Sometimes all it takes to save a life is being in the right place at the right time. Romanian rescue organization Howl of the Dog has the knack for being there for animals in need. In July of 2018, the group rescued a dog with a serious broken leg. Thankfully, their efforts meant he was rehabilitated and on his way to a new home within no time.

13. A Surprising Discovery

Image: Howl of a Dog

Late in July, one of the members of Howl of a Dog was on her way home from the veterinary clinic. Howl of a Dog is a Romanian-based rescue organization that cares for dogs. That night, the rescuer was driving down a country road when she saw something moving in the brush. She quickly figured out it was a black and brown dog.

12. Stray Dog

Image: Howl of a Dog

The rescuer stopped her vehicle. She had spotted a dog rummaging through the brush where he was being scratched by low-hanging branches. Immediately, she could see the dog had no home. He was very thin and she could see all of his ribs. But that wasn’t the only thing wrong with the poor pup.

11. In Need of Help

Image: Howl of a Dog

The rescuer saw the dog favoring one leg. It was holding the other front leg awkwardly. That’s when she realized that the dog had a broken leg. The rescuer knew she needed to catch the dog so she could get the badly broken leg medical care as soon as possible. If the dog remained in the countryside for much longer, he would not survive his injuries.

10. Broken Leg

Image: Howl of a Dog

The rescuer called out to the dog. Amazingly, he didn’t hesitate to run straight toward her, limping along on three legs. Once he made it to the rescuer, the dog leaped right into her arms. The dog was smart enough to know he needed help and the woman was there to provide it for him. He was so relieved to have found someone who cared.

9. Starving

Image: Howl of a Dog

The rescuer gave the cute dog the name Vlad. Thankfully, she had plenty of supplies in her car. She carefully put a leash around Vlad and directed him into the car. On the way home, she realized that he was starving.  “He was so hungry that he desperately grabbed a box of tissues we had in the car and tried to eat them,” she said in a YouTube video.

8. Safe

Image: Howl of a Dog video

Now Vlad was safe and sound away from the busy road, and hopefully, they would have the answer about his leg. Taking him to the rescue clinic, the rescuer made sure he was comfortable. At the Howl of a Dog clinic, the rescuer gave him a huge bowl of food. 

7. Double Fracture

Image: Howl of a Dog

Then it was off to the X-ray bay to get a good look at that broken front leg. It turns out that Vlad had a pretty serious double fracture of his leg. It probably was the result of being hit by a car. The vet estimated the fracture to be almost a week old, meaning Vlad really suffered for a long time all alone.

6. Surgery and Recovery

Image: Howl of a Dog

Now Vlad was in the right hands for a speedy recovery. The vet took Vlad in for surgery and they reset his broken leg. The surgery was a success. While he was in recovery, he got extra TLC: plenty of food, treats, bones, and pets. Vlad was extremely grateful to his rescuers.

5. Healed Up

Image: Howl of a Dog

It only took a few weeks for Vlad to heal up. Not only did he gain some weight, but his leg also healed so well that you would never know it was broken. Vlad was soon running around the backyard at the clinic as if he had never even broken his leg. He went home with the woman who rescued him while he waited for an adopter.

4. 6,000 Miles Away

Image: Howl of a Dog

In the meantime, Howl of a Dog went about finding a forever home for this special dog. It did not take too long to find a person who wanted to become Vlad’s permanent family. A man in Arizona adopted him. Curt was so committed to Vlad that he made arrangements to bring the dog 6,000 miles to Los Angeles.

3. Road Trip

Image: Howl of a Dog

Vlad endured a 400-mile road trip by car from Romania to the Vienna airport and then spent a long flight to L.A. Curt picked him up in L.A. and then drove him home to Phoenix, Arizona. Vlad was always curious about the flight and seemed to be smiling all the way. His rescuers said he seemed to know something amazing was waiting for him on the other side of the world.

2. Sister Gemini

Image: Facebook

All Vlad wanted was a safe house with people who loved him. Now he has settled in very well with Curt. He even has a new dog sister, Gemini, who is described as “a sweet and handsome pit/lab mix.” Vlad loves hanging out with his sister, playing and even splashing in his new swimming pool.

1. Teamwork

Image: Howl of a Dog

Vlad not only has a new home, but he also has a new dog sister. He was once lost and in pain, and now lives a great life, thanks to the dedicated staff at Howl of a Dog and the many volunteers and people who contributed money to make sure Vlad got the best medical care. Last but not least, Curt stepped up and took the dog on an incredible journey around the world.