The spooky season is here and Halloween is getting close. What costume are you planning to wear this time? Are you going to choose something funny rather than scary? Most people don’t make a big deal out of it and it’s too bad. Halloween is the perfect chance to make your friends and family remember you, and with the right costume, you are definitely going to make an impression. One of these scary costumes will do the trick!

20. Terrifying Clown

Most people find clowns extremely uncomfortable and for good reasons. But what if you upgrade their appearance a little bit and make the costume more suitable for Halloween? Well, you get something straight out nightmarish.

19. Babadook

This Halloween costume idea is more efficient if you’ve recently seen the famous horror movie. Just imagine the reaction of your friends’ faces when they see this costume. You are going to win this year’s spooky contest!

18. Eye Spider-Girl

Now one especially dedicated to the ladies, because there is no Halloween without them. This costume is effective if you have some make-up skills and a lot of patience. But do not worry, your hard work will pay off once you get out in the world!

17. Scarecrow

Seeing a scarecrow in real life is pretty much an uncomfortable experience. Nobody likes to look at those things. However, they make a great Halloween costume idea for those who feel brave enough!

16. Pumpkin Man

By the sound of it, that doesn’t sound so bad. But if you take a look at the costume, you get the chills. This costume is not inspired by some horror movie character or wicked tale, it’s just a product of imagination, which makes it more authentic.

15. Classic Clown

You’ve seen the contemporary, modern clown, but did would you take a look at this? This costume looks like it’s coming from a post-apocalyptic horror scenario. If you choose to wear this at the Halloween party, you are definitely going to be the night’s winner.

14. Slenderman

This character has been a source of terror for both kids and adults. This guy is nightmare-material for anyone, with no discrimination. If you feel brave enough to use stilts, then you are definitely going to have some fun this Halloween!

13. Priest

Well, a priest is not something to be scared of, but with a few additions that can change. Put on a priest costume and maybe an unusual skull and you get one of the most original, yet frightening costumes on Halloween.

12. Demon

A demon costume on Halloween sounds a little dull, right? Not this one though. The guy who came up with the idea went all in and got the best and most complete demon costume there is. Don’t you want to feel as badass as this guy?

11. Dead Body Holder

You’ve probably seen similar costumes before, but none like this one. This Halloween costume can easily blend in a horror movie. Since not everybody has access to the movie industry, you can wear this on Halloween and earn some spooks.

10. All Stilts

You’ve seen Slenderman, not get ready for Stilt Spirit. When most Halloween costume ideas are not satisfactory, this is definitely a good option. This kind of idea is so terrifying, yet so impressive that it will certainly be remembered for a long time.

9. Doll

There are a lot of scary doll costumes out there, but this one just conquered them all. The best part? You can do it too with a little imagination and some make-up skills. A good Halloween costume is not necessarily expensive.

8. Fangs

Talking about cheap, but effective costume ideas. If you don’t have time to buy or prepare something spectacular for the spookiest day of the year, don’t worry. There are countless masks that will frighten your friends.

7. Witch Kids

But how can we forget about the sweet, adorable kids? They deserve some recognition too. Forget about the Hulk or Captain America costumes and take a look at these ideas. Children will earn a good reputation in the neighborhood after this Halloween!

6. Peter Rottentail

Ah, nothing compares to the good old classic horror movie character. This one is the perfect example. Just try and wear this costume for Halloween and see how much terror you will bring in the neighborhood.

5. Pumpkin Head

If you don’t have a budget for an expensive Halloween costume, just try simple combinations. Turns out the simpler it is, the scarier it becomes. Just looking at these two costumes is quite unnerving.

4. Baby Doll Costume

What is more terrifying than a scary doll costume? A costume made out of baby dolls. It might be the first time you’re seeing such a shocking idea, but people actually explore this alternative and get the best results on Halloween.

3. Demon Ballerina

Well, this make-up is by far the best idea for a Halloween costume. And the best part is it doesn’t necessarily have to be a ballerina costume. You can replace it with anything you want and still get the same spooky effect.

2. Ghoul

Well, what is Halloween without a ghoul here and there? But this ghoul costume is probably the leader of the rest of them. The make-up, the hair and the cage around his head certainly give him extra points for spookiness.

1. Witch

You’ve seen the witch kids, but where was their mother? We didn’t forget about her. She is just getting ready for this year’s Halloween. If you think you have good resistance to scary stuff, prepare for the Witch!