We always hear about kittens seeking comfort in dogs even though these two species don’t always get along. If they don’t end up being rescued and placed in a family, at least they have each other after being abandoned by their own families.

This adorable pair that you’re about to meet was found cuddling on the streets of Virginia. They were protecting and keeping each other company while also waiting for someone to come and rescue them. Who saw them and decided to get involved? – let’s find out!


20. The Good Samaritan

Facebook.com/Angela Ward

A Good Samaritan was walking down the street about three weeks ago. While he was passing by a soccer field, he spotted something. He needed a second look to see what it was and that’s when he realized…

19. The Adorable Pair

Facebook.com/Angela Ward

He spotted a kitten cuddled up to a dog. Thankfully it wasn’t cold outside so they weren’t freezing, but they were caught in the most adorable embrace. They looked like they were waiting for the man to see them and save their life.

18. Splitting Them Up


Even though they both wanted to be saved, there was no way to split them. They looked like they were glued to each other, not moving a single muscle. The pooch and tiny kitten were probably scared of people but little did they know, the man who found them was about to change their lives.

17. The Saver


When Angela Ward saw the picture of the animals, she decided something needs to be done. She took her daughter Madison and her friend Kristin Schultz and rushed to the field wanting to help. She just hoped the pair would still be there by the time she arrives.

16. The Rescuers Confessed


According to Love Meow, Angela said that all three of them are huge animal lovers and they can’t let them be in danger. After seeing them cuddling between the porta-potties, something came to her mind…

15. The Danger

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Angela knew there are coyotes coming out at night in the area of the field and the little friends would not stand a chance. With that being said, they made a plan and began their mission. However, somebody was not letting them proceed with this plan…

14. The Overprotective Friend


Every time they tried to approach the couple, the dog would growl because he was very protective of his feline friend. The tuxedo kitten knew it is safe with him so he would not leave his side. They could not let them be devoured by other creatures so the women did this amazing thing…

13. Professionals Involved


They asked for help from Animal Control, but they said it would take a while until they could come to the scene. But Angela wasn’t willing to risk losing the pup and kitten as he was already scared and willing to be left alone. Then she came up with this…

12. The Great Idea

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As the kitten and the dog were very bonded, they would only leave together, so while waiting for the troops, the girls decided to wait on both sides do the porta-potties so they would not lose them. Do you think it worked?

11. Help Is Here

Saver of Souls Pet Rescue

The rescuer had finally arrived and got the kitten and the dog to safety. They both needed medical assistance so they didn’t stop until reaching the vet’s office. Everyone was nervous as the two could have suffered from unknown diseases considering the place where they were found…

10. What Was Happening To Them?

Saver of Souls Pet Rescue

After numerous tests, it turned out the pooch was completely healthy. Not only that but he also started wagging his tail, giving kisses to the staff and encouraging his tiny friend to do the same. As for the kitten, we don’t have such good news…

9. The Kitten


According to the rescuers it looked like the tuxedo kitten wasn’t at his best. He had small patches of fur missing and it kept scratching those parts. It was clearly a skin disease that needed to be treated, but nothing serious. The pair was now healthy and ready to start looking for new homes.

As they were taken to the shelter, a new issue came to their attention…

8. No One’s Pets

Saver of Souls Pet Rescue

The shelter posted online a few photos of the two, hoping that someone would come and claim them. Maybe they were only lost pets after all. But no person came for them so they were set for adoption. Would someone adopt them?

7. More Bad News


Unfortunately, it if were for the shelter to adopt the pair, there was no certainty that they would have been kept together because people are rarely looking to adopt pairs of animals. This was when another association came in to help.

6. Saver Of Souls Pet Rescue

Saver of Souls Pet Rescue

After the case of the kitten and the dog was heard by Saver of Souls Pet Rescue, a local rescue in Virginia, they decided to get involved. Why?

5. Why Did They Come To Help?


The Saver of Souls Pet Rescue realized that if the pair is split, they might end up depressed because they would miss each other. The rescue could not bear that thought, so they decided to do something for them.

4. The Rescue


The rescue team took in the pair and decided to keep them until they can find a home that would not separate them. They told Love Meow that the sweet friends could not be separated and if they can help, why not do it?

3. Adorable Name

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The Saver of Souls Pet rescue thought it is now the best time to name the cute couple. The tuxedo kitten is a girl, and she was named Morticia. On the other hand, the dog is a Chihuahua mix boy who was named Gomez.

2. How Are They Now?

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The dog and the kitten can’t be separated, and they love doing everything together. Gomez might come as shy to some people, but when Morticia is around, he gets braver. They even take naps together in the same bed.

1.The Happy Ending

Facebook.com/Angela Ward

According to the rescue organization, the cute pair is now doing great. They are healthy, happy and receive lots of love, kisses, and hugs from their foster family. Once they are neutered and spayed, they will be available for adoption.