How would it feel like if you had the chance to walk in a plush hall that exudes luxury from all corners and immerses you in a trance of hedonism? How would it be if you find yourself suddenly walking on super clean floor and plush interiors that seem open to the air to take you closer to the surroundings and still closed enough to keep you safe at the same time? Or answer this, how would it feel to walk in such a place and get seduced by aroma lingering in the air that abducts you to a range of delicacies?

If the answers to all of the questions have been amazing adjectives, then let us tell you that we are not taking you to any fantasy world. What we are talking about is the new Vietnamese Food Pavilion designed by MIA Design Studio. Surprised, right? Let us take you on a tour of this food pavilion and please allow us to be your guide throughout.

  1. The grand place

In order to give you the glimpse of the place, let us show you the interiors quickly. If you peep into the place, you will be amazed to find the plush interior design that gives this place a unique look and feel and transports you to the heavens. The lighting arrangements and the architecture using mesh design along with the beautiful seating arrangements will siege you under their charm. The spacious surroundings also promise to cast a spell on your eyes and you will be left spellbound by the grandeur of this place. Are you feeling like walking into the pavilion? Wait! Let us first see it from outside!



  1. The beautiful exterior

Looking from a distance is enough to let you be mesmerised by the design of Mia Design Studio team. Just on the roadside, there stands a magnificent structure that first astounds people by its design and then stuns them by its concept and inspiration. The structure is made up of white steel connections and is inspired by traditional folk homes of Vietnam. Mia Design Studio seems to be an expert of mixing creativity and enigma into the fusion of modern architecture and traditional ones.



  1. Rainy days are best

It is a sight to behold for all tourists and pedestrians to see the Vietnamese Food Pavilion in the blessing of a shower. The photograph shows how people have gathered at the pavilion during a rainy day and how the pavilion is capable of pulling people in the lovely weather that at times, creates obstacles for the movement of people outside. And yes, this photograph also proves that the structure is not open from the top as you can see people standing under the structure unconcerned about getting drenched in the rain. Does it not seem to be even a better idea now to visit the Vietnamese Food Pavilion?



  1. Let’s enter!

Okay, fine! We know that you are getting impatient to enter into the Vietnamese Food Pavilion designed by Mia Design Studio. So, before you step inside let’s at least cross the road in this rainy season. And now see, the splendour of the pavilion from a close distance. Yes, it looks like a small structure. But don’t worry! The structure can accommodate everything that you can wish for in the world of recipes and delicacies. The room of the structure is limited just by your imagination.



  1. Make new friends

Let us not roam alone. Let’s make a few friends and get acquainted. By seeing the place itself, you can understand that this place is frequented quite often by many people and the site never remains idle. How can such a marvellous place ever be vacant? With the red carpet welcoming you at the entrance, it is time to get ready for finally stepping inside the Vietnamese Food Pavilion. Be ready to witness the magic created by Mia Design Studio in this amazing piece of architecture.



  1. This is how it looks

Who did ever say that real beauty lies outside? The inner beauty of anything – be it man, or earth or even the Vietnamese Food Pavilion – is much more powerful in captivating our mental faculties than anything else. The Vietnamese Food Pavilion is well illuminated with lights arranged in a grid fashion. The oversized grid canopy, the accurate proportion and immaculately calculated dimensions along with the vast number of modular connections will take you on a travel through time and will land you in the past into one of the traditional Vietnamese folk architecture.



  1. So sociable!

The Vietnamese Food Pavilion by Mia Design Studio has been designed with intent in mind to make the place a sociable and inviting one. The interior design along with powerful LED lights help to make the surroundings quite warm. The transparency of the structure gives a feeling of interactive nature.



  1. There you go!

As soon as you enter the structure, you will find many people roaming here and there in search of their favourite recipe. But each time they make a move, they find themselves landed up at the junction of amazing delicacy which they have never tasted before. And as time passes, the confusion of visitors keeps on increasing as to which corner to explore first, because wherever you go, you will find mouth-watering food waiting for you.



  1. Time to gorge!

Yes yes yes!! It is time to do the primary task now. And it is to be a glutton. Underneath the lattice canopy, you will find diverse cuisines from three different regions of the country being served to you on timber units. Don’t be surprised to see the units! They are designed to imitate the geographical shape of Vietnam and also represent the islands.



  1. The roof catches attention

Throughout your visit to the Vietnamese Food Pavilion, you will feel in constant touch with the traditional homes of Vietnam. The pattern formed by the LED bulbs mimic the traditional vernacular roof of traditional Vietnamese homes.



  1. Stand and eat

The place is full of timber benches and standing tables. Grab the dish that tickles your palette and rush to find a room for yourself on any table, lest you end up having food standing and holding the plate in your hand.



  1. Time to relax

Let us walk out of the venue now and retreat to its exterior beauty. And let us know a little more about the Vietnamese Food Pavilion. The architects of the Vietnamese Food Pavilion describe the concept as ‘open but close, close but open’. Do you know that an OSB platform is placed at the base of the pavilion? The display counter on which you were gorging at the food is also shaped like an ‘S’.



  1. Symbolism

The symbolism behind displaying food of three different regions is to assert the sovereignty of Vietnam on its territory. When it is vacant, this is how it looks.



  1. Let’s say Good Night!

As the sun sets and people retreat to their homes, let’s have a final gaze at the stunning piece of human footprint. The Vietnamese Food Pavilion is not only an amazing piece of architecture but also a mind-boggling piece of symbolism.



So, we hope that you liked the tour through the Vietnamese Food Pavilion. Next time, you feel like having some good food at some good place, you know where to go. And who knows, you may become a tour guide for someone!