Just imagine a scene right from your dreams. You are walking in the lawns in your home with your hand holding the hand of your dearest one. Leaves are falling on you as if showering blessings of eternal love on both of you and winds are blowing past, ruffling your hair. You both are walking in the lawn and still something seems to bother you. What is it?

Well, it is the garden path that is so boring in this entire blend of almost perfect moment and perfect things. It is very important for the garden paths to be cool and interesting that it can inspire you to have a makeover for your garden. Let us take you on a stroll through some of the gardens in the world that will inspire you for a makeover in your beautiful garden.

  1. The jigsaw path

What if your garden path reminds you of your childhood? I am sure you will love to revisit those days. Can it be done by playing jigsaw in garden? Well, if your answer is yes, then try this garden path that looks like a jigsaw puzzle. This path has actually been created by keeping 2-3 inch gap between the sandstone pavers and letting thyme creep in the gaps. The pavers are set on compacted sand and the design gives an awesome look to the garden.



  1. Rugged path

Let’s visit the country side with this garden path. This rugged path full of pebbles is perfect for billowy grasses and dry weather areas. It makes one think as if one has visited the rural areas of the country and are close to nature as anything artificial is hardly used for making this path come out so beautiful.



  1. The edge

Garden paths must give your garden an edge over the others. Which garden path can do it better than the one which runs along the edges? This garden path runs along the edge of your lawn and is made up of pavers of different sizes. It gives a wonderful look to the garden and adds an artistic touch to the path design. Moreover, it also adds to the visual appeal of the walkers and strollers and helps to bring some cheer to the mind.



  1. The wall design

The design of the wall, if copied onto the earth, makes the garden look even more stunning. This garden path design which mimics the design of a wall makes a garden look so beautiful that it becomes a thing of envy for the neighbours. Set alongside hedges or well-trimmed bushes, this garden path gives a feeling of awe to the guests and a sense of pride to the owner of the garden.



  1. The stepping stone

There is nothing that can teach your kid that “we need to take the stepping stones to success” better than this design of garden path. The pavers are circular in shape and are placed at a fair distance from each other. This makes the person step onto the next paver by taking a long stride. Moreover, it can also incite the playfulness of your kids as they jump from one paver to the other. Placing a lot of pebbles or other kind of ornamental stones beside the pavers helps to amplify the beauty of this garden path.



  1. The scatter

What if you have to literally jump to reach your door from the garden? This design of the garden path makes you take long jumps or at least long strides to reach the door of your home. The pavers are placed in a zigzag fashion and are placed a little far from each other than usual. This again promises to bring out the kid inside you and help you to rediscover your childhood as you jump over to the next paver by taking a leap from the previous one.



  1. The zebra path

For the lovers of traffic rules, this garden path will bring you the memories of the busy road in the calm environs of the garden. This garden path is made by placing the pavers at regular intervals and the gaps are occupied by lawn grass. This adds a beautiful look to your garden and helps to show organization in the design of the garden path.



  1. The pathway

This design of garden path is quite interesting. The pavers are rectangular in shape and are placed at a considerable distance from each other. Gravel occupies the gaps between the pavers. This garden path is best suited for gardens with a lush green lawn or a good outgrowth in the garden. The design has been made by NFO and Petar Barisic and is one of the most innovative designs in the list of 12 garden paths that can inspire a makeover this spring.



  1. Walls on the floor

Don’t think that it is same as the one we discussed before. There we just mimicked the design of a wall on the ground. But what would happen if we cut-paste the walls on the ground? Never thought of it? This design of garden path gives the feeling of walking on the walls, while your feet are still placed firmly on ground. This design looks amazing in the midst of tall trees and a lot of bushes and hedges. The design also involves regular or even irregular breaks in the design of the path. It should seem as if pieces of wall have been broken and fixed on the ground.



  1. The fungi path

Don’t think that we are asking you to grow fungi in the garden and walk on it! What we are presenting here is the idea of using coloured pavers that look like fungal growth from top. When the pavers of such design but of different shapes are placed close in the garden, it gives a natural feel to the garden. The pavers are available in different sizes and must be placed such that it should not appear that they have placed carefully to maintain an order. It can be as haphazard a placement as possible.



  1. Timber magic

Bring some wooden planks and design a garden path out of it. Seems to be a cool idea? Well, this is what this design is all about. The garden paths made out of timber pieces bring the walkers and stroller close to nature and give an orderly fashion to your garden path. Moreover, the feeling of walking over wood is altogether different than that of walking over stone.



  1. Coloured pavement

The pavement need not be of uniform colour at all the times. You can even have coloured pebbles or even coloured tiles or coloured blocks of stone to make a garden path. Using colours, different kinds of graphics can be made on the path, which makes the path all the more an alluring place to walk on.



So, which path are you going to walk on this spring? The garden path is like the Red Carpet of Cannes, which is one of the most eye-catching things in the garden. Make your garden path a red carpet, so that you and your dearest ones feel regal when walking in the garden.