James recently bought a flat in an apartment in the happening city of Bengaluru. A sprawling 2-BHK flat, facing the nearby serene lake. But soon, James realized that his flat was failing to accommodate the ever-increasing number of furnishing articles that he was bringing home. Worse, he needed all of those things, yet his flat had no room for more furniture.

Dear reader, are you finding yourself in James’ shoes? If yes, then you are amongst the thousands of other people who are dying for more furniture at home, yet whose homes are dying for more room to breathe. However, mankind –creative as it always has been – has come up with awesome furnishing designs these days, that can double up or even triple up or even beyond that to mitigate this issue. If you are wondering what I am talking about, then hold my hand and prepare as I take you on a visit to eight homes that will amaze you with multifunctional furnishing designs that are surprisingly versatile.

  1. Shelving chairs

Yes, you read it correct – shelving chairs. Although that is not an official term, yet just imagine how would it feel if your chairs could also act as shelves for magazines and books? Cannot imagine? Don’t worry! Domus Chair will help you to understand the design. It is a chair that harbors a modular bookcase. Just sit on the chair and beneath you will lie arranged a collection of your favorite books, which you can pull out anytime and read for leisure. This piece of furniture not only saves space but also adds elegance to your room.

Domus-Chair-by-Andrea-Mangano domus-chair-bookcase domus-cahir-divers


  1. The sexy slot sofas

Have you ever felt the lack of space in your home when guests came home unexpected? It is a common scene when guests or relatives arrive uninformed; we begin to pull stools and chairs to make them comfortable. This assumes a bigger headache after they leave, as everything has to be put back in place just to be pulled out the next time. The Slot Sofa promises to drive a nail in the coffin of this problem. You don’t need to worry about searching and pulling coffee tables and chairs when you have this piece of furniture at home. Designed by Matthew Pauk, the Slot Sofa helps remove clutter and manage space with a hideaway dual ottoman and coffee table.

Tuck the coffee table inside to present yourself with a divider between two seats, perfect for a board game or a game of arm wrestling. Pull it out and there you go! A coffee table is ready along with two cushions, which were secretly tucked under the sofa, to rest your feet on. The cushions are secured magnetically, which avoids sliding off the wooden frame.

Slot-Sofa-by-Matthew-Pauk furniture-series-4-matthew-pauks-slot-sofa1


  1. Retractable beds

What if your friend visited your home for a party and then asked for a place in your room to sleep for the night and you showed him a desk? It will look rude, right? Well, no more! Poppi Desk is a great space saver as it looks like a desk in the day but turns out to be a bed by the night. Try it out if you don’t have space to keep a bed in your room.



  1. Your coffee, your way

Don’t think twice when I say that your coffee table can house an arm-chair as well as a side table. The design of the Coffee Table by Daniel Pearlman can be deceiving. The design looks like a long coffee table. But when the side table and the arm chair are pulled from under the mantle of the table, the trio makes up for a mesmerizing interior. Moreover, the side table also functions as the chest of a drawer. What else can be a better candidate for saving space and yet add beauty to your room?



  1. What’s in a stool?

The answer is, “a lot”. A stool is no longer a boring piece of furniture. What if I told you that your stool can also be a magazine rack? “Un Stool” is a furniture that can take up the form of a magazine rack in the space-saver mode, and can metamorphose into a little table when pulled out.

The exterior is made of eco-plastic and the table is made of sustainable plywood.



  1. Folding Ironing Board

Your husband is waiting for you downstairs for going out to party. He is already fed up of the time that you are taking for your make-up. Minutes later, you hear him blowing the horn of his car in frustration, asking you to hurry up. You have just ironed your pretty black dress. But you cannot leave until you smoothen out all the creases and find yourself perfectly dressed for the party. What do you do? Will you just wear the dress and run? Or will you admire yourself in the mirror, only to fuel your husband’s wrath?

Don’t worry; Aissa Logerot has designed the solution for you. The Folding Iron Board and Mirror helps you to save time by flipping back into a full-length mirror. The board has two faces – one that of an ironing board and the other is that of a mirror. This furniture not only saves space but also removes clutter from your room. What can be a better option than this if you have to perform the tasks of ironing and dressing consecutively and are short of time?



  1. Enjoy coffee with Nikka

How many times has it happened with you that you fail to find a place in your apartment where you can work on your laptop, sipping amazing coffee and be close to nature? You may think of going to café to achieve this purpose. But wait! Why to go out when Nika is here.

Nikka is a lift-top coffee table whose height can be adjusted easily within seconds. Nikka doubles up as a coffee table and a laptop workstation. And that’s not all. The applications of Nikka are limited just by your imagination. Remove your laptop and coffee mug and the desk is ready for dinner. And wait! There is a storage compartment inside Nikka, in which you can keep your favourite magazines and newspapers, just to pull them out in the nick off coffee time.




  1. Seats

The furnishing article that takes a lot of space in our drawing rooms is the seat. Around four to five seats are required in almost every room for people to sit. But when the room is vacant, it unnecessarily consumes space, leading to clutter. Guess who is solving this problem?

Cubista is here at your rescue. Cubista can be converted into five separate seats. The furniture houses four bases that snuggle inside the structure. Just remove the sides of this ottoman and fix them to each of the bases to create five comfortable padded seats and also create a table for your perusal.


You may not be always able to create more room with money. But a little money spent on these furniture pieces will certainly go a long way to remove clutter in your homes and make your abode look elegant. So, what are you waiting for? Open a new tab right now and check for these furnishing designs.