Chop! Toss! And Splash! How many times has it happened with you while cooking that the moment you add a new ingredient in your amazing recipe or sauté the preparations, oil splashes out and the droplets jump to hug the wall between the counter top and wall cabinets? Well, if you are a chef or even a hobbyist cook, this must be a very common sight for you. What is the solution? Backsplash! Yes, kitchen backsplash are placed on the kitchen wall between the counter top and wall cabinets, to protect the walls from staining. The zones close to the sink and stove are protected as well.

But backsplash soon becomes the face of your kitchen and hence, must look elegant in design. Wondering how to get a chic look to your kitchen? Don’t worry; House Crazy has the solutions for you. Let us take you through 8 kitchens that will display the peppy backsplashes ideal for your kitchen.

  1. Stainless Steel

Have you ever thought that the material that makes up your plates and utensils can also adorn the walls of your kitchen? Well, if not, then fire up your imagination. Stainless steel has become a fad these days with backsplash lovers. Stainless steel promises durability and easy clean up. Don’t frown about the finishing. The backsplash won’t look like a flattened piece of utensil. The finishing to the backsplash can vary from hammered to brushed to even smooth. This makes the stainless steel backsplash a versatile one. If you are still wondering how it will look like in your kitchen, get a glimpse of our kitchen below.



  1. Cork

Each time you opened the bottle of champagne, hardly did you ever know that the cork you discard can become a thing of beauty and can beautify your kitchen like nothing else. Cork has today found another use along with having a place of champagne bottle or under horse legs. Just imagine a layer of cork on the walls of your kitchen. Yes, cork has become an option for backsplashes these days. Cork is buoyant, water-resistant and anti-static. It also has antimicrobial properties. And what else? Cork has the ability to bounce back to its original shape even if put under stress. This property of resilience makes cork an ideal option for making backsplashes.



  1. Tiles

This is perhaps not something uncommon or something which you had never thought of. Tiles are a great option and perhaps the safest one as well as you can be assured of innumerable designs with this option. It is the most popular option as well as it is easy to install and also easy to maintain and look after. If you think of colors, tiles can perhaps present themselves in all the colors that you can ever think of. Size is never a problem with tiles. And these days, tiles have also adorned shapes different than the usual rectangle and square. Tiles give you the perfect option of customizing the kitchen backsplash the way you want. Get some tiles to express your creativity in your kitchen.



  1. Stone

Who says that you cannot leave any stone unturned for your kitchen? Well, if you want an elegant backsplash, then this is exactly what you have to do. Take stones in your hand, turn them around and immortalize them on your backsplash. Stone backsplashes are a fad these days because of their natural look and the uniqueness they bring along with them. These days, interior designers are trying the idea of stacked pebbles on the wall that gives a feeling of lakeside. Just get hold of some pebbles of nearly identical size, avoid visible grout around each stone and the kitchen lakeside-style backsplash is ready.



  1. Mirrors

“Mirror, mirror on the wall; which kitchen is beautiful of all?” Imagine asking this question to your backsplash – how will it feel? Well, although this may seem to be fantasy, yet this is growingly becoming true these days. Installing mirrors as backsplash are not only becoming a style statement these days, but are also adding an altogether different charm to the interior design of the kitchen. They are quite affordable and are also easy to maintain. Forget all the stain removers and polishes required for tiles and laminates. Just take a piece of cloth, soak it in water and there you go! The mirrors can be cleaned just by wiping with a cloth. And once cleaned, they brighten up as well. What more? Once installed, they give the illusion of a larger kitchen and hence, mirrors become a distinct and unique feature in your hub of cooking.



  1. Wood

Do you want to be close to nature while cooking? If yes, then this option may be for you. Many people don’t feel too close to nature by just being close to vegetables and fruits. They need the surroundings to take them in the lap of nature. And this is where the backsplash made of wood can help you immensely. Having wood as backsplash is a creative idea as it is not only environment friendly but also easy to maintain. Once sealed, wood proves to be durable and resilient. Moreover, it also adds a warm touch to your kitchen and keeps it warm in winters.



  1. Wallpaper

The kitchen backsplash design can be as elaborate and as minimalistic with this option. Just add a wallpaper to add magnificence to your kitchen. Wallpapers prove to be under budget and hence, help you to customize your kitchen keeping your pocket safe. However, if the wallpaper gets torn somewhere, it snatches away all the essence of your beautiful kitchen and becomes an eyesore. So, in case you feel that you can take care of the wallpapers pasted on the wall, then go ahead and try it.



  1. Glass

Before you ask any question, please wait! Yes, it does sound similar to having mirrors installed in your kitchen, but believe us, mirror and glass are two different things altogether, especially in interior design. The glass backsplashes will do all the work that mirrors do, but they just won’t reflect your image back. Glass backsplashes are easy to clean and once cleaned, they brighten up the place. And the glass need not be transparent, although you can keep it so if you wish to. Try out different colors of glass panes and install them in your kitchen to give it an unique look and feel, something that will make the jaws of your envious neighbors drop. The glass backsplashes promise to add a modern and contemporary touch to your sweet kitchen, making you return to the place every day, every moment.




So, what are you waiting for? Spice up your kitchen with any of the eight backsplashes that we have recommended and become the subject of envy for your friends and neighbors.