had to say in the post…

5. Dedicated Employees


Kristen said in the Facebook post that the flight attendants of Alaska Airlines are dedicated to their jobs and that they treated the situation really well. Kristen was impressed.

4. Flying Home


Even though the crew needed 45 minutes to get the elderly woman who has dementia to calm down, the plane was finally taking off. Kristen was headed home and she couldn’t be happier.

3. Kristen And Her Mom

facebook.com/Kristen Wiley

Kristen didn’t get mad at the fact that an elderly woman delayed her plane. She imagined that the elderly woman could be her mother and that she wouldn’t get mad at her for having a breakdown.

2. First Class


The most amazing thing about this story is that it shows that Alaska Airlines will treat everyone like they are flying first class, even though they might be seated in the economy section of the plane.

1. Back To Her Boys

facebook.com/Kristen Wiley

It didn’t take long for the plane to land and for Kristen to arrive back to her three boys. Nonetheless, do you think the Alaska Airline flight attendants did a great job the way they handled this situation?