April 2013

Historic homes

The Dragon Run Country Store

image from: www.oldhouses.com Run by dragons since 1913… no, just kidding. This historic gem is actually located near the small town

Mountain homes

Ski chalet with a kick

image from: http://www.vailrealestate.com/ This not-so-humble abode is located in one of Colorado’s most famous skiing meccas – Vail Village. A recent

Historic homes

The fabulous Haeger House

image from: http://www.bairdwarner.com The Haegar Mansion is located in East Dundee, Illinois and it is currently on the market! Thanks to

Crime scene houses

Marilyn Monroe’s last home

image from: http://www.davidoffer.com/ The mystery surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s death will probably never be solved. (Murder? Suicide? Accidental overdose?)  But this is

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