Have some guests coming at your home for the weekend? Maybe it’s your friends, or your parents and you’d like to be prepared for it? I know, it can be a tough job being the host, especially if your top priority is making the guest feel completely at home. Fret not, here are 7 amazing tips to make your guests feel more welcomed in your guest room!


7. Lay Out Fresh Bedding

A guest, tired from travelling, seeks comfort in the room he’s planning to crash in. The first thing that catches a guest’s attention is the area of comfort, the bed. Be prepared and lay out clean sheets, pillows and blankets. Creating a comfortable area for them to relax in is a top priority. If you personally know about the guest coming over, you probably know their likes and dislikes, this can be very useful. Some people avoid the slippery texture of linen or prefer it over cotton. Choose the bedding according to the person’s preferences. It might be a little tiring, but going the extra mile always helps you win! On top of that, who doesn’t love a chocolate on the pillow.


6. Comfortable Seating and Luggage Rack



Accessorize your room for even more comfort by adding a comfortable chair so the guest could rest and read books or do his work which is usually uncomfortable on the bed. Since every person has a different approach to relaxing, some comfy chairs are always a good option. On top of that, a luggage rack comes in very handy. Keeping luggage on the floor and then bending to take it out every time, is quite frankly, exhausting. Provide your guest with a luggage rack so they do not have to worry about doing so much work to access their things.

5. A Handy Bed Side

Sounds complicated? It isn’t. Arrange the bed-side table for your guest’s comfort. You can put books/magazine at the nightstand to help your guests to pass time or fall asleep reading. To facilitate that, place a nice lamp at the bed-side table, preferably one with different light settings so the guest can adjust the amount of light they want. Also, place a small handy basket there, so the guests can place things like their keys/wallets in there and wouldn’t have to worry about losing them. This makes them feel more welcomed and helps them get used to the room very quickly. You can also put a pen and a notebook there so the guest wouldn’t have to look for something to write on when needed.

4. Snacks!!!

After all the travelling, your guests may be hungry and tired. A little snack basket is lovely and refreshing! Put a pitcher of water and a few Snickers/Granola bars and viola! You can add some glasses in there, and put in few lemon slices. Your guests can enjoy snacking while reading the books you gave them or just do some midnight snacking that we all love. Either way, a snack basket is really thoughtful and considerate. If you’re very close to the guest, you already know what they like munching on. Going to the market and getting stuff they like might be a bit tiresome, but they’ll notice the extra measures you took for them. It’s a very considerate way of letting them know that they’re very welcome!


3. Toiletries

It’s not always possible to carry all the toiletries with you, so there’s a slight chance that your guest’s may not have brought theirs. So, instead of making them go “Hey, do you maybe have some shampoo? some soap?” prepare a collection of toiletries beforehand. Take a shower basket and throw in some travel sized shampoo, soap and conditioner packets.


You can also add a use-and-throw tooth brush, paste, floss, razor. Also, take some clean towels and put them in the guest room. It’s always the little stuff that counts, so you can take the extra step and place a bath robe in the room. All of these arrangements will definitely make your guest feel right at home. It just says “Hey it’s okay if you forgot yours, I got you covered”.

2. Wi-fi Password and Other Technical Help

It is always pleasant to find wifi anywhere. You can help your guests and make a small note with your password and put it on the bed-side, so your guests wouldn’t have to ask for it. Also, if the room does not have power sockets near the bed-side table or the bed, make sure you get some extension sockets and extend your sockets for the guest’s leisure. Nothing is more frustrating than a room where you cannot charge your phone. Also, the guest might forget to bring their charger, you can help them out by placing a spare on their bed-side.


1. Memories

This might not sound like much, but trust me, nothing makes the guests feel more welcomed in your house than this. Find an old picture of you and the guest together, put it in a frame and place it on the bedside or hang it in the guest room. Seeing the picture in their room when they arrive will fill them with joy and make them feel right at home. The things done with consideration and thoughtfulness leave a stronger effect than anything else. How many times have you visited a friend and looked around for what kinda pictures they have. How special would you feel to see a picture of you with them hanging right there. Pretty special right? That’s the feeling they will get.


That’s not all, you can always add some flowers, put some maps in for your guests. Flowers hardly cost 5 dollars and they can fill the whole room with the sweet scent, just watch out for the allergies. A cloth rack, a clean closet, some flowers,slippers, puzzles, there’s always ways to go one step further, as long as you know what your guests enjoy. Regardless, all the steps mentioned above make sure your guests know that you thought about them and went above and beyond to make them feel right at home. That’s the most important thing.